Telemarketing and Telesales For Lead Generation

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Telemarketing and telesales implementation nowadays
Telemarketing and telesales implementation nowadays
  1. Definition of telesales 
  2. Top 7 benefits of telesales professionals
  3. What is the difference between telesales and telemarking?
  4. 5 mail telesales lead generation factors
  5. Front Desk Helpers’ lead generation methods

Definition of Tele Sales

Tele Sales (TeleSale, Telesales, Tele-Selling) is the implementation of sales by phone. Telesales technology has its own characteristics in different areas, so there may be differences in the specifics of the term. As a rule, the telesales format is introduced in addition to or instead of the PreSales format, which allows for significantly increased sales profitability. One TeleSales specialist can handle as many calls as physical sales representatives can make visits to outlets. This makes it possible to reduce the staff of sales representatives along with the wage fund, fuel and vehicle expenses. However, the transfer of client work to the TeleSales format should be carried out only when the situation no longer requires the personal presence and “manual labor” of the sales representative. So, telesales is a way of direct sales, determining that the seller will communicate directly with the customer to make a deal.

Top 7 benefits of telesales professionals

Telesales is an effective tool for your business and one of the easiest and most productive ways to increase your profits and promote your product or service. The main benefit of using telesales to expand your business is allowing you to instantly assess your customer’s level of engagement in your product or service. Moreover, it allows you to do the following:

  • provide a more interactive and personal sale service
  • create an immediate rapport with your customers
  • generate leads and appointments
  • sell from a distance to increase your sales territory
  • reach more customers than with in-person sales calls
  • sell to both existing and new customers
  • achieve results that are measurable

TeleSales offers lower costs than employing a regular sales team, saving small, medium and even big businesses money. Another benefit of outbound telesales is that you can extend your business by selling to customers in various territories, locally or nationally. TeleSales also grants a way to follow up with existing customers. Staying in contact with your customers grants you a moment to find out more about the client’s demands and strength your client-business relationship. In the end, advanced customer satisfaction can have a significant result on the profitability of your business.

What is the difference between telesales and telemarketing?

First of all, let’s figure out the definitions of telesales and telemarketing:

Telemarketing is a technique of direct marketing where a clerk offers customers products or services, either over the phone or through a succeeding face to face.

Telesales is a service that sells your goods or services directly to the consumer over the phone.

However, both these services are unique and offer distinguished benefits to any business. They make your customers aware of a new product/service, generate leads, offer information, conduct market research, consult established customers and sell products/services. In fact, telemarketing is a cover term that even includes telesales and other areas.

If your business doesn’t excel in communicating with customers about your products or services – you need telemarketing. If you are doing good in finding potential customers but you find it hard to convert that potential into leads, then you should refer for telesales.

You can also consolidate telemarketing and telesales into one combined service, wherein one generates a number of potential leads, while the other turns those leads into sales.

Whatever your business requires, telesales or telemarketing, Front Desk Helpers can help you with both services.

5 main telesales lead generation factors

One of the most effective marketing tools for lead generation is still telesales. Phones have always worked efficiently as instruments of lead generation. While technology is always changing, people stay the same.

When you first think of telesales, most of us think of bothersome late-night calls, but the concept still remains, nothing is better than the “one on one” direct marketing approach compared to telemarketing.

In addition to its ability to make sales, a Telemarketing service is also effective enough to assist with lead generation and receiving information.

Let’s have a detailed look at the top 5 telesales and telemarketing lead generation factors which will help you build a perfect sales process:

1. Cold and warm lists

“Cold” – all those potential customers who are not familiar with your brand. At the moment they don’t need the product or service you provide. “Warm” – this type of customer knows about your product, service, or company, thanks to advertising or other sources.

Use telemarketing to find new customers, make sales and generate leads with people you have already come into contact with.

2. Direct communication brings direct feedback

Direct communication means assuming what an individual considers and believes. It should be qualified by intense listening and effective feedback. It is clear, straightforward, and brings the two-way, free-flowing distribution of views, feelings, and thoughts.

You will experience results immediately depending on your plans and the ability to generate sales. This will give a direct return on investment.

3. Human factor

Human factor relates to environmental, organizational and working factors, also human and individual styles, which influence behavior at work.

Professional telemarketers always have good listening and conversational skills. Compared to regular marketing ads, your message can be properly delivered to every specific customer. Also, telemarketing can be used to collect feedback and information.

4. Improve the efficiency of other marketing resources

This regards direct mail. Direct mail marketing means sending emails, postcards, and brochures to the mailbox of your ideal customer. Direct mail campaigns drive a high ROI (return on investment), sometimes even a higher ROI than paid ads. They work excellently alongside a campaign or combined with digital marketing instruments. You can practice direct mailing to target the right customers at the right time.

The same can be applied with other direct marketing tools like, for example, SMS marketing.

5. Flexibility

Once you start making calls you will immediately receive feedback. This information can be used to smooth the whole procedure and generate leads quickly and efficiently. A good question would be why it’s so important? Because this is the time when flexibility appears to save your time! Being flexible can be described as being ready to face whatever might happen in the market and being smart enough to change it into an opportunity by efficiently adjusting to the new standards.

Front Desk Helpers’ lead generation methods

Front Desk Helpers is an outsourcing company experienced in providing telemarketing, telesales and call center services. Our bilingual operators can easily handle everything for your business including optimization, boosting your revenue and making profits grow. Based on our experience we can combine different tactics and ways to set up appointments. 

Front Desk Helpers offers you a fantastic opportunity to create your own outsourced telemarketing department with professional agents. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all business time zones. Sound good? Fill out our Request Consultation Form and get a free consultation on how to outsource your job processes on significantly lower salaries. At just $10 per hour per operator, your business has never been so flexible!

Our remote employes are qualified personnel, you can see how we work and select the most appropriate and skilled team to get the best results and boost your revenue immediately!

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and use the cost calculator for remote employees to evaluate the benefits of working with us!

Front Desk Helpers Co, 2019. Change your business mind!

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