Virtual Receptionist Services

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How remote receptionists’ service can help your business grow

Today’s executives have to operate in a multitask manner in order to achieve the goals and manage the company effectively. No wonder that sometimes they need one or even several assistants: a secretary, a receptionist, a personal assistant, etc. They are responsible for their own part of work. Their main goal is to make the executive’s life easier and less stressful. Modern technologies allow us to avoid crowds and hiring extra people. A better part of work can be done in a remote manner through the Internet or via telephone. Virtual Receptionist Service – is a great choice for those who want to see their business grow and make this process easier at the same time.

The virtual receptionist service workflow

No matter how big your company is, you, as a CEO, would need a professional to make your life easier. Virtual receptionists mostly deal with a huge volume of incoming calls. If you have a large number of incoming calls or your clients complain about difficulties in getting to the right number, you probably need an experienced virtual receptionist. Your new assistant should be capable to manage and process these calls: either transferring them to the necessary department or solving the problem himself. Sometimes you would even ask your helper to give a good consultation about services or goods.

Large companies probably would appreciate the service of a contact-center with several receptionists working on several lines. It is well-known, that people often call with unpredictable questions. So, an experienced receptionist should be able to resolve all the possible issues retaining self-control. All the calls are recorded and you may get a qualitative and quantitative analysis of these calls.  Afterward, you may decide what marketing campaign works better and gives your company more clients.

Advantages of remote services 

Any executive besides the receptionist very often needs a person for additional help. This assistant will manage the working schedule, help with buying tickets or booking hotels, etc. Besides, he/she will do a million helpful things starting from managing social network pages and up to translations. Should that person be always near the boss? For now, it is not an obligatory condition. Therefore, the better part of all these assignments can be done remotely. The Internet and all modern means of communication made the whole world closer and smaller. Furthermore, physically this personal assistant can be on the other end of the world! Though, if he or she has a good command of necessary skills – why not? Now the capability to use the Internet instruments, telecommunication means or to speak any language except the native one is more important than the physical presence in the office.

Virtual translation services

One of the quickly developing services now is translation through the video or telephone conferences. It is very convenient as you do not have to bother about hiring a translator, transportation or workspace if the work time is short. As a result, you pay only for real-time you use this service. Concluding various international contracts in countries that speak other languages will require some translators or remote translation services assistance. You may calculate yourself what is more convenient and cheaper.

If you are looking for a reliable and consistently provided service – here we are! You may always rely on Front Desk Helpers’ virtual receptionist and translation service!

Finally, the main advantage you get with us is that you do not need to worry about hiring and training a number of translators and other agents, as well as about other things connected with the human resources department.

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and use the cost calculator of remote employees and evaluate the benefits of working with us!

Front Desk Helpers Co, 2019. Change your business mind!

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