Hosted Solutions for Your Own Call Center

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Reasons to create your own call center

If your company suggests a customer service or running an e-shop, sooner or later you will need a call center solution. If your company sells any goods or services – you’ll definitely need at least several people ready to answer all the questions arising of goods quality, availability, delivery terms and any problems mentioned above. Having your own call center means that a company thinks of its clients and the impression it makes. There are different options depending on your preferences and necessities.

Small companies tend to use their own resources in order to minimize operating expenses. Unfortunately, this works only when the number of clients is not so big and there is no damage to employees’ primary duties. When the number of clients and employees grows, to organize even a small call center becomes a thing of urgent necessity. Then an owner has to make calculations twice or even thrice as it is difficult to forecast all the expenses. Besides hiring people and preparing a working space for them, the management has to keep in mind all overhead costs. It can include the cost of the furniture and other office equipment, supplies as well as installation and maintenance. But the trickiest thing here is the call-center hardware and software.

Problems accompanying IT technologies development

It’s not a secret that nowadays IT technology is speeding in development as well as in becoming obsolete. The software and hardware that were up-to-date just a year ago now are not on the top anymore. Also, computers and servers are not so powerful to support all applications that may become necessary. And this is the weakest point of every on-premise call center. All the communication things: headsets, hardware and software, telecommunication lines and phones – are managed, maintained and updated internally by your technicians and at your cost. And as you understand it is not a cheap thing.

Front Desk Helpers is the cloud-based hosted solutions provider

The other option is a cloud-based hosted solution. What does that mean? Customers may access the service which is hosted in the cloud through different applications installed on their computers or mobile devices. You pay a fixed rate per each agent and receive a ready-to-go solution designed exactly for your needs. All technical issues aren’t your headache any longer. The maximum you had to worry about is the headsets for your office staff. What is convenient here –that is your employees even do not need to work from the office any. They can work from their homes or during business trips. It allows companies to avoid a number of problems connected with the working space organization. Companies can minimize their expenses for renting extra spaces for office needs, purchase equipment and other costs connected with hiring people.

Front Desk Helpers Co will help you to organize a hosted solution for your own call center. We specialize in setting up virtual offices and hiring remote workers for businesses. Our experts will choose a remote team of professionals for you in the field where you specialize in. It will help you to cut costs: starting with health insurance medical expenses, vacation or sick days and up to unemployment or staff replacement.

The provider of hosted solutions will take care of the rest. They have the necessary equipment, regularly deal with different software and may choose the best variant for you and keep it up. Actually, it is reasonable – if we are ill we go to a doctor, if something is wrong with a car – to a mechanic. So if we need a call center – we should address a professional in this area.

Some tips to remember

Many companies worry about confidentiality and personal data security. That is why they work only with their own employees and perform all the tasks within the company. On one hand – it’s not bad if you have really good IT specialists to protect databases. Though it’s quite expensive to keep it up. On the other hand, professionals can do it better. It’s only a matter of trust. And a number of satisfied customers are the best reference we can provide.

Our company is following all industry standards and corresponds to all law demands and HIPPA compliances. Confidentiality is a key strategy!

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and use the cost calculator of remote employees and evaluate the benefits of working with us!

Front Desk Helpers Co, 2019. Change your business mind!

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