Remote Multilingual Help Desk Support

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IT progress is moving forward every day

Today’s IT progress moves almost every business forward. The computer, the Internet and different software make agents’ work rather convenient and provides the easiest ways how to serve customers in the best way. Of course, IT progress influences the company’s revenues in a positive way as well. This fact pushes businesses to purchase the newest available technology. At the same time, IT’s goal is to support the company at the lowest possible cost. Sometimes, these priorities are in competition or at odds. Also, one of the IT advantages is the opportunity to make deals all over the world. So, remote multilingual support service has become very important for businesses and organizations.

Multilingual help desk service features

Usually, customers prefer to do business in their native language. Of course, each organization handles its management differently but there are a few important basics we want to mention here. It will be useful for companies to have multilingual specialists, especially if they work in megapolises like NY, London or Toronto where you can often meet a lot of people from other countries who prefer languages other than English. If you pay attention to this information it will maximize your company’s safety and overall success. Good service providers take care of the complex technology, they are operating. Their service has to be effective and meet their client’s needs as well.

According to the research,  61.6 million individuals, both foreign and U.S. born, who speak a language other than English at home.

Statistics and facts

To understand how important is multilingual support to your customers, please, see some statistics below:

  • 74% of consumers will get back to you if the service has been offered in their language; 
  • 75% of people prefer to buy products in their native language;
  • 71.5% of interviewed customer service leaders have increased their satisfaction with customer support that was provided in the customer’s native language;
  • Companies lose more than $62 billion due to poor customer service.

And these are just the most important facts regarding the multilingual support service advantages. But there are many pluses. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality support in the language they feel comfortable. We know that multilingual customer support is key to the elimination of language barriers.

Front Desk Helpers’ special offer

Every day our dedicated and experienced multilingual experts will meet the demands of your company by delivering the best customer service via phone, mail and live-chat and improved reporting to your company’s front office.

Our multilingual service representatives will keep your business run smoothly, reducing costs and minimizing service expenses. You don’t have to hire onsite accountants, secretaries, managers and other specialists speaking every language you consumers do. We already have a solution for you! We prepared a well-trained customer multilingual service representatives and developed our in-house software and multilingual web development team. That makes our offer more flexible and the range of the services almost limitless.

We provide an experienced efficient and responsive end-user multilingual support through every phase of workflow via our online and phone support. Our helpdesk support solution always will be delivered depending on your requirements and be earning the trust of your non-English speaking customers as well as those of them who have a limited English proficiency.

Remote multilingual support team will provide your company with:

– Prompt solutions to end-user requests;

– Access to a required language expert (English, Russian, Spanish, etc);

– Completing company secretarial, managerial, back office, and other related duties as assigned;

– Extended 24/7 help desk service support.

– A proactive, positive help desk experience support.

We have proven ourselves to be flexible and willing to adapt to your’s requirements as well.

Our customer service is one of the best with its remote staff, including the remote multilingual support option. Our purpose is to ensure our end-users experience minimum waiting time for resolving their issues and to realize substantial savings on HR costs for our client. We, also, have an experience of meeting the needs of large and small organizations.

Our remote multilingual support team has always tried to go beyond the call of duty to meet our client’s needs and expectations.  So, if you decide to try our service you’ll get pleasantly surprised with great company and work ethic.

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and use the cost calculator of remote employees and evaluate the benefits of working with us!

Front Desk Helpers Co, 2019. Change your business mind!

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