Benefits of outsourcing in challenging economics

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Outsourcing in modern business models

Economics Environment

In the situation of anti-crisis decisions and tight-belt economic opportunities, remote outsourcing services and virtual optimization of current business processes are popular and demanded solutions in the USA and Canada.

Most business owners choose the support of outsourcing providers because of the low rates of most remote specialists. For example, clients of our company Front Desk Helpers know that with remote staff optimization, they get skilled, dedicated, and professional employees for their business starting from $12/hour per person.

Outsourcing as Innovative Management Solution

Call center agent in the USA
Call center agent in the USA

No matter which industry you operate in, most office and customer support tasks can be delegate to the remote team, for example:

Virtual Agents

Special Business support

IT Specialists


Whatever it is you need to accomplish your business goals by Front Desk Helpers outsourcing, you get the employees dedicated to your business and the support of experienced HR and Project Managers to run the processes.

Outsourced bookkeeper works remotely

Outsourcing Benefits for Business

Aside from the clear financial advantages of outsourcing and business process optimization, here is the list of other benefits of virtual office support for businesses. 

Learn all of them to make the right choice for improving your business positions with remote staff:

Benefits of virtual team:

  1. As has been noted, your company opportunities aren’t limited by your in-house specialists’ skills – as you get access to the world talent pool and worldwide experience that an outsourced team can provide.
  1. For US businesses based in expensive cities, outsourcing aims to reduce office and team maintenance costs without compromising quality.
  1. You no longer need to think of the in-house specialists’ burnout, motivation or mental health. Generally the high efficiency of the outsourced staff is our task.
  1. Moreover, you don’t need to think of long-term contracts with employees and further compensations – although you may stop the outsourcing according to agreement terms.
  1. Stop running numerous payrolls with the staff. So if you have one remote employee or dozens, our team will manage the HR routine, reducing the number of operations to an invoice two times per month.
  1. Get high productivity at work – as our specialists primarily work from home, not feeling stress or worries about their families and loved ones. You get a highly dedicated and confident teammate working on professional equipment and cloud platforms. 
  1. While outsourced, you get staff working on progressive Agile principles – so you can be sure you pay only for work. Shortly, no coffee breaks, lunchtime, or wardrobe talkings are included in your invoice.
  1. Afterwards your outsourced staff can develop with your company. Starting your business, you may need one specialist, later – others. During the cooperation, we are ready to adjust the outsourced team within the goals of your business, even when it rapidly changes.
  1. Also you never stay with your business, technical and HR challenges on your own. Due to a wide range of clients and partners, in most cases, our experienced team already has the answers to most questions you may face in your industry. And help you to solve it!
  1. Often the needs of an evolving business change. If it comes to a replacement for the specialist, we will provide another suitable candidate under the requirements.
  1. Even if your business geography expands, you won’t have a headache about relocation for the team involved. Certainly, your remote staff supports you anywhere in the world.


Shortly, contact us to get details about the opportunities of cooperation with us from our sales manager. Being a 7-year operating outsourcing provider, we are ready to answer any questions about outsourcing and business process optimization in the USA and Canada.

Business Process Optimization in the USA
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