Startup Benefits from Remote Bookkeeping Services

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Every company sooner or later faces the necessity of professional accounting service.  Specifically, if you are a startup. Every new project you are going to launch requires careful preparation of all the paperwork by a specialist. And this is the case when a remote accountants can do all this job with minimal losses of time and money for your startup.

Small companies usually tend to cope with as many functions as possible with a few people available on the staff. It can work if the business is limited by growth and the owner does not want to take any steps forward.  Though it may seem strange, such things happen in small towns where businesses rarely grow outside their communities. But never the less global tendencies today show quite the opposite things when small manufacturing companies try to enter the international market even with quite specific goods.

Bookkeeping Services Remotely - Virtual Help for Business
Bookkeeping Services Remotely – Virtual Help for Business

But in any case, every company needs a professional in accounting or tax reports who would be able to provide his clients with all information necessary to avoid difficulties with the tax authorities; who would be responsible for timely reports to local administration and would be helpful in communication with state offices.

So the services of a professional who can embrace all the functions would cost quite a significant sum, that not every company can afford. Most of the companies do not need a bookkeeper regularly.  If the staff has enough time to add primary bookkeeping entries to the accounting program, an accountant is necessary periodically to pass all the required documents and reports to controlling organs.

How to get a professional bookkeeper without paying all money in the world?

Outsourcing is a way out. Pandemic gave a push to the development of remote employment as nothing before. The Coronavirus pandemic shows us that you do not need all your staff the present on the production site or in the office. The better part of the work can be done remotely via telephone or the Internet. And even more effectively than in the office.

Addressing to FDH you can get a professional bookkeeper you may decide how many hours a week or a month you need bookkeeping services and pay exactly for the time a person works. It is very beneficial for companies as the hourly rate for remote employees is much lower than of the office ones.

What other functions bookkeepers can perform remotely?

Reporting is the main but not the only function of an accountant. They:

  • pay the salary and bills,
  • follow up that all state and local taxes were paid on time,
  • plan the company’s budgets and cash flows,
  • minimize the company’s expenses on utilities and marketing,
  • enter a lot of data into different ledgers for future reports,
  • inventory etc.

Especially if a company is a large one, then the bookkeeping department plays an important part in the company’s life almost as production or selling. Entering every transaction, payments, or goods return takes plenty of time. And if you want your staff to do it, you must realize that they could spend their working time more effectively.

Virtual Bookkeeping advantages and today’s opportunities
Remote bookeeping service will ensure your best business performance

If you want a vivid example – we don’t ask a dentist or a driver to cook a dish for a festive event or to sew a dress. Can they do that? I bet they can. But it will need a bit of training and practice. So why do you ask your sales managers or marketing specialists to do a bookkeeper’s work?  They can perform simple things but they would be more effective in their position and could bring more money in their positions, and by the way, a trained bookkeeper would cope with the task much quicker and accurate. And it is one the most important skills – to be very precise and accurate with numbers.

How can I be sure of information security?

FDH has been working in this area for several years and our managers and IT workers can provide you with information on how we ensure security, work control, and reporting.

Of course in the situation of an ongoing crisis caused by the pandemic every business owner calculates all the expenses very carefully, especially those that are connected with hiring extra people to be responsible for. Especially if you are not sure that you need a full-time worker.

What benefits does the startup get from choosing a remote bookkeeping service?

We are 6 years in the outsourcing services, helping new projects find their place in the e-commerce niche. And accountant is a best consultant for every person who plan to start a new business.

  • First of all, the economy as you pay less, only for the hours an employee works, without other expenses connected to HR like a vacation, seek leaves, taxes, insurances, etc.
  • You do not spend your money on organizing a working place for a new employee.
  • Full control over working time and the work that was done. You get regular reports in the way you consider to be the most convenient.
  • You get a professional exactly in the area you need.
  • You relieve your staff of the loads of work which are not connected to their work directly.

If you start working with an outsourcing company like FDH with a good reputation and experience you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. We can organize the working process in the shortest terms possible and to find a professional who would suit your position perfectly!

Our specialists work in close contact with you and take into consideration all your demands and wishes. And we are sure you’ll be satisfied with our cooperation!

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