5 reasons to hire remote employees to boost your revenue

5 reasons to hire remote employee to BOOST YOUR REVENUE

Actually, there are more than 5 reasons that can be true for both – an employer and an employee. But we’ll touch upon the most important ones. The development of modern communication technologies gave a push to such a phenomenon as remote employment. It allows involving into working activities different categories of people that earlier were limited in labor opportunities. At the same time, it gives a chance to reduce expenses. Different marketing and research groups study this phenomenon in order to find out how it influences on businesses and people. Nowadays, a remote employee is a great potential for a company to expand its business. The good remote worker creates a successful remote company culture.

Remote employee 24/7

Remote Employees 24/7

  •  It helps companies to save money 

PGi software company made a study that gives approximate figures about $ 10 000 per year per employee that companies save only for real estate expenses. The larger the company is the larger office it needs if they want to have the employees in their location. The larger the office, the more equipment it needs, the higher overhead expenses. This chain is endless… The larger the team, the more sufficient amount a company can save or spend on development.

  • Remote Employee save money

We may suggest that remote employment is not so beneficial for workers because their pay rate is lower than the usual one. But, please, take into account not only the rate itself but related expenses as well. The most stressful factor is commuting to the job. The cost of the gas or public transport, the cost of time spent on commuting, and the cost of closing, etc. And if something wrong happens (bad weather, illness, any other force majeure circumstances) both employers and employees lose money. Global Workplace Analytics states that unexpected absences may involve company into loses up to $1800 a year per year. And, if a company’s staff is numerous, the loses can be considerable. On the contrary remote employees save up to $4600 a year according to the survey made by Connect Solutions. So, the profit is mutual.

  • Employees’ productivity

Productivity is the thing that bothers the employer most of all. How can it be controlled if a worker is not in the office? But actually, it is a rather disputable question. It is a well-known fact that people are divided into groups by their natural clock. Some of them are night owls, being more productive during the dark time of the day. On a contrary, morning larks can perform much better just after the sunrise. An employer can’t provide equal working conditions for both of them during regular working hours from 9 till 5. The above mentioned Global Workplace Analytics says that remote employees working when it is more convenient for them. They are more productive than office staff after a long commute to work, daily huddles, and chats. Regular reports and time limits for tasks can become good instruments in dealing with remote employees.

  • Remote Employee turnover

It’s one of the most obvious reasons for loses. Companies spend lots of money searching for new employees and training them. So, when newcomers suddenly leave the company, it causes unexpected expenses. Statistics say it takes about 20% of yearly salary to replace a person.  And unfortunately, it is next to impossible to organize such working conditions that people wouldn’t look for better working conditions. Hiring remote employees you have people who are less stressed because of the commute. They also have more favorable working conditions – their own homes or any other place they think to be appropriate. So the possibility that they would leave is much lower.

  • Wider employee market

It’s obvious that an employee is looking for a job opportunity not far from home. That’s why employers are limited in their choice of talents. At the same time if you are ready to hire remote employees you have a choice of any worker who meets your requirements. Your choice is not measured by location and time zone. New employee can be from any part of the world and agree to work in the time that suits both parties.

Of course, not every position can be replaced by a remote employee. Not all people are ready to work on their own with the same working discipline. The main thing here is to hire right people whom you may trust. With the help of FDH, you can find people that will suit the positions that don’t require specific manual skills. At the same time, it can let your company occupy leading positions in the industry.


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