Facebook App Development for Sales. How to and benefits

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Facebook App Development for Sales. How to and benefits
Facebook is a leader in the social media segment. It’s time to think of game app monetization or product promotion through the app

Nowadays, social networks are attracting the biggest audience compared to all other sites. For many users, they have become a substitute for all other sites as they often integrate into one place everything that a user needs. Social networks are leading sites for traffic on the Internet. With the spread of the affordable mobile Internet, smartphones and mobile devices, they have become even more accessible to users.

An important feature and opportunity of social networks is a wide range of applications that can be created for them. These apps are developed based on various client-server technologies like Adobe Flash, Javascript, PHP, Python, C ++, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node.js and many others. They provide many opportunities for entertainment and user interaction. For all its simplicity, the phenomenon of applications for social networks attracts many people who are willing to spend money when interacting with them.

Facebook is not only the largest but also the most mature social network in the world.

To realize the power of this system, you should consider the following statistics:

  • the monthly Facebook audience is more than 500 million users;
  • over 200 billion page views per month;
  • more than 4 trillion actions get into news feeds every day;
  • over 150 million cache hits per second;
  • more than 3 billion photos are uploaded every month, up to 1.2 million photos per second;
  • more than a billion chat messages every day;
  • more than 100 million searches per day.

 The audience of this resource is people who are successful, creative, interested in everything new. That is why traditional advertising methods are the least effective for promotion on this network. Facebook community members are not interested in banners, commercials, and pictures, text ads. A much more effective advertising strategy will be the emphasis on creating online applications. 

How Does Facebook Application Work?

Usually, there are two main development directions: games and applications. The main purpose of them are:

  • Monetization of the actual gameplay when a user buys gaming features;
  • Product promotion through the application. You can promote and sell various products and services through an entertaining interactive interface.

Gameplay monetization

To monetize the gameplay, you need to come up with an idea that will make the application popular among users, forcing them to use the game or application again and again, while facilitating the acquisition of opportunities that will allow them to gain an advantage over their friends on a social network. Front Desk Helpers developers are ready to implement your ideas in the application and make them useful from the point of view of commercial software implementation.

Product promotion for suppliers and manufacturers

It is a great opportunity to increase sales growth and the popularity of your products. And again, you need an idea to create an application. For example, users will produce the corresponding goods in their virtual factory, they will build a business in the game themselves, and in the end, they will be able to order a real analog of their virtual products. And this is perfect interaction with the audience. 

Or you can implement just an online store as an application for a social network. Through a beautiful and convenient interface, a catalog of goods and the ability to place an order can be implemented. 

The application market for social networks has gained more popularity and the Front Desk Helpers team will help you implement all your business ideas in the form of Facebook applications. 

Technical aspects of creating applications for social networks:

Social networks are essential for promotions of goods and services. If talking about app, we need to highlight the next:

  • Each social network has its own rules for posting applications, please check out the latest version of the rules for posting applications on the social network you are interested in before ordering a project.
  • When writing an application for a specific social network, you must use its program interface (API) to gain access to user account information and implement multi-user interaction. Social networking APIs are different. Each social network creates its own version of the application.
  • When writing an application in addition to the API of the social network itself, APIs of other services can be applied (Twitter, Google maps, Yandex locator, etc.). This opens up great opportunities for combining the functionality of various services.

Features of Facebook Applications

The main pages of applications include:

  • splash screen, registration window;
  • the feed of news, posts of other users;
  • profiles, including personal (photo, brief information, wall);
  • messages and chats;
  • groups and events (creation, moderation);
  • additional content (audio, video, documents, games, maps);
  • search screen;
  • settings.

App that customer loves

Users of such online applications will have the opportunity to:

  • register using mail, phone number, other social networks;
  • add friends, subscribe;
  • view posts of other registered members;
  • correspond, attach documents, emoticons, stickers to messages;
  • change the appearance, functional features of the app in the settings;
  • edit personal profile;
  • comment on other people’s posts, repost them on your wall;
  • Add to communities
  • conduct advertising and other events.

At the request of the client, Front Desk Helpers specialists will expand the functionality of the ordered project, making it more unique and interesting.

How to Create a Facebook Application?

The Facebook Development platform was launched in 2007. Its purpose was to provide the user with the tools which will enable him to build an application that can interact with Facebook features. This platform offers a set of APIs and SDK which allow developers to integrate with the open graph. It can be done both through applications on Facebook and other websites. 

API (Application programming interface)

It’s a description of the interface, a set of rules by which something should work.

SDK (Software development kit)

It’s a set of tools for working with something.

You can consider your favorite programming language as an API (a set of syntax and behavior rules), and your favorite environment as an SDK (a set of tools for writing, checking, and debugging code).

To some extent, we can assume that the API is a specification or documentation. One API can be described in various ways, but it remains the same API.

SDK is a much more tangible thing: it is a set of software for development for a certain API. Therefore, it inevitably contains a description of the API, but in a very specific form related to the environment from which the API is accessed.

So, to create an application, you need a user account on Facebook. Next, you will need your own server to host scripts and other application files. As a programming language, you can use any suitable for creating web applications. Currently, the Facebook catalog contains applications written in ASP.NET, ASP (VBScript), ColdFusion, C, C #, D, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, Perl, PHP, Python, and others.

The Facebook API for Application Development

API is an Application Programming Interface. FB APIs are the only way to get access to the powerful Facebook platform. Various Facebook apps, games, marketing campaigns are launched with the help of Facebook APIs.

Let’s assume you want to develop an app that would help you follow the activity of certain pages on Facebook. In this case, one of the Facebook APIs will help you collect the necessary data of these pages. 

·       API Graph

The Graph API is the foundation of the Facebook platform, by which you can read and write information to a social network. In fact, the Graph API represents objects (users, photos, events, pages) and the relationships between them (relationships, shared content and photo tags).

·       API Marketing

Marketing APIs provide programmatic access to manage advertising campaigns, user audiences, and Facebook reports.

The Facebook SDK for Application Development

This toolkit represents the Facebook Client Library, just like the PHP and JavaScript libraries. The goal is to provide .NET developers with quick and easy to use various features of the Facebook platform.

There are several SDKs and many of them are offered by Facebook for different platforms and programming languages. For example, Facebook SDK for Android, IOS, JavaScript, PC Games, PHP, React, Swift, Unity, a business SDK. 

There are also other external SDKs that are developed by third-party developers creating Facebook applications. These are Spring Social for Java, FBgraph for NodeJs, Windows SDK for Facebook by Microsoft.

Popular Facebook Applications

Additional features make the page an effective tool for communicating with your audience.

If your company, magazine, or yourself as a celebrity has a Facebook Page, you should think about what it takes to get visitors, and how to make the page an effective tool for communicating with your readers or customers. Applications can help. There are many recommendations for choosing apps. Let’s see what applications are most often used.

·       Networked blogs 

This is one of the most popular page apps that can combine your social media presence and activity on your homepage, corporate website, or publication site. As soon as you publish new content on your resource, the status on the Facebook page is immediately updated. You can also place a widget for this application on your site. Let visitors know about your social media activity.

·       Contact me 

In many cases, it will be very helpful to have a simple feedback form for your audience right on your FB page. You can organize this form using the ContactMe application. By placing it in a bookmarked page, configure it to fit your preferences and needs. Provide useful information there, such as your phone or email address. Anyone who wants to contact you can do so in a convenient way

·       YouTube 

It’s now hard to imagine a popular social media page with no videos. With this app, you can automate the process of posting videos from your channel to YouTube directly to your FB page. The app also allows you to quickly search and post popular videos on the page.

·       Static FBML 

The application allows you to place your own content on the page. You will be able to format the information yourself and maintain the design and style you need, just as if you were creating a separate web page in HTML using CSS.

This corporate-style page can serve as your Facebook homepage, as it will be the first to be seen by visitors coming to you for a link.

·       Poll 

It is a popular application for creating survey forms on the page. Interviewing your readers or customers is a direct way to get their opinion on issues that interest you, evaluate a new product, get them involved in an important topic. Survey results can be the impetus for creating new content that is of interest to your audience.

This list is endless. But it would be the best approach to create your own, exclusive Facebook application which will take into account all the requirements and specifics of your business. And here Front Desk Helpers offers its help. We will develop a customized application that will ideally serve your needs.

Facebook Application Developers

Our team of experienced developers offers the following algorithm of work:

  1. Introduction

    We study the capabilities of the Facebook API and the expected features of the requested application. At this stage, we find and eliminate all technical issues and agree on the general requirements of the project. 

  2. User Involvement

    The customer may be involved in all stages of the development process to test every part of the application. This approach allows the customer to study all the app features from inside and introduce amendments if required.

  3. Approval process

    We always make an application prototype for approval before starting a project. The customer will have a chance to test features and interface. So, at this stage, you will have a clear vision of the interaction between the Facebook API and the application.

  4. Interface

    Drawing an interface. We work out the interface and all the graphics of the future application. At this step, we follow the previously created UX/UI plan.

  5. Front End development

    Front end creation. At this stage, we present an interactive form of the application. And we demonstrate its performance in the browser.

  6. Building the engine

    Back-end creation. This stage deals with the development of the administrative panel of the Facebook app.

  7. Time to test

    Testing stage. It is the final task before the application launch. This step verifies the fulfillment of all the points of the technical specifications;

  8. Continuous support

    Technical support. A qualified team of developers will accompany your project at each stage, from its creation, through implementation and further upgrades.

What Are the Benefits of Ordering App Development from Front Desk Helpers?

In addition to a free consultation, our company offers the following advantages:

  • We will create the application, and you will be able to add changes and update the content yourself;
  • Fully native app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices;
  • Useful features of the app will be synchronized with your website or Facebook page;
  • You will save time and money by using our ready-to-use solutions that require no programming skills;
  • We offer custom development of additional features if needed;
  • Unlimited number of users and downloads;
  • Contact us for details

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