Business Processes Outsourcing Trends 2020

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Common trends are a logical continuation of the trends formed in previous years. However, some of them are replaced with modern technology solutions that were not considered as ‘trending’ in the past. For reading comfort purposes, we will consider call-center and contact center as the same thing.

Latest trends and solutions

In 2019, successful call-centers continue to develop customer focus and multipathing. With these two concepts, we mean that each day, a call center processes customer requests through all possible communication channels. Now it’s not only a phone, email, and SMS but also skypes, various messengers, chats, video calls, etc. These trends have been used for a couple of years, but now are an obligatory part of an effective contact center.

The second powerful trend is cloud technology usage. It has many benefits, like lowering your expenses, heightened security, and new effective solutions for organizing outsource contact centers. The whole world is on a path of developing ‘cloud business’ and contact centers are right there with it. Cloud capabilities give them the ability to increase productivity and develop new horizons in customer service quality.

Outsourcing trends in 2019
Outsourcing trends in 2019

Remote employees and internet solutions

Next, let’s speak about developing remote employee work trends. The days when every single worker has to be at the office to do their job have passed. Nowadays, contact center operator or sales manager can be anywhere; all it takes is a good internet connection, some basic skills, and the desire to work. Quality assurance questions which plagued us for almost 10 years are now solved with new effective methods of control. Moreover, now we have an effective model of recruiting a more productive and motivated staff.

As a separate trent, we can highlight the area of work with social networks and video call handling. Nowadays, most companies have realized that if you do not have an internet and social media presence, you essentially don’t exist. This might just be a trend, but it’s also an effective product and service promoting channel. Either way, handling video calls and working with social media should be stiff criteria when choosing an outsourced call center.

Services segmentation and trends

In the contact center world, developing some particular services takes a special place in the process. For example, nowadays, more than 75% of call-center services are concentrated in direct sales. At the same time, virtual secretaries and similar services – both automated and personal – are becoming more and more popular. Virtual secretaries allow you to cut major business expenses with complex solutions for services and tasks including, but not limited to, ordering tickets, task list management, and client interaction. In today’s world, such a small change in your task force can become truly cost and labor effective.

Premium segment and conclusion

And finally, the latest trend for the premium segment is biometric development. Speech analysis technologies are evolving quickly and becoming cheaper with each passing day. By implementing such a technology in your practice you can increase your connection with clients. In turn, this makes them more likely to continue the relationship and your work with them more solid, effective, and measurable.
As we see, primary trends in outsourcing contact centers are a direct consequence of global automatization and increasing business productivity. An effective call center is a high-tech organization with a priority for implementing the latest technology solutions which are, in turn, used in accordance with the latest world trends and aim to develop client-company relationships. It’s an ever-growing field with many exciting, new developments to come.

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