Small Businesses Support and Business Process Optimization

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  1. Small businesses support
  2. What is a small business?
  3. What are the main problems of small business owners?
  4. Small business expenses and ways to optimize them
  5. Front Desk Helpers’ role in the business processes optimization

Small businesses support 

Having to get up early for work in the morning, how often did you dream about your own business as a way to escape from everyday routine and the strict rules of your company? How often did you dream about having a small bakery or grocery shop? But have you ever thought about what is hidden behind spicy buns or the smiling face of a flower shop owner? Are you really ready to face all the problems of a small business owner?

Small Businesses Support and Business Process Optimization
Small businesses support and business process optimization

What is a small business?

Actually different countries have a number of particularities describing a small business, but the main feature is the number of employees. Their number may vary from 1 to 500 people, in some states- 200 employees and more are a number particular for medium-sized companies. So we’ll talk about all companies employing less than 200 people. As they face the same problems.

What are the main problems of small business owners?

Actually, all the companies have to decide almost the same problems.

We may list them as follows:

  1. Production and selling space.
  2. Production and office employees.
  3. Billing and accounting.
  4. Communication with authorities.
  5. Marketing

When starting a new business you try to cover as many positions as possible in order to save money and very quickly find yourself overwhelmed with that pack of problems to be solved every day. Headhunting and finding employees to fit certain roles, substituting those who are sick, planning marketing campaigns and trying to catch up with all the deadlines for accounting and state reports.

You always have to balance between wants and needs. If you hire too many employees, in order to have some free time, you are supposed to pay more salaries, sick leaves, insurance, vacations, and other payments. And it goes without saying that you have to organize a workspace for every employee. With every employee you hire your expenses to grow considerably – and it concerns not only salary payment but also office equipment, computers and overhead. And you must be sure that your company can make money necessary for that. And it goes without saying that the owner can’t perform all the functions himself or herself, and at the same time every owner has to keep up to all the demands of regional and state legislation.

Small business expenses and ways to optimize them

Every good business starts with good planning. If you can calculate all the fixed, variable and operating expenses, if you can forecast your profit, if you can prepare a market penetration strategy, then you really have a great chance to start a successful company. If not, probably, it would be a great idea to contact a company or a person who can help you with planning or business process optimization. A good piece of advice in the sphere of business process optimization can give you a great chance for a successful start.

What is business process optimization?

First of all, it’s analysis and understanding: an analysis of competitors and your business opportunities. That is defining how much you can invest, what are your industry standards, probable profits and expenses. And of course – defining processes that can be outsourced and what should be left within the company. As an example, we can describe the position of a translator. Knowing for sure that your target market is within your own country, you can hardly think of any need for translation service. But at the same time, if your suppliers are foreigners, you may need a person who will know that every language. But how often will you need the translation service? – Two or three hours a week? Once in a while or every day? What is more reasonable: to hire a specialist or to use third-party services when it is necessary? This is the main principle of BPO (business process optimization) – precise analysis of processes – their division into core ones, and those that can be performed somewhere else or by your remote employees.

You can save money on salary, operating expenses and office or production space rent by using third-party services or by hiring remote employees of your own, and by organizing your virtual office or call center. Nowadays, when rent rates and utilities are high many companies prefer virtual offices, when employees work from their homes, saving not only money on operating an office but also their workers’ time.

Front Desk Helpers’ role in the business processes optimization

And FDH can help you in finding the best solution for your business. You can get professional advice and consultation on various questions concerning business process optimization. We may help you in your search for remote employees for such positions as call center operators, personal assistants, HR and IT specialists, translators, and many others. Or we can help you with a complete cloud-based solution for your remote office. 

We invite you to learn more about our capabilities and use the cost calculator for remote employees to evaluate the benefits of working with us!

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