Using The Capabilities Of Artificial Intelligence In Various Fields Of Activity

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Fifteen years ago, the concept of artificial intelligence was associated with something from the realm of fantasy. However, at all times and epochs, people wanted to create a smart assistant who could take on routine operations and at the same time would not get tired, be sick, or demand a salary for their work. Today we can say that the centuries-old dream of mankind is beginning to come true. 

Systems based on Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are used in many areas of human activity.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a computer programming complex capable of self-learning, performing complex tasks of data interpretation, performing special logical tasks based on the functions of analysis and processing of big data arrays, complex mathematical calculations to obtain completely new solutions. Artificial intelligence can perform highly intellectual functions of searching, aggregating, analyzing and processing data, searching for specific solutions to logical problems, like the human mind, in order to receive qualitatively new solutions.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising areas of computer science that studies methods of solving problems for which there are no solutions
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising areas of computer science that studies methods of solving problems for which there are no solutions

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines and programs to analyze the information received, draw conclusions, and make decisions based on them. A key characteristic of AI devices is the ability to constantly learn, accumulate knowledge and successfully apply them. It is the ability to perform actions similar to the human brain. To put it simply, it can put a task and realize it. For example, creating new genomes for artificial species of plants and animals, developing software, creating texts and films, searching for extraterrestrial life, exploring the universe, studying the climatic processes on earth, controlling space ships, operating vehicles or diagnosis of cancer in humans. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most promising areas of computer science that studies methods of solving problems for which there are no solutions. Artificial Intelligence systems can handle data and learn. The scope of such systems is unlimited – from the creation of self-made robots to autopilot machines or online translators in real-time.

Examples of using the capabilities of artificial intelligence

Virtual assistants accompany us in mobile devices and various information systems. AI-based medical diagnostic systems better than a doctor determine the disease, including in the early stages. Internet users receive targeted promotional offers tailored to their interests, gender, age, and location. Thus, the effectiveness of investment in advertising is increased several times. This is only a very small part of industries where the machine successfully helps a person to do his job. Wherever you can collect large amounts of data and process them quickly using modern computing tools, Artificial Intelligence and solutions based on it can be invaluable.

The most common examples of Artificial Intelligence applications:

  • Banking (risk management, forecasting, chatbots in mobile banking applications);
  • Investments and Finances (analysis of stock quotes, forecasting stock prices and important events, economic forecasting, etc.)
  • Information security (anti-fraud technologies, analysis of old threats and prevention of new ones, information for creating a common database);
  • Industry (control of production processes, their optimization, equipment diagnostics, information about breakages, preventive measures, automation).
  • Marketing and Sales (analysis of buying activity and the effectiveness of marketing strategies, procurement management, development of personalized loyalty programs, deep analytics).
  • Medicine (documentation, diagnostics).

This is only a small part of the capabilities of AI. 

Front Desk Helpers will be able to develop customized AI solutions for various types of businesses. We will develop for you an individual system, capable to process large amounts of data. 

Advantages of artificial intelligence:

  • accuracy in data processing;
  • the ability to analyze large amounts of information at high speed;
  • AI does not need sleep and rest, it does not make mistakes because of overload;
  • artificial intelligence can be used in areas that are dangerous for a person;

Artificial Intelligence in Business Now

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, it became apparent that its application is inevitable in all areas of business: both in the field of process management, in the process of finding solutions to business problems and in the development of the company. It can considerably improve the efficiency of existing business processes and boost the development of business applications.

Investors and managers of large corporations are increasingly relying on modern innovative technologies, which allow to fully or partially automate operational and business processes and implement systems based on the use of artificial intelligence technology. Their role in the life of companies and the professional work of employees is enormous. And in the coming decades, it will only grow. Numerous researches carried out by consulting firms confirm that a company that does not have artificial intelligence in its business applications is automatically inferior to its tech-savvy competitors.

The opportunities for machine learning technologies

The opportunities that machine learning technologies provide to corporations and examples of the use of artificial intelligence in business:

  • AI strengthens enterprise security systems (for example, face recognition process);
  • The ability of machines is used to analyze the data independently (financial, reporting operations, fraud detection, control of accounting transactions, document reconciliation, cash flow management and other processes related to the financial field);
  • The ability to automate the work of company employees and make it more efficient (remote employees, virtual assistants);
  • The AI ​​will play the role of a virtual corporate marketing analyst (collecting product information, services, target audience formation, supply, and demand analysis, tracking campaign performance, and more).

Front Desk Helpers will implement the most popular AI tools

  • Chatbots 

Machine learning algorithms replace call centers and help you complete tasks such as providing customer assistance and information around the clock, on holidays and weekends. A smart program learns from its own mistakes and eventually surpasses living operator incompetence. As a result, you will enjoy a significant increase in customer loyalty, creating a positive image of the company.

  • Data management

AI collects, systematizes, analyzes and stores company information, makes forecasts on its basis and / or monitors equipment status.

  • Automation

A self-learning algorithm takes care of regular routine tasks and frees up human resources to solve more creative tasks. For example, a program can fully automate hotel and conference room reservations, sending out invitations to meetings, buying airline tickets, and drawing up routes. Thus, the entire administrative sphere can be transferred to artificial intelligence. Automation existed before, but its scope was limited.

Despite their ability to learn, neural networks require skillful management and constant technical support. In the business environment, the role of the managers of artificial intelligence goes to the technical specialists, IT department. It is not enough to know how the machine works. It is necessary to master the use of intelligent systems at the level of the confident user: this task perfectly copes with various corporate applications, as well as chatbots, which significantly save the working hours of employees. Our experts will educate you on all the possibilities of artificial intelligence in business and its practical application in the areas of control, security, management, financing, optimization of business processes.

AI Benefits for Business

AI-based digital solutions are tremendously transforming customer interaction. This approach greatly improves all aspects of your business, including online service, loyalty, brand reputation, preventative care, and even revenue generation. Digital market moguls predict that by 2020, more than 85% of all customer service communications will be conducted without the involvement of customer service representatives. 

Front Desk Helpers aim to bring the following benefits to your company by engaging AI technologies

  • Automation of customer interaction

Today, most businesses require active communication with people, including email, social media updates, phone calls, and chat. Thus, AI technologies allow for automating many communication processes. By analyzing data from previous messages, you can set the software to accurately respond to customer requests. It will make your business platform responsive and efficient.

  • Personalized shopping improvement

Companies will benefit from AI because this technology allows them to develop a customized marketing strategy, which in turn increases interest, supports customer loyalty and boost sales. Another advantage of AI is that it profoundly analyzes customer buying behavior. The result allows companies to create very accurate offers for individual customers.

  • Real-time help

AI is a perfect instrument for companies that need to constantly communicate with a large number of customers during the day. For example, in the transportation industry, rail, bus, and airline companies can use AI-based applications to interact with customers in real-time, send personalized travel information, and provide updates on traffic.

  • Predicting results

AI is an exclusive instrument as it can predict results based on data analysis. For example, AI detects the number of goods that are going to be sold. It can also warn about demand reduction. This is important information that helps a company acquire the right stocks and in the right quantities. However, this forecasting ability is useful not only in sales. Even in the banking sector, Artificial Intelligence is used to assume fluctuations in exchange rates and stocks.

Our company will develop an individual AI platform for your business boosting its productivity and bringing down the costs.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Business

AI and IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the worldwide web of interconnected machines and other physical objects, through which information can be exchanged without human intervention. Gadgets connect to the Internet, broadcast basic data to the cloud, from where other items equipped with receiving sensors can collect this information and use it to simplify complicated tasks. The Internet of Things can be used in any industry – healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing. It is also an integral part of smart city infrastructure, helping to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, improve road traffic and improve safety.

The telecom industry is most susceptible to changes after the advent of IoT. Telecommunication companies are becoming providers of smart services and applications.

Why is the IoT beneficial to the business?

The advantages of the IoT depend on the particular implementation. The main idea is that businesses must have access to more data about their goods. Thus, they will have more chances to make changes as a result of the information they receive.

The Internet of Things generates a huge amount of data. It means that the Internet of Things is an important consideration for big data analytics projects, as it allows companies to create and analyze large amounts of data.

AI and Chatbots

One of the areas of artificial intelligence development is chatbots. These are dialog add-ons to online services that do automated work, while people can concentrate on more complex tasks. According to statistics, 80% of customer requests are the same: about the cost of services, delivery time or product dimensions. Why not automate this process? Chatbots already work in banks, medical companies, and other institutions. Any type of business will benefit from using chatbots. You can configure the bot in the messenger you use on various gadgets. It is fully functional on all platforms. If you worked with information in the office, and then continue to work in the car, the bot will pick up your task on the gadget from the place where you ended up in the office.

Chatbots from Front Desk Helpers will bring the following advantages to your business

  • Improved customer experience and reduced response time.

Chatbots provide round-the-clock support for user requests. They achieve non-stop interaction with customers and respond to requests at a convenient time for the consumer. It helps companies improve communication with both the target audience and existing customers.

  • Providing cost-effective and reliable solutions to respond to ever-increasing customer support requirements.

After development and implementation, chatbots can function 24/7 without any human intervention. Besides, chatbots, unlike employees, do not need to pay salaries every month. 

This is a cheap and economical solution

  • Improving the quality and quantity of sales, increasing revenue.

Chatbots increase user security, create an effect of presence and improve service by involving them in a one-to-one interaction. It motivates customers to contact the company about a product or service. Chatbots provide these benefits quickly and at the lowest cost, which contributes to better lead generation and higher sales.

  •  Improving business performance.

Some repetitive actions can be automated. Chatbots help back-end teams process actions and requests faster by generating appropriate automatic responses without human intervention.

Speech recognition

Speech recognition is the process of converting a speech signal into digital information, which is one of the most complex technical tasks related to artificial intelligence systems. Machine-based conversion of speech to text and audio responses to users are already tightly embedded in everyday life and put on a commercial stream.

We have already ceased to notice that we are communicating with a machine, and not a person when we call a telecom operator or a bank. Thanks to neural network algorithms with a high level of learning and high vocabulary, high recognition accuracy is achieved.

Speech recognition systems are used in the following areas

  • Recognition for voice service systems and interactive answering machines. The most common are in call centers, self-service, online banking. Everyone has long been accustomed to their greetings and voice menus.
  • Voice recognition and verification. It is used by large banks to identify the user by voice fingerprint, for voice signature, as well as in security systems.
  • Voice analytics of calls and negotiations. Designed to evaluate feedback and customer satisfaction, improve the quality of operators, identify trends when contacting support services or sales departments.
  • Voice control. It is used in many areas, for example, in everyday life for managing email, browser, home appliances, in the smart home systems. In the automotive industry, these are the usual navigators today, and in the near future will be driving unmanned vehicles.

There are actually quite a lot of options for using voice recognition, but most businessmen would like to be able to control the flow of calls in order to influence sales by filtering potential buyers. 

An intelligent contact center automation system

The development of an intelligent contact center automation system is just able to increase customer loyalty thanks to personalized offers and prompt solutions to their issues. After all, all the useful information is already contained in the client’s speech, you only need to be able to process it.

And such systems are not limited to the distribution of incoming and outgoing calls. After all, this is not only saving the time of call-operators and reducing the load on them. It also improves the quality of management when processing orders, accelerates delivery, identifies and eliminates problems by the service department. Also, a recognition system will help control your employees in automatic mode.

Front Desk Helpers offers you state-of-the-art voice technology solutions. The use of such systems will help optimize time and costs. Our developers are ready to create and integrate a product of any complexity, with adaptation to the business sphere you need.

Replacing outdated methods with an intelligent speech recognition program will allow your company to reduce the cost of implementing and using call centers by 35%. Analysis of the data provided by the new technology will help increase sales by at least double.

Application of AI technology for a call center

Previously, to organize a call center, companies had to turn to large service providers who had been operating in the market for 20-30 years. They had to purchase expensive software and hardware. With AI you can organize a call center anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

The virtual call center allows you to make calls directly from the desktop of your computer. It can control incoming calls, automatically dial numbers and route calls using artificial intelligence. Besides, built-in analytics tools will allow you to track the work of the contact center.

Artificial Intelligence can take on the lion’s share of office routine and free up human resources for more interesting and complex work. In the case of automatic recognition and classification of incoming documents, employees remain an important and indispensable link, since the results of document processing must be verified.

AI in Customer service management

AI can seriously transform self-service interfaces making them more intuitive and cost-effective. It will become possible to define the specific needs of customers based on the previous chat history and their preferences. Our specialists will work out an integrated AI system for your company. It will collect endless online data in order to:

  • Define customer issues;
  • Process the collected information;
  • Determine a customer behavior model;
  • Identify customer preferences;
  • Find solutions and suitable answers;
  • Offer promotions and discounts
  • Provide non-stop support (FAQs, help blogs, reports)
  • Efficiently reduce the complaints

With such a wide range of intellectual assistance and proactive advice, companies will better learn their customers to provide excellent service.

If you want to increase your company’s efficiency with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Front Desk Helpers is ready to develop the necessary solutions for this. For an accurate assessment of the cost of work and development timelines, as well as for obtaining detailed information about the services, fill out the application form and our specialists will immediately contact you.

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