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Customer support is a mix of activities that focus on helping customers to use the products or services of the company. Actually, customer service of every business has to aim for improving customer experience all the time. The level of customer satisfaction will measure how product or service provided by a particular company meets customer expectations or even surpasses them. So, if you want to grow your business, your customer support should be proactive to reach every customer and create the best customer experience. Of course, it will bring additional expenses for any size of the company and often these costs are not affordable for business owners. We’ll try to explain it shortly here.


Modern businesses need comprehensive and well-rounded communications channels with their clients. You can’t satisfy your client once and forever, all the time every company needs to look after them. No matter how your business is big,  every customer will expect your full attention. To attract a new customer costs up to 10  times more expensive than to retain and take care of an existing one. To keep an existing customer or to find a new one takes additional time, money, energy, people, proper training for new staff, etc. For any company, this entails exorbitant expenses. First of all, it seems like customer service is all about costs, not a profit. If the business solution is classical, these costs will include additional furniture for new staff, computer equipment, monthly utilities, telephony, salaries etc. But there are potential ways to save money.

  • WAYS to REDUCE COSTS and simultaneously GROW in the business world

Modifying the current organizational structure and management system, analysis of an actual business system and improving it can result in significant savings. Even though it is not an easy and longtime process. Outsourcing may become a wise decision for some companies as well. If your business solution is reducing staffing and maintenance related expenses make sure you selected an experienced third-party assistant in order to run multitasking for you. You can hire a single skilled virtual helper or big outsourcing company but the scope is one – to increase the level of your customer’s loyalty with a high level of customer service! Hiring third-party providers will help to save on facility and related expenses, HR issues and training process. To make a step to outsource the business owner has to learn some tips.


Customer support - Remote service - Business outsourcing

Customer support – Remote service – Business outsourcing

  • if your business is located in the high cost of living and high tax rate region;
  • if your company is at risk of becoming stuck in day-to-day business operations;
  • if the company has to perform multiple tasks at the same time to cover many areas and various disciplines.

Outsourcing company which offers its service, actually, is an expert in financial, reputation, operational, credit and other related areas. They know what to do because they are working in these domains on a daily basis.



Front Desk Helpers is a global Outsourcing company

Finding the right outsourcing company which can provide you with extra help is one of the best business solutions for the situations described above. Our company works across time zone and provides multi-location and multi-lingual business solutions to its clients. We provide connections through not only phones, email, and fax, but also social media and chat. The purpose of Front Desk Helpers‘ activity is to find the ways to reduce client’s operational costs and make its customers more loyal in order to turn them into the product or service promoters. After a while, every client will see a significant positive reflection in its revenue.


Front Desk Helpers provides its clients with wide range of virtual remote services. Our outsourcing assistance may include personal virtual assistant support, receptionist service, accounting and billing, administration, project managingmultilingual service, answering service, call center or contact center support, SEO and marketing specialist help, etc.

We offer customized script writing which assures that our receptionists answer each caller with preparedness for any situation. For instance, our staff is ready to help at any time. If callers need information, assistance to fill out an order or have a problem resolved – we are close to them. This is what Front Desk Helpers was developed for. Our modern technology and highly-trained staff assure the delivery of superior customer experience before, during, and after any interaction.

When customers have a positive customer support experience, you increase profits and ensures repeat business. Whether we’re providing product information, taking an order, processing a request, or solving a problem, we always make sure the caller feels respected and cared for. We aim to meet and exceed caller expectations in any situation.

The technology behind our services

Our technology delivers only the most outstanding customer support and care. Whether we integrate client’s existing platform or build the operations workflow on our own unique one, the result will be highly efficient and effective.

Through our Customer Relationship Management tool, our representatives will be able to uphold close, personal bonds with virtually any client. Our database keeps the history of every calls and caller’s information. The operator has access to view all previous interactions, claims, and notes taken regarding them.

Our team works with you to specify business objectives, quality metrics, and the other key performance indicators. We provide web-based reports to measure any aspect of our service you want to monitor. It may include the customer wait time, average call length, abandonment rate, conversion rate, etc. We can also integrate this real-time data into your existing reporting infrastructure. Thanks to all these metrics, you can more properly assess the rise and fall of your business, and respond accordingly.

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