Call Center Outsourcing Reduces Company Operating and Marketing Costs

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If you decide to expand your business or take it to a new level, then call centers will become one of those tools that, with the right approach, will lead you to success. Some companies have own staff to work with clients, but there are more and more of those who turn to outsource services for this work. The outsourcing allows beating the competitors, as it significantly minimizes financial and labor costs, and also has some other advantages.

How a modern call center works

A standard call center is an office where operators work with incoming and outgoing calls. Each operator in a call center office has a computer with Internet access and special software for a fairly wide range of capabilities. Nevertheless, modern technologies and multichannel technology allow thousands of calls to be processed daily, and this number increasing with every year. The private call center offices in the past were a prerogative of very large companies, where employees work mainly with existing customers or partners. Such a corporate call center is a quite bulky and expensive full-time unit, which justifies its work only with a huge turnover of goods and services. Due to this, only the world-famous companies had private call center offices. The small companies can also try to make something similar, but will there be a paid off? Will the work of small corporate units be effective? The main expenses for the creation and maintenance of such a center are the purchase of the necessary equipment and enough office space, as well as the training and salary for each call center operator.

Outsourcing your call center can reduce your expenses
The continuous work of the call center is not a guarantee of efficiency.

Today, thanks to advances in telecommunications, the call center operator are no longer the prerogative of large companies, since anyone can afford a remote operator – a personal virtual assistant, sales manager or customer support specialist. In addition to the expansion of opportunities, call center optimization requires constant platform updating and accurate staff development. The call center outsourcing solutions can offer all this at a quite affordable price. For example, the Front Desk Helpers (FDH) company meets all the requirements of a modern call center and offers comfortable outsourcing conditions, thanks to custom made (proprietary) HR model for managing remote employees. FDH has high-trained specialists and advanced equipment which are necessary call center options for fulfilling the goals in all directions. The FDH call center offers advanced communication channels that allow working immediately with more than 1000 customers. This is possible due to an office phone that guarantees excellent communication and multichannel if the traffic is overloaded. Multichannel is the ability to simultaneously contact hundreds of customers by phone or using messengers and e-mail. It also allows to process transfers and to support secure conference lines for a large number of people. Thanks to this the processing of the customer base happens quickly and without data leakage.

Call center outsourcing opportunities

The number of modern companies that strive for success and choosing the call center outsourcing companies constantly increases. The use of a call center has its distinct advantages, especially for small and medium enterprises.

What can call center outsourcing solutions offer?

Professional operators

Corporate call centers often hire employees who have or had other responsibilities in the company. For a long time, this was considered an effective approach, since a person knows everything about a service or product. Still, now the specially trained specialists are in demand. They not only deeply study the specifics of the product or service but also have experience in effective communication with customers.

Using the latest technology and software for data processing

The specialized software contributes to the maximum quick call processing, attentive attitude to each client and convenient management with the database. This not only significantly reduces call center outsourcing costs (turning them in more affordable ones), but also makes its work more efficient.


The call center outsourcing company works 24/7, therefore it can process a lot more calls, e-mail letters and messages. The ongoing hardware and software support is also provided.

Professional approach

People who have years of experience and know exactly what is needed for success will provide continuous updating of the database and information. The FDH call center outsourcing service includes standard solutions relevant for any business and an individual approach that considers the characteristics of each particular company.

No more hassle

There is no longer a need to hire dozens of call center managers and worry about how the unit works.

Due to mentioned above, you can see that the call center outsourcing opportunities allow having high-quality customer service simply and easily. Moreover, call center outsourcing pricing is less in comparison with the creation of a separate corporate center to work with clients.

Call center quality management

The continuous work of the call center is not a guarantee of efficiency. The database can turn into a cemetery of information and not bring any benefit to the business. To prevent this from happening, it is important to monitor real indicators of the quality of work and constantly improve it. The absolute indicator can be attributed to the growth of enterprise profits, as well as the degree of customer satisfaction. A common assessment criterion for many companies is the price of the call, which is directly related to its duration. As a result, every conversation with a client becomes crumpled, nervous and unproductive, albeit cheap. Turning to an outsourcing company, the business owner does not need to think about the cost of each call, as there are fixed call center prices.

The call center quality management is aimed at improvement of quality in the following areas:

  • Optimization of the work schedule. When engaging the processing of customers base, it is important to do this at a convenient time for them;
  • Selection and maintenance of several communication channels. Operators process not only calls but by other communication channels (e-mail, SMS, online consultations, etc.);
  • Record and analysis of conversations with the creation of their scripts. This will make each call as efficient as possible. The constant control may seem a hard task, but important to keep track of feedback;
  • Call center PCI DSS compliance. The PCI DSS – is about following the rules of security and protection of personal information and consumers, namely Restricted Access, Security Software, Network Monitoring, Encryption, Documented Security Policy, Secure Network, and others;
  • Tracking technical innovations to improve operational efficiency, including channel expansion. A large call center queue is a sign that the quality of customer service is poor. We constantly make improvements to our technical side, you can review it on our Telecom and Equipment page.

Real professionals who work in the FDH call center process outsourcing can provide effective continuous work on the quality of customer service. Moreover, the full-time positions cost only $10 per hour. This is one of the lowest prices in the USA. Operators will be able to begin work within a week after the start of cooperation with your company – this time is enough for them to fully understand the essence. You can also personally take a look at the work of each employee in a call center within 7 days. If in your opinion, a person does not reach the required level, then one can be replaced.

Benefits of outsourcing call center services for business

Choosing between a corporate call center and outsourcing, many companies focus primarily on the price. The call center services outsourcing has a low cost, as you do not need to invest a large amount of money in creating a new unit. There is no need to hire professional operators and to pay salaries, to buy special equipment, to independently supervise the work of the department or to find a manager for this. You can get all this in the best possible way for a fixed and small fee in an outsourced call center. Still, this is not the only advantage. The main ones are listed below.

  • Outsourcing allows starting a call center almost immediately, without procurement, large investments, and personnel search.
  • Professional operators. The call center staff includes people with knowledge and experience who quickly perceive new information and able to communicate with customers. They work in comfortable conditions, and therefore they have solid stress resistance. Learn more about our HR management model.
  • 24-hour customer service. Operators work on shifts, so the client can call or write late at night and get a quick solution to their problem.
  • Individual approach. All decisions of the call center are made basin on the specifics of the goods or services. Even universal services are adjusted for a specific company.
  • The ability to focus on business. The ability to delegate promotion and support tasks, and focus on the development of the company is one of the main advantages of call center services for small businesses.

Call center working process

The call center services supply customers with the opportunity to report on various requests in real-time, as well as inform about goods or services provided. Despite the active use of messengers, e-mail and other non-voice communications, voice calls were and are the basis of the call center working process. According to statistics, 44% of U.S. residents will call if they have service problems, and only 23% will write a message.

The work of call centers BPO on incoming calls can be described in three steps:

  • Accepting a call. A lot of call centers have special filters for the distribution of calls by narrowly targeted operators. This is especially true for companies whose customers may encounter complex technical problems that require an individual approach. A call center worker with a narrow specialization is a great opportunity to improve the quality of customer service and reduce the time of each conversation.
  • Talking with a client. A call center employee, during the conversation with the client, uses his deep understanding of the issue, communication skills and ability to ask the right questions. Often people cannot formulate their problem and need some leading questions. Research shows that 67% of all customers did not receive demanded operator support for the first time. In such cases, the operator may agree with the client about the second call after some time. This allows the operator or call center virtual teams to find the right solution to the problem, and the client to cool down if he is nervous.
  • Call processing. All data about the conversation and the client will be saved. Professional operators do this during a call and save time significantly. Also, periodic listening to recorded calls takes place to understand errors in a conversation with a client, and to choose the better strategy.

The processing calls via messengers or e-mail is built on the same principle but not so fast as a phone call.

Call center and help desk outsourcing

The call center and help desk are similar services that have a key difference. The main objective of call center services is to work with customers, and for the help desk, it is technical support. A lot of small companies use only one call center, but some may need both of them.

The call center and help desk outsourcing combination are necessary for a company whose products have complex technical features. Call center operators will be able to answer common customer questions, but call desk staff are needed to solve specific and not always standard technical problems. They have not only knowledge and experience but also can understand what exactly a person means.

Using these two services together will significantly increase work efficiency and reduce time losses when working with clients.

Creating the next generation call center

From year to year, contact center companies trying to make their work better, striving to reduce maintenance costs and improve customer service. The implementation of modern technologies helps with this a lot. If you are thinking about creating the next generation call center, then you need to know the latest trends, namely:


Dozens of modern call centers pay to accrete attention not only to calls but also to messages, bots, answering machines and other virtual innovations. This allows to reduce load made by the flow customers and at the same time to improve service efficiency. According to studies, the number of phone calls after the establishment of an omnichannel in companies is reduced by 12%.

Call analytics

This procedure is carried out to automatically answer the most frequent customer requests. For example, in the last hour, a lot of people called the Internet company, and the vast majority of them have asked about the reason for the lack of connection. A quick analysis helped to compose a message to the automatic robot answering about the cause of a break and time of repair works.

Customer focus and communication with people of different generations

The effectiveness of the contact center company is shown by a large number of satisfied customers, and this can sometimes be achieved even without solving their problems. A professional operator is polite, attentive and understanding. The specialist can understand the problem of the client, even if the one does not understand it clearly. Happiness and care are what most people want to feel when they have problems. Each generation of customers requires its unique approach, and an experienced contact center helper knows the features of handling with each of them.

The Front Desk Helpers contact center outsourcing meets all these modern requirements. This is a new generation call center that uses technical innovations and adheres to the highest standards of quality.

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