Artificial intelligence: contact center work advantages.

Computer and software technologies are speeding in their development. Nowadays we can use different programs and applications in the work of any contact center. Experts in this sphere highlight the most productive and interesting ways of using artificial intelligence in everyday routine to improve contact center productivity. So it may become the most effective investment in your company.

How can artificial intelligence help your business?

Artificial intelligence may help to analyze historical data of your company performance and information about your customers. You can analyze your client’s behavior in order to predict with a high degree of accuracy their possible next step. Collection and analysis of all statistical data regarding your customer interests can predict what product or service may need a customer or probably that he will stop cooperation with your organization. So it can really become a perfect instrument for anticipating customers’ behavior. It will help companies to understand their customers’ needs better than before. It is especially important for companies that strive to provide great customer service in order to become a leader in their field.

Using reports based on artificial intelligence analysis service centers can make special offers for the clients who are predicted to be not satisfied with the service and who may leave the company for another one. By sending proactive voice or email messages companies may build a better customer related strategy and improve their productivity in general. Today professionals apply an artificial intelligence in call center work. It is a new thing except for the usual catboats that have already become quite an ordinary thing almost in every service or contact center. As a matter of fact, artificial intelligence can be used in many different ways. Among the many others, we may mention the following things.


We have already discussed several times before. Also, we might see it in a greater part of contact centers where people use various applications and programs in order to automate different everyday routine processes. The reason is a very simple – to make these processes as much easier for the customers can handle it by themselves.


Sometimes it is very difficult for people who are not accustomed to computers and internet technologies to navigate internet pages. That’s where the different artificial intelligence products can help to eliminate these difficulties and attract more clients to your organization.


This means that using artificial intelligence you may identify gaps in your knowledge base, customer support, client service or any other everyday activity.

As it was said above, that different chatbots can relieve your agents of everyday routine work. New technologies are allowing them to concentrate on more challenging tasks and problems. But here we can face the problem of customer satisfaction. It’s not a secret that for now, not every person is happy to communicate with the computer program while doing some purchases or payments. Some still prefer communicating with a human. So, chatbots are really great for automating everyday contacts but only if they are combined with sentiment analysis. What is it? That is complex and sophisticated chatbot that analyzes their conversation with the client. As soon as he uses in an emotionally colored word the system transfers the conversation to a human operator who can provide really sympathetic customer service. The agent has an opportunity also to ensure that the best possible customer service is provided.

Artificial intelligence & Contact center productivity

Artificial intelligence & Contact center productivity

Artificial intelligence and different robotic programs

They can help businesses and contact centers to combine incoming calls and customer information. It means that as soon as an operator answers a call, a separate window with all information connected to that client is opened on the operator’s desktop. From this moment the agent has all the necessary information at his fingertips. He can work with data without asking the customer the same information over and over again. The operator also shouldn’t switch the screen or device to other programs, etc. It’ll help the call center agents to reduce call time and improve customer satisfaction ratio.

Robotic process automation may be very helpful in handling different emails and voice messages according to different criteria. For example, sending birthday emails to customers and employees, or reminding about regular events such as health assessment, monthly payments, appointments, etc. Some experts predict that by 2035 the artificial intelligence tools will help to increase business productivity by over 40%. It doesn’t mean that robots will replace people out of the workplaces. It means they will take over all monotonous and tedious everyday routine activities. For sure, it will make much more free time for really creative and challenging tasks where we extremely need a human mind and can’t replace it. So the most challenging task for companies – is to provide and keep a good balance of artificial and human intelligence. It is a really important goal to reach in order to gain the greatest results and achieve the best productivity.

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