Successful Remote Employees Resource Management Model

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Remote employees management

Human resource management is a delicate job with many responsibilities that requires a flexible approach and experience in the field of HR. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to ask a more experienced specialist or study textbooks on personnel policy. Human resource management has a targeted and organized impact on company employees. Our goal is also to satisfy the interests of the working team and the needs of an individual employee.

  • Staff recruitment
  • Interviewing
  • Staff adaptation
  • Personal assessment
  • Personnel training and development
  • Corporate culture
  • Staff motivation

We would like to highlight 5 main tasks of the Front Desk Helpers personnel management system:

  1. provide the enterprise with qualified staff
  2. maximize use of staff abilities and skills
  3. increase employee satisfaction
  4. develop effective ways of increasing staff qualification
  5. create the opportunity for promotions and advancement

Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment requires a detailed analysis of potential employee qualifications by the HR manager in order to screen out completely unsuitable candidates at a very early stage. This will significantly save the company time and effort in the future.

Successful Remote Employees Resource Management Model
Human resource management requires a flexible approach and experience in the field of HR

Front Desk Helpers staff recruitment consists of several steps:

Analyzing staff demand

to determine the need for employees in a particular position

Defining personal requirements

setting clear criteria for selecting candidates

Assessing candidates

conducting a multi-stage selection among candidates, including a resume, interview, testing and analysis of recommendations


Interviewing is an important step in the recruiting process that will help assess the candidate’s degree of preparedness for the job, their personal qualities and the ability to work. It will also give an idea of his previous work experience, lifestyle, attitudes and aspirations. It can be concluded that a particular employee is needed based on the gained information.

Staff adaptation

Staff adaptation is carried out in order to reduce the company’s costs, specifically to reduce staff turnover. The adaptation process is useful for both the employee and the company. After this step, our agent will collect information about the general company culture. This is fundamental to their future job responsibilities, as it will contribute to building relationships with colleagues, increasing labor efficiency, and gaining the approval of the administration for the new workplace process.. All this is extremely important for new employees to be satisfied with their work.

On the Front Desk Helpers side, thanks to our adaptive system we can quite quickly assess the competence of a new employee, their potential, identify imperfections in the recruitment process and establish the most favorable relations for the company’s development between administration and staff.

Personnel assessment

Personnel assessment is the HR manager’s responsibility to determine the effectiveness of the company’s employees in completing their jobs. Certification is the process of determining the compliance degree of employees regarding their position. The employee evaluation is based on subsequent training, promotion or dismissal; encouragement of correct behavior and correction of improper performance.

Successful Remote Employees Resource Management Model

Personnel training and development is necessary to constantly improve the professional skills of employees

Personnel training and development

Personnel training and development is necessary to constantly improve the professional skills of employees. It can be divided as:

  • professional development – the ability to constantly improve knowledge and skills in carrying out the work process
  • professional training – enhancing the skills through specialized study

Our HR managers train employees with the help of briefing and teaching aids. We also provide our employees with case-studies, video tutorials and webinars and probably the most vital project – self-study.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture is a set of company values and standards. Corporate culture is what gives the guidelines that should be adhered to in carrying out of staff activities. We held various corporate conferences, seminars, and competitions to encourage employees’ initiatives in order to encourage a positive, cohesive company culture.

We truly believe our success is based on the commitment of employees, their loyalty, involvement, clear awareness of goals, and the pursuit of these goals.

Staff motivation

Staff motivation is carried out to increase efficiency, interest in work, performance and task satisfaction.

Front Desk Helpers provides all its employees with the following:

  • ability to negotiate – express any concerns in working processes
  • ability to perform the work an individual is most interested in
  • opportunity to be recognized for achievements
  • opportunity to take the initiative, to put forward new ideas
  • opportunity to feel the importance of leadership
  • ability to set goals and fulfill them
  • ability to get higher level assignments
  • the full reward for success
  • possibility of obtaining complete and timely information
  • possibility of self-control in the workplace

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