Call Center Outsourcing Services. Call or Contact Center?

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It’s time to have your own call center

Whenever your company starts selling goods or services, that very moment is the beginning of your call center. Probably, you will try to cope with your own employees. But answering a million questions regarding goods, qualities or warranties, your stuff has to deviate from their primary duties. When the volumes of sales are not so high, it’s not a very serious question. But at the same time, your sales managers waste their time on customer service instead of trying to increase sales volumes.

It's time to create a call center
Whenever you need a call center, it’s time to find the trusted provider or start your own contact center

Hiring a special person for customer service is not always possible or may become a very expensive option, taking into account that you have to organize a working place, equipment and to pay all taxes and vocational fees.

A possible option here is to consider a remote or virtual call center. But before making a decision we’ll try to clarify some questions concerning call center types, their main functions, and differences. So the first question is:

What is a call center or contact center? Is it the same thing or different ones?

A call center is a special place (often virtual), where agents or advisors receive and process a large member of requests via telephone. A contact center uses not only telephones, but also all other means of communication. A great number of them are given to us by the Internet – chats, emails, messaging services, and social media. But they do not exclude other traditional means, such as mail and faxes.

What the main types are of call or contact centers?

Generally, call centers are subdivided according to their geographical location and the functions they perform. According to the first criteria we should mention on-site, off-site and virtual call centers. As it clear from the name- on-site contact center is situated in the company’s territory, often in one building and is set up by the company itself. Consequently, all the investments and operating expenses are paid by the company; agents belong to the company’s staff and generally it is a very expensive thing.

Off-site call centers may be of two types. The first one –it’s a company providing call center services.

They have a completely organized process – starting from equipped space and up to all necessary soft- and hardware. Such companies usually provide services for multiple clients, physically may be located far from them, even in other cities or regions.

The second off-site type of call center often does not have a physical location at all. Those are remote call centers. Such call centers provide all their work through the Internet and/or IP-telephony. Advisors may work from home or any other place they consider to be suitable for that.

The other thing is trying to classify contact centers according to the functions they perform. The main division is into inbound and outbound and combining both. But afterward, each type can be adapted almost to any work and process that can be outsourced. What type of call center is preferable decides the business owner depending upon the confidentiality and sensitivity of data they work with.

Those managers that used to choose the most cost-efficient options prefer using virtual contact centers.


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