How to solve general healthcare company’s operations using business process optimization 

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How BPO solves general healthcare company’s issues


Since 2020A series of global financial crises that have hitten businesses worldwide. They forced business owners to accept competition challenges by changing the fundamental approach to business management. For companies whose success is based on high-quality customer support, business process optimization has become a central solution in operational cost-cutting without losing the quality of the answering and supporting functions.

In the past, business process optimization was mainly concerned the production issues. As a result, the producers used third-party subcontractors to run single manufacturing processes that were part of their primary activities. However, the development of IT and AI technologies, together with COVID-limitations, forced the implementation of outsourcing in various fields, including profit, non-profit, and government institutions.

Global Sourcing Association (GSA) presented report called ‘Outsourcing in 20’. It shows 70% of businesses that tried outsourcing employees model already plan to outsource more services. Another 35% of businesses plan to begin work with outsourcing. For the last 7 years, BPO have grown annually and are predicted to multiply in the future. Statistics data says that almost 30% of all remote employees’ positions concern IT activities, 12% – healthcare customer support, 10% – sales and digital promotion, 8% – back-office and administrative tasks, etc.

The EU and the USA, Canada’s income tax policy, and high wages make businesses look for ways to cut their staff costs. It inspires them to delegate the available business operations to offshore and outsourcing providers to survive. BPO providers use the advantages of labor markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, India, and Oceania, which rates are much cheaper.

When does the business use outsourcing?

We know it’s consistently tricky and responsible for leading a healthcare company to growth. Often it needs to optimize operational processes. Outsourcing allows you to reduce a considerable amount of a business’s expenses. Our primary function is also to inform you about all the outsourcing opportunities that can help your medical institute save.

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For some kinds of companies, it may be challenging to find outsourcing processes for other reasons.

But not for the healthcare industry. Yes, you can still worry about confidential information, reports, revenue figures, intellectual property, and financial or technological data, which are usually kept hidden by management. But even in this case, the external tasks can be delegated to outsourcing. For example communications with customers, appointment confirmation, promotional activities, web development services, app development services, copywriting, design services. Begin from a daily routine and systematically reload the other operational processes that are free of the business owner’s control.

How do the businesses use outsourcing?

With the support of an experienced outsourcing provider, the companies often succeed in revenue-boosting and double their staff productivity.

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Remote employees perform wide range of back-office tasks

Many US companies use BPO services for a wide range of back-office tasks that need no physical presence of the employees in the company’s office. Instead, they can be performed online. For example, contact-center services, bookkeeping, accounting assets, billing and payments, human resources and recruitment support, IT support, personal assistance, booking management, technical support, market research, web development, or application-development services, etc.

Sometimes outsourcing covers research, business relocation, legal process, consultation, data gathering, and analytical or marketing projects.

Among the popular outsourcing services are traditional – data-entry, translation, copywriting, etc. However, due to the significant financial economy, even small businesses can use more professional services with outsourcing than they can hire positions traditionally.

For example, the company can afford a single marketer in a traditional office. But while outsourcing, for this amount of money it gets a virtual marketing department with the different specialists it requires for business goals.

While BPO project planning, a key factor is the number of expenses the business owner wants to cut: the difference between outsourcing costs and hiring a regular employee. Of course, the number of processes that can be outsourced depends on the size and type of business.

Advantages of outsourcing in the healthcare industry

When a business contacts an outsourcing company, the main reason is to gain financial savings from the cooperation. BPO providers save business owners time, money, and energy to focus on the main activities for keeping up with the competitive market with affordable solutions. It’s proven that BPO services help the company’s managers to reduce their costs by up to 65% on wages, other staff expenses, taxes, rent, and other accompanying expenses.

But one of the key advantages is the productivity growth of the key and high-paying employees. It means to free the employees involved in performing significant company revenue from supporting, unnecessary or routine tasks.

Summarizing, all this gives companies more flexibility in business optimization and reacting to market challenges. Thus the business gains solid competitive advantages to follow the business goals, development, and growth.

Risks of business process optimization

To find and try outsourcing for the first time, the healthcare business owner should choose the right company not to be disappointed. There are a lot of risks in outsourcing from an unreliable and unknown partner. Risks are unexpected costs, high rates, unprofessional teams, and other problems that may concern not only financial, time, or nervousness but also reputational risks. The possible dangers are unlimited, but in any case, the parties should examine all weak points to avoid disaster in the future.

Being an expert, we recommend paying attention to four main issues in choosing the outsourcing provider in the healthcare industry:

Data Security

From our experience, it’s a critical question that needs to be discussed before starting outsourcing cooperation. The parties- an outsourcing provider and a Client – should have a particular secure communication channel for changing data to ensure the security of the data and the legal interests of both sides. The medical industry is very strict about protecting customers’ data, so the outsourcing provider in the healthcare and hospital industry should have HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant certifications.

Cultural contrasts

The US BPO providers offer excellent customer services

While outsourcing cooperation, the BPO provider and its staff from one side and the client-company and its customers from the other side, will work in close connection. That’s why choosing a US BPO provider in the same cultural area, mentality, and social standards as yours are crucial. Despite high-speed globalization processes worldwide, there are still substantial cultural discrepancies between the opposite parts of the world. It would be best if you remember that any little misunderstandings might affect to the efficiency of cooperation.

Higher costs cause lower profits.

If the partners discuss the financial terms of the cooperation agreement properly, they may avoid unexpected conditions. Before choosing the healthcare outsourcing services provider, learn more about the company’s reviews, the agreement form, and additional documents.

Weak communication and lack of control.

Before healthcare outsourcing cooperation, ensure that an outsourcing services provider has a wide range of technical solutions to communicate and control remote team. It will help avoid the lack of communication between remote employees and the office team. Also, it will help with monitoring and controlling the remote processes. The network should include messages, email, phone, or visual communication opportunities.


The highly experienced BPO providers already have several solutions, like CRM, HRM, ERP systems, etc. to overcome the possible risks and difficulties. It’s easy to find out – ask about one of the problem points during the first contact to avoid disappointing surprises.

Trends of business process optimization in the US healthcare industry

Patients use online healthcare service

The further outsourcing industry development entirely depends on the Internet and AI technologies’ evolution.

Digital Transformation ultimately converts the relationship between businesses and customers. Even in the Healthcare industry, where personal contact is traditionally essential and determined by the highest level of responsibility. But since 2020, the expansion of digital solutions and remote services in the medical industry has been registered to multiply yearly. And despite the easing of COVID-preventive measures, patients will use online healthcare services in the future: 40% have already confirmed that.

Today, automation and artificial intelligence solutions make business processes clearer, easier, and more convenient for both employees and end customers. However, many business operational functions still can’t be automated or their automation needs a colossal cost. There are outsourcing services providers that can help with similar tasks even in more favorable conditions.

Some researchers predict that in the 10-year term, up to 200 million job positions in the world will be automated or transferred to cyberspace because of AI development. However, until that time, most business processes will only be available in the digital world. And in this case, outsourcing professional support will be an excellent solution for making these business processes operate.

Digital transformation serves most significant fields of expertise
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