The world’s richest companies that outsource 

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The Fortune 500 richest companies that use outsourcing in their management


Outsourcing insights

Do you think outsourcing is an efficient management solution only for small and medium businesses? You may be surprised, but unicorns are also doing it!

The world’s leaders still delegate their operations! So may it be a secret of their growth?

Let’s explore their experience in outsourcing to find the key to success!

It’s well known that Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Skype, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Motors, Volvo, Nike, Adidas, Unilever, Nestle, Hershey’s, British Airways, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Airbnb, American Express, Alibaba, CitiBank, like other wealthiest corporations of the world are in the list of outsourcing recipients!

Although they have up to 10-degree annual profits, those global brands outsource services concerning IT, manufacturing, customer support, finance, accounting, HR, data entry, and others. By delegating their non-core functions to third-party outsourcing providers, they can focus on their main activities while cutting costs.

Outsourcing success stories 

Discover some success stories from the world’s leaders in different fields

Airbnb outsourcing experience

For example, one of the world’s best hospitality services Airbnb outsourced its customer support to outsourcing providers. As a result, it caused a 30% growth in customer satisfaction. In addition, improved customer experience let the company x10 scale in bookings over three years.

Skype outsourcing background

Another outsourcing success story happened with IT giant Skype. The company delegated its software development to an East European provider. As a result, Skype’s got up to 40% savings in software development costs in the first year of remote cooperating. Moreover, outsourcing caused software quality improvement and a 50% release growth.

Outsourcing solution for IBM


IBM outsourced its HR services to a third-party provider, resulting in cost savings of over $400 million that were invested in its core business and achieving better results.

Procter & Gamble outsourcing success

Once Procter & Gamble outsourced its accounting tasks, which resulted in $15-20 million a cost reduction per year. That significant financial savings help the company to concentrate on the main business activities and improve its operation flows. Besides, the first outsourcing success inspired Procter & Gamble to delegate IT operations to a third-party provider. This time the company got over $200 million of cost savings and achieved better business results.

Kraft Foods HR services outsourcing

Global brand Kraft Foods outsourced its Human resources operations. As a result, the company figured out a 15% reduction in its HR expenses. Moreover, it got a 30% growth in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Avon’s outsourcing experience

The beauty brand Avon delegated its customer service and order processing functions to an outsourcing services provider. The results of their corporations are a 50% decrease in customer complaints and a 30% reduction in order processing time. All this raised customer experience and allowed Avon to further global business development.


Those stories proved that outsourcing is suitable for both small businesses and the leaders of the industry! The proper approach to Outsourcing opportunities can help to solve business tasks at any stage of company development. But it’s a response of the business owner to find a reliable outsourcing partner to entrust its company needs and prospects.

Front Desk Helpers has cooperated with US businesses from different industries for over eight years. Due to our experience and expertise, our work ensures our clients move to success.

Contact us to discover outsourcing opportunities that will raise your company to industry heights!

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