The Best Delivery Solution For Courier And Delivery Services

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Use a Delivery Software Solution for Your Delivery Service

Some parcel, cargo and shopping service companies are still using outdated delivery and courier management software in 2021. Some online shops, restaurants and fast food shops still use free delivery management applications and are satisfied with the limited possibilities such applications can provide. This is a useful approach at the stage of starting a delivery business, when it is necessary to save budget, but a very ineffective solution for a growing company.

Meanwhile, the US courier and local delivery market generated $ 115.0 billion in revenue in 2020. At the same time, during the Covid19 pandemic, the entire US e-commerce retail market in 2020, amounted a $ 431.65 billion revenue. In this case, approximately a quarter of the e-commerce market is comparable to the revenues of the delivery market in the local and courier segments.

Thus, companies that provide delivery services as a main or associated service compete in a multibillion-dollar market, and any activities that increase operational efficiency or productivity can ultimately result in hundreds of thousands of dollars, or even millions in revenue if we are talking about work in large US metropolitan areas.

Choosing the right shipping management software for your business can be a very troublesome procedure. This is important not only because you can spend months looking for the right system and overspending on the software that is not suitable for you with wide variety of functions you do not need, but also because you can get a delivery service management system that won’t lead you to the success and fulfillment of your business goals, and will further complicate your activities.

Delivery Management Software. Looking for the best solution for your delivery service

There are four main types of delivery services (night, same day delivery, last mile, standard) and there is a wide variety of tasks in courier delivery that should be performed. These tasks depend on a number of factors, such as who your customers are, the amount of vehicles you have, what, and how you deliver. All the variety of existing delivery software solutions have been created for the different business models of the courier delivery service.

In order to choose the most suitable delivery management software for you, we suggest that you consider seven main factors that provide important benefits of a good delivery management system:

  • Improving the efficiency of transport, drivers and couriers.
  • Reduce costs by optimizing routes and increasing resource productivity.
  • Fast and accurate processing of orders with automation of the processes.
  • Automation of the system for storing parcels and goods in your warehouse.
  • Improve customer experience with route tracking, estimated time of arrival (ETA) notifications and signature capture as proof of delivery (POD).
  • Easy interaction with customers and simplified document flow through customer accounts that store invoices and bills of lading.
  • Delivery management with critical last mile delivery functions such as route optimization, route monitoring and delivery confirmation.

Based on these seven important features of the delivery service management system, you can easily determine the functionality required for your business and select the appropriate software solution that will allow you to achieve your business goals, management efficiency, increase productivity and bring you success.

Find out how FdhCloudDelivery can help you improve your efficiency

The functional software for a delivery service

The program for the delivery service FdhCloudDelivery is an excellent and functional delivery service management system with wide variety of capabilities that will be useful for any online store, restaurant, cafe or other enterprise that works with deliveries and wants to get additional benefits and free up resources for growth.

With the FdhCloudDelivery app, accepting orders and delivering them gets much easier and more efficient than with the cut-down free delivery systems.

The FdhCloudDelivery program can be used as a multifunctional tool for managing deliveries

The FdhCloudDelivery program can be used as a multifunctional tool for managing deliveries in various segments of the retail business, such as delivery in a restaurant or grocery store, delivery solution for e-commerce, for a courier delivery service in conjunction with a virtual call center or for the delivery of groceries, water, meat, alcohol, flowers, etc.

The tool was created so that the dispatcher could quickly place an order, plan a route and send it to the delivery service driver or courier, and the service manager could control and analyze the work of employees from any place using laptop or mobile phone.

The FdhCloudDelivery solution integrates with the call center, CRM, CMS of the site, ERP systems to combine all your IT infrastructure into a single complex that can perform all the tasks you need for high-quality delivery without failures and problems.

The FdhCloudDelivery system integrates with the office network, gaining access to the entire office infrastructure: printers, scanners, fiscal registrars, IP telephony for communicating with clients and receiving calls, SMS gateway, and chat bots for receiving orders from Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and the website, to automatically transfer orders and messages to FdhCloudDelivery.

Let’s define your core competencies in the delivery and check the possibility of FdhCloudDelivery Systems For Your Business

Wide functionality of FdhCloudDelivery software

FdhCloudDelivery app has broad functionality for the full range of tasks for service delivery:

  • Management of customer base (customer data, contacts, delivery address, order history);
  • Quick search of a client by contact information;
  • Automatic customer identification by phone number, name, etc.
  • Fast formation of an application for registered clients;
  • Attaching a photo of documents to the order;
  • Ability to duplicate the data of the previous order from the order history;
  • Automated processing of orders;
  • Ability to assign a free courier or transport, change orders, distribute orders between couriers;
  • Automation of planning an optimized route for drivers;
  • Electronic document management using customer accounts;
  • Accounting of the performance of couriers, drivers and vehicles;
  • Prioritization of delivery according to the route and delivery time;
  • SMS-gateway for communication with employees and notifications for customers;
  • Notifications about the estimated time of arrival (ETA);
  • Tracking the route and location of delivery;
  • Fixation of the signature as proof of delivery (POD);
  • Automation of employee and order management processes;
  • Integration with GPS modules;
  • Integration with IP telephony via API;
  • Integration with the online restaurant menu to receive direct orders;
  • Integration with messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) via API;
  • Integration with the CMS of the site, the application module, if such a module is available on the website;
  • Automatic creation of an application and an invoice upon receipt from the site or chat bot;
  • Integration with the call center to receive orders;
  • Integration with CRM and ERP systems via API;

FdhCloudDelivery delivery service solution is an essential tool for enterprises working in the field of e-commerce, catering, for restaurants and cafes that are delivering meals (cafes, bars, restaurants, fast food and others), delivery of goods and purchases, as well as other businesses providing delivery.

The FdhCloudDelivery program is designed with all requirements to dispatchers and delivery operators considered, so that operators can do their work efficiently and not spend a lot of time processing orders: customer identification, saving delivery addresses, the ability to change the conditions of a delivery, automatic invoicing when the order is received from online channels and much more.

Try the FdhCloudDelivery system with your team in a real test drive!

What is the process of courier delivery service?

Tracking parcels and managing a courier includes a very time-consuming process associated with the localization of parcels and delivery, as well as various processes of storage, sorting and reception of products in the warehouse. Until today, this process was associated with a large number of actions and a large paper flow, which was a time-consuming and rather complicated process.

With specialized software, this work is now carried out practically on the fly, thanks to the automation of most of the processes and tasks. The delivery route, tracking of parcels, control of the courier’s work has become more manageable today and includes localization of shipments and goods, as well as routing, sorting and forming various parcels according to the route and delivery addresses.

What are the most common types of delivery?

Different types of courier and delivery services form specific types for organizing and managing delivery processes:

  • Standard delivery service;
  • Same day delivery service;
  • Last mile delivery service;
  • Rush and on-demand delivery;
  • Pick up delivery;
  • Parcel services;
  • Luggage delivery services.

How can you start your own delivery service?

How to start your own courier delivery business? With the right approach, it is quite simple and, most importantly, it starts bringing profit from the first month. Follow this plan step by step and you will immediately see the progress and development of your business:

  1. Find your niche for delivery services. It can be various retail and wholesale customers;
  2. Make a short business plan – describe and calculate the cost of delivery, customers, resources you need, etc.;
  3. Establish a company in order to legally provide services for the delivery of goods and parcels;
  4. Launch your website or mobile app to attract customers;
  5. Offer competitive rates, interesting services and add customer value to the product, that you are going to sell;
  6. Get a transport lease or couriers with their own transport;
  7. Connect FdhCloudDelivery software or similar software;
  8. Launch your virtual call center or get an outsourced call center service;
  9. Get an influx of new customers, so the company can increase its cash flow and develop;
  10. Do not forget to keep accounting records and pay taxes for the successful development of the company;
  11. Analyze statistics and improve operational processes for sustainable development;
  12. Chat once a month with your key clients and provide the highest quality delivery service.

Try FdhCloudDelivery system for free!

What do couriers deliver?

A courier or a delivery driver usually delivers goods, purchases, groceries, cargo, documents and packages for individuals, businesses, institutions and government agencies. Couriers deliver on foot, by bike, motorcycle, car, truck or public transport.

Delivery Solution For Courier and Delivery Business
Fleet of trucks for Delivery Service

What is the difference between courier and logistics?

The courier delivery service provides an urgent delivery, usually it is associated with purchases, goods or important packages that require careful transportation or must be delivered as soon as possible. Drivers or couriers receive payment for the delivery only, and logistics perform the entire process of transportation and handling of goods from the sender’s station to the very doors of the client.

Why do we need courier and delivery services?

Delivery services play a critical role in the lives of millions of people and companies around the world. For some part of commercial enterprises delivery services are the only point of interaction with the customers and perform one of the most important functions – the transfer of goods that are necessary for their life.

Try the FdhCloudDelivery system for free!

FdhCloudDelivery software for drivers, couriers, managers and dispatchers.

We offer a productive solution for managing delivery processes for drivers, dispatchers, managers and couriers, as all employees must work together towards a common goal to deliver goods at the highest speed and on time. Initially, we helped dispatchers and operators plan shipments, routes and deliveries from the warehouse to the client on trips with several stops accordingly.

Today we provide small businesses and delivery services with an opportunity to deliver purchases, packages and goods directly to the client’s door.

The four main delivery functions for our customers here.

  1. Route optimization for faster delivery

With the FdhCloudDelivery route planning function, you can create delivery windows and manage urgency by adding priority stop points for couriers. You can also manage vehicle loading to ensure high efficiency and productivity.

You can also grant access to all your drivers and couriers – it will provide your company with a unified operating environment.

Use Google’s feature to auto-complete email addresses. Give drivers and dispatchers the ability to add a shipping address by simply entering it directly into Google Maps if you received a request over the phone. They can also save address labels on Google maps, which is very convenient.

Drivers and dispatchers can optimize delivery routes based on traffic changes and alerts on the way in real time. This feature will help you stay on track with your delivery schedule so that your customers don’t experience long delays and unexpected changes in delivery times.

  1. Tracking the route, ability to monitor it in real time.

FdhCloudDelivery software allows route tracking to control drivers and parcels. The route tracking feature indicates where each vehicle or load is located during the GPS route.

Your dispatcher sees where the transport is now, whether it is in motion, at which point it stopped to hand over the delivery, and how it moves on. This feature greatly simplifies tracking, managing and dispatching delivery.

  1. Notifications to alert customers of the courier’s arrival time.

An important condition for a high quality delivery service is to notify the client of the exact time of arrival. To increase customer satisfaction, we offer a notification tool, SMS, email or push-up that is sent to customers so they know when to expect their delivery to arrive.

Since the presence of the client or his authorized representative is often a necessary condition to hand out a package, prior notification and actual notification of the exact delivery time is an important detail. Your drivers won’t have to waste time on phone calls and finding a customer, or change the delivery route and re-deliver later to this address.

  1. A tool for obtaining a customer’s signature to confirm delivery.

When a driver or courier delivers a parcel, he can report one of the following cases:

  • Delivered to the recipient at the address;
  • Delivered to the recipient’s hands;
  • Delivered to a third party;
  • Left the package in the mailbox;
  • Left the parcel at the specified location;
  • Left the package in a safe place.

If you need someone to accept the parcel and leave a signature, the system allows you to get the client’s signatures as proof of delivery (POD) and attach a photo of the shipping documents. If a signature is not needed, the courier or driver can take a photo of the parcel at the specified location with the coordinates and send it to the dispatcher and the client through the application.

It is useful to have this kind of confirmation if in future the customer will make claims that his order was not properly delivered to the specified place or if he cannot find the parcel.

You can get a free presentation of the FdhCloudDelivery system to learn more and see how everything will work in your business conditions.

Get a free presentation of the FdhCloudDelivery system!

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