Cut the cost of software and application development services in a belt-tightening environment

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How businesses can reduce the cost of software and application development services in a belt-tightening environment

IT technologies are a significant part of modern business communications: chat-bots, web applications, and software solutions are critical in activities.

However, market competition motivates companies to improve the quality of applications and reduce the cost of their development and maintenance. Innovation projects are still high-priced and require a lot of time. As a result, they often eat up a considerable part of a company’s costs. So before deciding on any IT implementation: create software, website, application, or any other work – the business owners need strong and skilled specialists to work with.

Where to find them? There are some options now:

  • Build a team from the ground up
  • Order IT projects from an Agency
  • Take a freelance specialist
  • IT outsourcing.

The first two do not need extra explanation; the third is high-risk in quality. Let’s look at outsourcing IT services and why they help reduce costs.

Due to its specific work performance, in the 2020s, outsourcing in IT services has become a common practice. For example, about 74% of companies involved in mobile app development and web applications development outsource IT services. The main reasons are the wide range of services available and the advantages of outsourcing.

IT Outsourcing Services

Today outsourcing team can offer the:

Look at the main benefits of IT outsourcing before you get the response on how much does it cost to maintain an app from traditional US IT agencies.

Advantages of IT outsourcing

Higher productivity

In outsourcing, a team is adapted to the current project, not the project is adapted to the current team.

Outsourcing allows you to attract the most relevant candidates for your project according to their qualifications from all over the world. The outsourcing services provider gives you access to multiple developers, each with different rates, experience levels, and creative outlooks. With the support of a dedicated Project Manager and other project teams, you can be sure they know how to create an application to reach your business goals best.

Application development process


Outsourcing application development guarantees flexibility.

From a business owner’s perspective, there is no need to spend time and search for your own developers to achieve your mission.

Recruiting and hiring are cost-, nervous- and time-consuming processes. In such a scenario, it makes sense to spend time and money directly on the production of IT products needed. Whether it be serial website creation, app development, or even more customized multilingual apps development or crm software development – just give them to the professionals. These people are ready to take on the job at a moment’s notice. They have everything to accomplish that mission.

For example, imagine how much time you would need for mobile app development. Instead of you being distracted by a new area of expertise, it takes less time for turnkey outsourcing when the experts work on a well-known task around the clock.

Save on the experience of experts

When you choose outsourced IT services specialists, you can benefit from their years of experience. 

They know all about the achieved result and can provide valuable advice, discuss problems and answer questions, allowing the business owner to make more informed decisions that will benefit the project. 

Remember that when people are engaged in developing practice on an ongoing basis, they are constantly updating their knowledge. In simple terms, they understand what innovations to apply to create a reliable application that will meet the needs of your project. In addition, they are aware of the latest strategies and are always ready to turn their knowledge into your business advantages.

Save on costs

If the goal is to reduce the burden on your organization’s employees and cut costs, application development outsourcing may be the right solution. 

The business owner saves on taxes, staff, office, equipment, motivation expenses, and professional software. The price for an outsourced project can be up to 50% lower than if your own team did the project.

Moreover, most US-outsourcing companies operate according to Agile management methodology. It helps maintain a high level of transparency throughout the development process.


By ordering outsourcing IT services for business, you save on an in-house specialist and get a high-quality product. For example, finding a mobile app web developer with a thorough understanding of the nuances of your business needs is not easy, but outsourcing your needs to an IT development US partner can help you get the needed product with a high-quality code and optimal cost.

Mobile Application

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Cut the cost of software and application development services in a belt-tightening environment

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