Outsourcing Definition and 6 Main Types

What is Outsourcing? The term outsourcing originally comes from the merger of two words: out (external) and source. Outsourcing means delegating the company’s tasks and processes to third-party executors on subcontracting terms. It should be also mentioned there is an option of collaborating when outsourcing company performs its potential on a prepaid agreement. Delegating a part of tasks or specific department performance as well as hire remote employees to cover narrow range functions is selective outsourcing. This is an agreement where the working process is carried out by people from third-party companies, who are usually experts in this kind of […]

Remote Employees and Why They are Better for the Company’s Revenue

Remote employees – general description Remote work, working from home or teleworking – is a form of employment where the employee and employer (or customer and executor) are at a considerable distance from each other, delegating and receiving technical tasks, labor results and payment with the help of modern means of communication (initially – fax, mail, and Internet). Remote work means interaction between employee and employer at a distance based on communication using modern messengers, cloud-based platforms, telecom abilities, mobile applications, integrated communication systems, etc. Thus, the results of work are delegated over the Internet, providing benefits and increasing the […]

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