7 Reasons to choose Remote Employees instead of in office employment

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Hiring remote employees expand your staff potential

Any business owner is willing to find the best team for his company. Because further success depends on it. Finding suitable employees is not easy, especially if you are looking for them within your personal contacts and your city.

Discard the geographical boundaries. Perhaps your ideal specialist is in another city.

Companies who hire remote employees have more chances to find a candidate with unique abilities expected to complete tasks. According to the OWL Labs report, companies with partially or completely remote staff fill vacancies 33% faster than regular ones.

You get employees with the most diverse thinking

Your team may consist of people from different cities and countries with their worldview. Such employees will help the business to consider situations from different points of view.

Discover recent research:

The Harvard Business Review has published the results of research on how a diversity of thinking affects a business. Companies that have representatives from different cultures are more likely to develop new products.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Hire remote employees and use their unique experience.

Remote performance helps to create trustful relations

At the beginning of working with remote employees, managers are usually worried about their productivity. Will a remote employee use work time efficiently? How can I find out if a person works while I do not see him in front of me?

In fact, the problem is not a distant location. The problem is a lack of trust. You should suppress your desire to “follow” someone else’s work. These practice poisons relations.

Dr. Peter Hirst, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that after a pilot transition to remote work, his team members began to trust each other stronger. “We abandoned the habit of thinking a person works only while you see him,” – We focused on end goals and learned to trust each other. As a result, the team’s involvement has increased significantly.

Creating trusting relations plays an extremely important role during a company’s scaling. Business owners do not have time to look after each employee. Let the results say for themselves.

The team will have more freedom

At the beginning of any startup, all employees usually work a lot and above the norm. The OWL Labs report shows that 51% of remote employees chose this type of work to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Let’s be honest: a startup takes the biggest part of your time. Remote work makes life easier for employees and makes them happier, and therefore more productive.

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Working with remote employees gives you valuable skills

The bigger a company becomes, the more difficult is to make major changes in corporate culture. Large companies find it too challenging to transfer employees for distant employment because it requires significant planning and building of necessary communications.

However, remote work allows you to scale communications on an early stage in any startup. If your employees are in different places, you will need to learn how to communicate productively with them, taking into account geographic location, time zones, and available technologies.

Reduce on office rent and equipment

Every single cent is important for small and medium businesses. Definitely, saving is not the only advantage of remote work, but it is undoubtedly a huge plus.

Less staff turnover

According to the report of OWL Labs, companies who prefer remote employees the staff turnover is 25% lower than in conventional organizations.

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