The Delivery Solution. Improving The Efficiency Of Your Delivery Service.

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What is a Delivery Service?

The company’s delivery service is an important distribution channel for trade, catering and service overall. Millions of people order food, goods and much more to their homes or offices, at some places they’re regulars, at some places they’re new customers. The delivery service must work efficiently, quickly and deliver on time to maintain the expectations and trust of regular customers and build loyalty with new customers.

What is a Delivery Service?
We Offer a Qualified Delivery Solution for your Delivery Services

Very often, small and medium-sized businesses are faced with the problem of creating a loyalty program and an effective delivery service is the very thing that will provide the strength to form the loyalty of your customers. Remember that customer loyalty is the most powerful force in building your success.

A competitive and on-time delivery service always meets customer expectations and builds up a positive shopping experience, attracting customers to shop from you over and over again rather than shop from your competitors. This is especially important for the segment of delivery of food from restaurants, fast food, groceries, online purchases, etc.

Delivery Services as an effective business

FdhCloudDelivery is a delivery system that can be easily optimized to automate your own delivery service, which allows you to automate the work of the service and organize full control and management of couriers and vehicles. 

Delivery automation software can help you take orders, improve delivery planning and communication between employees, and increase productivity and efficiency without increasing costs. A software solution for a delivery service is the optimal solution for automating all work processes of a delivery service for a company of any level, from a pizzeria to a logistics company. 

Delivery software allows you to automate the work of drivers, couriers, dispatchers, managers and operators of the delivery service from the moment the client placed the order to the moment of delivery. The system helps operators and dispatchers to accept and segment orders by destination, plan routes, calculate delivery times, manage couriers and transport, and also, it helps drivers to complete assigned tasks on time.

The courier has access to all the necessary information about the status of the order and the route, so he won’t be distracted on the go by secondary tasks. If necessary, he can contact the dispatcher or manager, receive the necessary instructions and clarify any delivery details. 

Simplicity and reliability of the delivery system

The delivery automation software has an intuitive interface that every employee can easily master and the ability to automatically add new orders and the necessary information will save you from a large number of routine operations.

Use all necessary functions, determine the level of personalization of access, manage delivery and transport and optimize the system for your delivery business. We will carry out a full cycle of automation and customization: from business analysis to implementation.

Setting up a delivery system for your business

FdhCloudDelivery flexibly integrates into existing processes within the company, acting as a CRM for couriers and dispatchers.

The set of functionality is sufficient to create and maintain your own business processes: orders, courier tickets, routing, control, areas of competence, etc. Any reports on the work of service employees and delivery results by dates, couriers, statuses, products, locations and customers. Manage the performance of couriers, create a work schedule for employees, plan deliveries with predicting how loaded the driver will be, analyze key KPIs, record incidents to optimize processes.

The system accepts orders, generates delivery tickets, automatically distributes orders to couriers in accordance with their current location, sends SMS or push notifications for both couriers and customers, tracks the location of the courier and parcels, and much more.

Learn more about the FdhCloudDelivery system and its benefits for a delivery service

Increasing the competitive advantage

In a highly competitive market, shipping and logistics businesses need to seize every opportunity to strengthen their competitiveness and differentiate themselves from the competition. Delivery metrics are important, but the best way to make your business stand out is to build strong customer relationships based on the quality of your service.

Improving delivery efficiency is a daunting task for small and medium-sized businesses. There are many factors that affect the ability to deliver on time and at minimal cost. Improving these processes begins with a thorough analysis of customer needs, the types of products being delivered, and your customers’ expectations.

If you want to become the best in the industry, you need to have a clear understanding of all the difficulties, you also need complete control of all stages of delivery, so that you can manage it without disruption.

Delivery Services. How to Measure and Improve Your Delivery Workflows?

Many metrics have been determined over the years of working with companies in a wide variety of industries. Leading delivery service providers use them to increase the loyalty of their customers by fulfilling their obligations and exceeding their expectations.

Focus on accurate metrics

How can you determine the results without knowing exactly what they are? The key to delivery efficiency is knowing what your goals are and how to achieve them. The main indicators of delivery efficiency are on-time delivery and the cost of delivery. 

You must understand the expectations and desires of your customers in order to define clear metrics and categories for measuring results. With our delivery system you can measure your delivery time and determine other indicators.

Learn more about the FdhCloudDelivery program and its benefits for the delivery service.

Set clear goals from the beginning of the process by providing expected pick up times and expected times of arrival. In both cases, being late can affect customer expectations and your plans.

Often the time range for delivery is quite narrow, since 10-20 minutes can already be considered outside the acceptable concept of “just in time” by some picky customers, and for a number of customers with very precise timing of operational processes, a couple of minutes can already cause disruptions and downtime.

Manage delivery processes consistently

Imagine that delivery arrives late to the destination. To identify the problematic point in the delivery process, it is necessary to consider the entire workflow from the point of departure to the point of destination. The problem could be at the initial stage of the process, since, perhaps, the parcel had to be picked up in some other place, not the one indicated in the order, or, perhaps, the driver had the wrong address to receive the shipment.

Could your expectations be too optimistic? Yes, of course. In the real world things don’t always go the way we’d like them to. When the courier receives the goods on time, we must analyze the route and time of the delivery. There are many possible reasons for delays, for example, high or difficult traffic in the city, errors on the route, or incorrect travel time estimates. By dividing the entire process into stages, you can identify specific metrics, control points, and problems in a specific part of the delivery.

Learn more about FdhCloudDelivery and the benefits of using it in the delivery business

The whole process research method makes it easy to break the process down into sub-processes. You can deal with the complexities of thousands of customers and deliveries by separating processes. By doing this, you can easily identify the exact parts of delivery where you are running out of schedule and losing time, which will give you the opportunity to identify the reasons and help you make decisions.

Unexpected news are incidents

Immediately after “late delivery”, the most important factor in customer satisfaction is “change in delivery time”. Constant changes in delivery times are a straight path to dissatisfied customers. Your customers are losing trust in you and your promises, and this has a catastrophic impact on their loyalty.

How would you feel about constant changes in the delivery to an earlier or later date? Not good, of course, as we all operate on our personal schedule, which imposes certain restrictions on changing our plans, and a change in one thing of daily schedule leads to changes in the whole plan.

If these changes occur constantly as a result of interaction with any delivery service, you will lose confidence in this service. As a result of several changes in the delivery time of purchases or food delivery, you will stop using services of this delivery operator with a 99% probability.

In ideal conditions, changes in delivery times should be unacceptable without a valid or force majeure factor, because this is bad news for the client and bad news for you. Thus, just-in-time delivery is the most important for us, since without it, the client can consider this case as a lack of delivery at all!

  • Do you know the average number of changes per one delivery today?
  • How many deliveries do you reschedule daily?

Let’s check these metrics.

Always meet customer expectations at your Delivery Service

Your “just-in-time” delivery is defined as your ability to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. And that’s the whole point of delivery service. Without satisfying the need for delivery and, as a result, customer expectations, your business loses value in the eyes of customers.

You can analyze this by comparing the on-time deliveries requested by your customers on a specific date with your abilities. You will be able to determine if you meet the expectations and requirements of your customers. The deviation of completed deliveries from your practical capabilities is an indicator for making an important decision to optimize your resources.

Customer satisfaction at your Delivery Service with your Delivery Solution
Customer Satisfaction is not Expensive

For example, in the food delivery, components, and taxi industries, customer expectations are quite high. For a service to meet customer expectations, they must offer a delivery service within 5 minutes, otherwise it will be easy for customers to find another delivery operator or taxi.

Customer expectations are growing every year as a result of intense competition and improvements in the delivery process from leading companies.

Fulfillment time

“Fulfillment time” is directly related to the ability to quickly provide your delivery services, which is very important for gaining high trust and recommendation of your delivery services by your customers to their friends and acquaintances. There are several ways to minimize the response time in order to gain customer confidence.

Big companies provide this by connecting partners or creating an extensive network of representative offices. Small businesses find their way in partnerships with self-employed drivers and revenue sharing. As a result, there are enough resources to respond to customer requests. In this case, the response time will be formed automatically by the system choosing the closest to a client free courier.

  • What factors can be improved to respond to requests quicker?

Let’s analyze these factors together.

FdhCloudDelivery makes it easy to measure and improve response times by looking at “fulfillment times”.

Fulfillment time can be defined as the period of time required to provide a specific service. To achieve the highest level of delivery efficiency, your fulfillment times must be as close to customer expectations as possible and you should be able to respond as quickly as possible.

Use experience and knowledge to predict the future

It has become possible to predict future delivery volumes today based on software algorithms used to predict the number of orders based on the date, day of the week, time of day, season, holidays, weekends and other known factors. This factor will help you stay ahead of the competitors and offer your customers the best delivery services, exactly when customers are interested in it.

There is no better way to foresee your customers’ expectations than to answer “yes” when they need it most. This significantly increases the productivity of your delivery service and, thus, increases profits.

Use predictive models and statistics of past deliveries by examining their history and delivery rates, as well as other metrics. Plan your workload weeks and months in advance using known data and your statistics. This will allow you to determine the necessary resources to perform delivery services and optimize delivery costs in order to avoid cost and time overruns and driver overload. 

Situations where on-time delivery is in jeopardy can be identified using dates and related categories such as Confirmed Delivery Date, Delivery Due Date, Delivery Type, Customer Type, City, and many others. In addition, you can predict future contingencies using such factors like time of day, seasonality, days of the week, month to make decisions about the resources needed and have more accurate forecasts.

FdhCloudDelivery’s solution for delivery and logistics enables your company to increase efficiency and achieve outstanding business results.

We have created delivery software that solves many challenges to better control processes and improve efficiency based on innovation, experience and knowledge.

With FdhCloudDelivery system, you can measure all the main delivery KPIs, automate control and forecasting of processes, timeliness of delivery, analyze statistics, avoid changes that cause delays and refusals, meet the expectations of your customers, reduce response times and delivery times, significantly reduce the amount of manual work of dispatchers and managers of the company.

Find out how FdhCloudDelivery can help you improve the efficiency of your delivery service.

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