Dedicated and Integrated Teams in Outsourcing

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The services of IT companies are in great demand nowadays, as the number of various apps and programs constantly grows. Still, the price for development is rising too. Sometimes it can so high that it leaves to starting USA businessman no chances to develop good software for the needs of a company. Such a problem, however, can be solved with the help of Front Desk Helpers outsourcing company. The costs of hiring a remote software development team or specific professionals are much lower (about 2-3 times) than to build a private in-house IT team. This is happening due to involving specialists from Eastern Europe, India and China were the salaries are not so high as it is in the USA. At the same time quality of outsourced services are the same as US-based IT companies have, so any business can save significantly without compromising the product quality.

The biggest benefit of hiring the software development teams from Front Desk Helpers company is that you are hiring a team already having their background and skill levels able to delegate the tasks adequately. Working with Front Desk Helpers software development specialists means working with true professionals. These specialists can be connected to any stage of application development of any origin. This can be the team for mobile app development, web, game and Windows software or for even simple free consultation about any of these projects.

The customer receives full access to task management and time tracking systems and always able to estimate the project development progress. Daily reports and communication over via any available messengers allow the product owner to stay in touch with the hired team at all times.

If you decide to work with Front Desk Helpers, then you can choose one of two types of cooperation – hiring dedicated or integrated software development teams. The main differences between these two types as well as their advantages are presented below.

Dedicated vs integrated team model

A dedicated software development team is a generally used outsourcing action type that allows businesses to increase their regular teams with one or more remote IT experts, fully designated and operating as a virtual integrated team with that organization. The client has full authority of actions, preferences and essential strategic planning subjects including scope and concept production. Furthermore, the consumer selects the best characters to work with and receives the most leading level of compliance ascending up or down depending on sourcing needs.

Our remote employes are qualified personnel and, after receiving a quote, you can see how we work and select the most appropriate and skilled team to get the best results and boost your revenue immediately!

A remote mobile app development team, same as any other, is bound for technical implementation and correctly acts as a part of the client’s tool sharing the same methodologies, procedures, and business purposes. The team administration can be implemented on the consumer’s side or can be outsourced to the project manager for administering the interaction process.

When implementing the integrated software development team model, its ultimate feature is a team that interacts with another one. The result is that the entire team works on software development while some individuals can be assigned a number of breakthroughs and modules. A highly integrated project assumes all app development team members work on a module together. Some specific cases may require coordination through interfaces, designed on the current specifications or the corresponding software components.

Mostly, businesses have their own IT departments that are enriched with new specialists and technical experts working with complex cases. Optionally, it can be also assumed to designate easy tasks, due to saving time, for additional workers. For example, for Android or iOS app development team members.

No matter what type of cooperation you will choose the Front Desk Helpers company will do its best to create the most successful software of any difficulty.

The main benefits of outsourced teams

If you still have any concerns about the profitability of cooperation with outsourcing developers there is a list of main benefits:

  • Active participation in the choice of staff.
  • The work is transparent and you have full control over the remote human and technical resources.
  • The team can be easily hired immediately.
  • Long-Term cooperation allows the team or individuals to be conventional with your business and goals.
  • Opportunity to hire the virtual tech support team.
  • Chance to reduce expenses on development.
  • IT outsourcing companies have wide developed infrastructure including hardware, software, and communication equipment.

The fast and efficient creation of collaborative teams to focus on key business ideas, produce, accomplish and achieve original projects is one of the key features of the Front Desk helpers outsourcing company.

A high functioning remote team is imperative to delivering powerful services for achieving the final goal, with low costs. These goals can vary from customer to customer but will be always achieved with a kit of professional background and appropriate tools.

With Front Desk Helpers there is no magic in the creation of a team that will develop an app and provides outsourced IT support team for further maintenance of software products.

Where to implement these types of team model?

Dedicated teams for small and large businesses. The dedicated team model is good for both large and small business and when it’s hard to understand the size of a project.

A project can be focused on the development of complete software products by a few developers during a continued period. The large-scale one in its turn can be divided on modules for separate teams to develop their own section of a large application. This, of course, is a description of particular cases. If necessary, both of these methods can be combined to achieve the best effect. In addition, the mobile tech support team can be easily recruited in order to provide all the necessary updates.

A large business may require the engagement of several teams of developers. Essentially this surely expects a responsible electorate for the processes maintained by all teams. Mainly it can be described as a simple hierarchy where a responsible manager supervises reports coming from the leaders. Sometimes because of lack of time, it also happens that the leaders assigned as a responsible party for several additional teams for specific functions such as the creation of documentation, application development, and testing.

Integrated team model for a large business. It can happen that an application being developed is very big and multifunctional and needs a number of developers. In this case, the team hierarchy grows to promote effective interaction between all team members. Also, the specialized or task-oriented division can be increased by additional specialists because of technological or expert requirements. Several teams have to work simultaneously on separate modules which require quite accurate management. Not any outsourcing company can deal with such a challenge, but Front Desk Helpers due to staff with large experience can do so.

You may need some support and consultation

It often happens that a person can start to develop an application or other software DIY. Still, it may seem that this task is too hard due to the total complexity, and a person just does not know where to start. Perhaps in order to reduce the cost of the development process, some parts of development can be performed by own forces, and another part is better to redirect to outsource professionals. How to understand what exactly needs to be done? How to understand this in time to prevent temporary and monetary losses? Quite important questions these are. Free consultation from a Front Desk Helpers specialist will help you figure this out. You can contact the company consultant in any convenient way of communication and discuss all the points and details that interest you.

Another situation arises when the application is already developed, as it needs constant attention from the technical support team. Front Desk Helpers team can help you to solve this problem too. You are free to choose what kind of support should be carried out, as well as configure and order the frequency of updates, along with the analysis of reviews and the market of competitors in order to further improve your product. At the same time, the price of the remote support tech team is affordable even for those who have just started their business.

How to implement the idea in your project

Front Desk Helpers developers and engineers are competent professionals able to work on complex projects and technologies are believed to be as non-standard. The outsource IT support team will carefully monitor the market for the creation and applying the important updates.

The separation of duties can be executed only if both sides have enough experience to work on international projects. Front Desk Helpers keep training the professional application and software developers and engineers to match the high-performance international measures.

Front Desk Helpers employees always remain in direct communication with the customer in the most convenient way – via phone, video calls, chat, etc. Due to this, you will be always informed about activity both of development and tech support team.

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