How to optimize a work of a Delivery Service with the Delivery Management Software.

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Delivery is a very important part of any purchase, so you should definitely do your best to provide a quality service. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have – logistics, e-commerce, grocery store, restaurant, fast food or pizza – without a high-quality delivery you are guaranteed to lose your competitive advantage.

Thus, these days your delivery service from a secondary unit becomes a leading unit that directly interacts and communicates with customers, maintains a loyalty program, retains customers and can even bring new ones.

How to optimize a work of a Delivery Service with the Delivery Management Software
Optimize your Delivery Service with the Delivery Management Software

So, a logical question arises here: how can you improve and optimize the workflows of the delivery service in order to maximize its efficiency and productivity? The answer is very simple – you need to use the advantages and capabilities of specialized delivery management software.

Delivery service software provides many options for automating and optimizing delivery processes to ensure a more efficient service. The delivery business is taking a new lease of life and gaining significant productivity by using a delivery solution to improve its productivity.

FdhCloudDelivery system as Delivery Management Software

If you want to improve the efficiency of your delivery business, you must first learn to save time, reduce costs, increase employee productivity and manage delivery in real time. FdhCloudDelivery system will help you enable all of these processes and achieve your business goals.

FdhCloudDelivery software will give you the ability to automatically accept orders, schedule deliveries, manage processes, couriers and transport, track deliveries online, communicate with customers and analyze results, all in one convenient web-based delivery application. 

Courier route planning is essential to your business – not only it affects the productivity of your employees, but is also critical to ensuring a positive customer experience with your delivery services. Quick planning of routes to run a profitable delivery business can be challenging for a certain number of orders, but with delivery software and streamlined processes, it’s pretty easy to do.

Register orders, plan routes through the delivery system, track progress using the GPS function in real time, and when your couriers complete the delivery, you can analyze the results and find points to improve efficiency. It is an innovative business solution that gives your service complete control, flexibility and predictability.

Collect and use your data for growth with Delivery Management Software

With accurate real-time data and insights into delivery and courier performance statistics, you’ll be ready to make improvements to delivery, route planning, and resource usage. This gives you the benefits in productivity of couriers, dispatchers and drivers, as well as very satisfied customers. 

Use all the opportunities to improve the efficiency of your delivery, using the latest information technology and optimization processes. 

Set priorities for courier drivers.

The most effective way to increase productivity is to set priorities. You will be able to get profitable customers or the desired delivery spots that must be fulfilled depending on the urgency, cost and the importance of the order. 

By setting priorities for your driver, you set what terms of delivery you will include in the planned route. Delivery can be quickly calculated in the delivery program by a dispatcher in order to select the optimal date and route to avoid further changes in delivery. If you will face limited resources and a large number of orders, you can optimally allocate your resources to provide a quality delivery service for your customers.

FdhCloudDelivery solution will help you plan your deliveries flexibly, therefore, if couriers have several delivery addresses, set different priorities in terms of urgency and cost, which allows to plan the load on the drivers and transport to get high productivity and efficient use of company resources.

Optimize the data exchange with the warehouse.

The weakest point that may disrupt a delivery – is stopping it between the customer’s order and the fulfillment process. It will only take a few seconds to process an order in your warehouse with proper inventory and automation of data exchange when generating a shipping order. With the right software, the weakest point in the delivery process becomes strengthening and enhancing the reliability of delivery. 

Find out how to integrate it with your warehouse software.

Stick to your commitments

Regular customers expect the company to deliver on the promised time, as always, so that they can stick to their plans. New customers hope that the company will provide them with a high-level delivery service, since they were referred by friends or read positive reviews.

But in any case, all customers give preference to three main factors: reliability, speed and cost of delivery. If these requirements are met, then the company will add a big plus to its reputation and deserve even more credibility.

Every successful on-time delivery is a positive result for you and the expected result for the client, and every unsuccessful delivery is a big mistake in the eyes of the client, and you must see it as an incident that requires investigation and elimination of its causes.

Always use the fast routing capabilities of the FdhCloudDelivery system to create the shortest and most reliable route using the right resources at the right time. As a result, you will increase reliability, accuracy and optimize shipping costs. 

Using “opportunity” tool when planning delivery routes allows you to carry out deliveries as quickly as possible and provide customers with high-quality services, fulfilling your obligations to them.

FdhCloudDelivery Routing always allows you to assign the correct order of fulfillment and distributes deliveries for free couriers. We can also use any required APIs that will integrate planned routes with your order management system or CRM, or you can upload your order list yourself so that the software can plan routes on your behalf according to the time frames you specify.

The Devil’s in the details

The process of fulfillment shouldn’t turn into the process of finding a needle in a haystack with a torch at night. Accurate detailed accounting of all items in stock is the basis for a successful delivery. We can consider this parameter as 50% of successful delivery.

Therefore, it is necessary to make every effort in order to have detailed information about all the goods stored in the warehouse at hand. And although warehouse employees are an important part of the process, it is necessary to automate warehouse accounting as much as possible using software and automatic goods handling machines.

Learn more about the FdhCloudDelivery system and its benefits for the delivery service.

Use the experience and knowledge of your couriers and drivers

Your couriers and drivers face different simple and complex tasks on a daily basis when delivering. They know so much about what and how to do when delivering. Using their knowledge and experience, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your business.

A few tips on how to easily improve your processes by getting advice from your couriers:

  • Learn about problematic processes on routes that often disrupt the delivery schedule in peak operating times.
  • Identify problematic customers who frequently break delivery schedules and need more time to service.
  • Identify the inquiries from the starting / ending points of delivery so that you can mark these points in the delivery plan and offer a flexible system of discounts to customers.
  • Assign your drivers to areas they are familiar with and can easily navigate without delays.

Segment your customer list.

Depending on where and how you have to provide delivery services, some of them may be more valuable than others for your company. This value lies in the sum of the profits and the cash flow that you receive from serving them. List your top clients who generate over 70% of your income. Optimize main resources of your delivery for them, as serving these customers is a top priority. 

Analyze this list, the amount of resources required to service each client, your income from servicing them, frequent incidents, etc. and divide this list into problematic and non-problematic. Define resources for each group of such customers and “insure” yourself with additional resources to complete deliveries to problematic regulars. Thus, you will stabilize your main “core” of income in order to achieve a constant cash flow with minimal costs. 

Next, systematize the rest of the clients into prospective ones, who will later move to the status of permanent, and transitional between casual and periodic. Determine the resources that will serve these customers in order to optimize resources and minimize the cost of serving them.

Thus, you just need to make a small revolution in your business that will lead you into an era of prosperity. Use delivery software to do this and sort it all out in your success story. Get your high profit using basic income with a minimum of resources. 

Minimize wasted space and wasted time

Often during fulfillment of orders, it is necessary to make changes to the routes and the load of the transport due to various unexpected circumstances. In order to resolve such incidents, it is necessary to have sufficient resources and time to provide control and flexibility while doing so.

Use the capabilities of FdhCloudDelivery to plan orders and loads for delivery, change delivery conditions, change routes and assign loads between vehicles, easily optimize delivery schedules for couriers. Not only can you make schedule changes online, but you can also evaluate their impact on shipping before you approve the changes to your couriers. 

Eliminate All Potential Delivery Errors

Working with a last mile delivery service is always difficult. But with the right delivery software, you can feel more confident performing deliveries.

During work process dispatchers are managing the productivity of drivers, managers are constantly solving issues in warehouses, operators are solving problems related to calls to the support service, etc., but only innovative technologies will help you in conditions of such a large number of events that are not always predictable, to avoid errors and failures, and focus only on the quality of services and meeting delivery times. 

FdhCloudDelivery software for delivery management and route planning can help you fulfill your obligations to customers in the best way possible without worrying about issues:

  • Give your QC manager access to the driver’s workplace reading app, to the stops made and delivery confirmation.
  • Set exceptions for activity on transport service days or holidays. Never put inaccessible vehicles and holidays when your drivers are not working on the route.
  • Set rules for routes and the program will control them.
  • Schedule the load on drivers and vehicles to avoid delivery errors.

Simplify your workflow and internal processes 

It is common for a company to use several programs for one internal process. This turns a simple task into a complex and slow process. If your operational processes are long and complex, consider optimizing them using a single set of programs to increase efficiency.

Optimization of office workflow allows you to get a significant increase in employee productivity. If you want your office workers and drivers to use their working time productively and perform only necessary tasks, the FdhCloudDelivery delivery management program will help you optimize operational processes and eliminate unproductiveness of company personnel.

With the right information and important data available to the right people in the right form, you don’t have to put a lot of effort in, and use kilos of paperwork to keep your company up and running. All data and processes are controlled by the users assigned. Monitor incoming information online: delivery requests, orders, fulfillment, location of departure via GPS, receive fresh information from the courier and the time of his arrival at the destination.   

Learn more about the capabilities of FdhCloudDelivery software  

Simplify the workflow and internal processes of your Delivery Service
Simplify the workflow and internal processes of your Delivery Service

Delivery Management Software allows you to improve communication with employees.

FdhCloudDelivery for delivery services improves the quality of communication and helps to obtain additional data to monitor and analyze all delivery processes  thanks to receiving information online. You always stay in touch and control emergency situations when you are not at your workplace through SMS notifications and push notifications. You can check the performance of a driver or courier by looking at their current location and receiving confirmations for incidents that triggered any alerts. 

Keep your customers up to date on delivery.

You may have noticed how difficult it is to expect to receive information that is important to you. When you are waiting for some important message, you involuntarily feel a certain nervousness because time is going terribly slow. When you inform your customers about the delivery status, the time for them “accelerates” and the waiting becomes less tedious.

So, even if for some reason beyond your control, you cannot complete the delivery on time, you can always inform your customers about the unexpected delay and apologize in order to simultaneously offer some discount – compensation for breaking a promise. 

Communicate with customers to get their feedback and better understand their expectations and satisfaction. Check their loyalty, whether they understand everything when placing an order, whether there are any problems in communicating with couriers. Feedback allows you to effectively monitor and maintain relationships with your customers. 

Find out how to connect sms notifications for your clients.

Use EDI wherever possible.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a method used by many carriers that replaces paper documents with digital data. Getting rid of paper workflow allows you to automate the entire workflow process in the company and effectively manage the delivery system, significantly speeding up all processes. Many carriers, logistics operators and customs use this method because it allows them to process large amounts of information faster with fewer resources.

Get a consultation on implementing EDI in your company

Adhere to the sustainable development plan with Delivery Management Software.

Take full control and manage your logistics with FdhCloudDelivery for intelligent route planning and reliable delivery. Make only informed and useful decisions based on accurate data so that your work is efficient and error-free. FdhCloudDelivery software gives you the ability to plan, manage, control, track, communicate and analyze all processes and tasks in a single solution for the delivery service.

There are always ways to improve the efficiency of delivery. You must constantly look for ways to achieve high productivity and efficiency in your business. You probably know this well, but we still remind you that it is never too late to become better at something that you are already doing, but the most important thing is to continue to do it well.

Some companies in the far North still use reindeer and sleds to deliver packages to their regular customers around the world, but they always use secret tools to plan and successfully complete deliveries.

Follow their example and use the FdhCloudDelivery system to succeed in your delivery business using the magic of smart technology.

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