Coronavirus preparedness

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Even if there are no or few cases of COVID 19 – you need to safeguard your business. Huge companies like Twitter have already made their employees work from home. How to organize a company’s work in this challenging period. We’ll try to give you some advice, and it’s up to you what to choose. 

Step 1. Planning the recovery plan

Check the situation with the coronavirus in the nearest states or territories and prepare some kind of recovery plan for at list 3 possible scenarios from the worst to the best. And try to answer a series of “what if” questions in order to make assumptions or plan your actions in case if:

  • the situation goes really bad and authorities limit people’s movements; 
  • your type of business activity is closed for an uncertain period; 
  • your staff or part of it got sick;
  • etc.

 The number of questions really depends on the situation, but if you prepare at least a brief list of necessary actions, then you won’t be overwhelmed with the crisis when it’s really needed to react quickly.

Step 2. Start adjusting your working routine 

The situation when face-to-face contact is highly unwelcome will push businesses to move their routine into a digital area as far as possible, in order to minimize the impact coronavirus may have on a company. If you don´t have a contact center and your advisors used to work face to face with possible clients, coronavirus may ask you to use online or telephone advisors working from home. Probably it´s high time to try ready-to-go hosted solutions for remote call centers from companies like Front Desk Helpers. You can also check the full list of remote professions to hire.

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Planning the step

Even if the situation right now is not so catastrophic, you need to redesign your working procedures to be ready to react to the quickly changing reality in a timely manner. A better part of face-to-face meetings can easily be moved to video calls or conferences, some work routine can be done by your workers from homes or even outsourced to some third parties.   

So, take a pause, take a deep breath and consider what processes may be redesigned in a safer way.

Step 3. Working from homes

It’s one of the most radical ways to stop spreading the illness among your staff. As the disease has a long incubation period during which a sick person can spread the infection among co-workers, it’s reasonable to be ready for quarantine methods. 

So you’ll need not only laptops or computers to work from homes but some applications or cloud-based software to connect them to the work database correctly.

Remote workspace for your workers

In the epidemic situation, when we are talking about coronavirus preparedness, you are obligated to urgently move your office workers home. Probably, you can face issues in automating workflows and emergency call center organization. We have a ready-made solution for emergency call centers – so you can create a remote home-based workplace for your team in less than a few days and automate the process without significant losses.

We think it’s reasonable to hire some substitute remote workers or support staff from the states, which didn’t suffer from coronavirus for now. 

Even if the homeworking plan looks like a drastic change, in some places home-isolation may become the only way out. And it’s better to be ready for it.

Step 4. Awareness of the crisis plan

Although coronavirus is the main topic of all media, there are people with ostrich-like behavior who prefer to ignore the problem, who do not watch TV and do not follow Internet resources. 

But still, they have to know that you as a boss, have some strategic guidelines for emergency situations. You need to share clean and plain information about the virus and the methods to avoid it. And of course, they have to know what to do if they feel unwell.

And still, our main task in this drama we are witnessing now in many parts of the world is to stay people. So don’t panic, take care and wash your hands.

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