Advanced Innovative Call Center to Effectively Increase Sales of the Company

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The main task of the call center is remote work with clients, a huge part of which are phone calls. These can be outgoing or incoming – in any case, the operator must answer the customer’s questions, provide the necessary information and do it quickly. The same applies to non-voice communication methods – SMS, e-mail, messengers, etc. The introduction of modern technological innovations significantly increases the quality of customer service, make it faster and more efficient. The modern call center is a combination of new technologies with high qualification and progressive thinking of operators. Outsourcing call center service will be a good solution for those who do not want to create their own customer support unit, but still want to have its benefits. The Front Desk Helpers (FDH) company provides just such services and also engaged in custom software development.

Specifics of an advanced company call center creation

In recent years, more companies have begun to abandon the outdated principles of the call center business model in favor of a modern, customer-oriented approach. Below presented the few key features of modern call center services it used in.

  • Omnichannel. It provides an effective connection regardless of the channel origin and simplifies communication with customers.
  • Self-catering. Customers can independently switch from one channel to another using the tips provided by the robot. This significantly reduces the salary of each operator, as well as distributes customer requests by specialized specialists.
  • Optimization processes. The advanced call center is not only about the use of the latest technologies, but also about continuous improvement of the workflow, as well as constant training of operators.
  • Contact center analytics and reporting. The reporting system conducts a thorough analysis of customer needs, basic requests and the degree of satisfaction. Analytics creates an excellent basis for effective call center work.
  • Call center multilingual. For large companies that supply their goods or services all over the world, it is important to have operators who can communicate with foreign customers.
  • Maintenance and operational use of the client base need constant improvement. For example, recognition of data by number can reduce the time of communication with the client significantly.

Outsourcing call center benefits

The call center benefits can hardly be overestimated – this division can significantly improve the company’s work and increase its popularity by expanding the customer base. Modern customers expect a very high level of service, so only professionals should be engaged in communication with them. For this reason, more and more companies trust outsourcing companies to work with clients. The main bonuses of this choice include:

  • 24/7 support. The client can contact the call center services at any time and get the answer from the professional operator.
  • Low cost. The remote work with people from other countries has reduced cost on its maintenance, so the price of call center services remains low even with the highest quality.
  • Specialized knowledge of the industry. Outsourcing companies have a large staff, so choosing an employee who knows the particular field of business will not be difficult. The FDH company cares about the quality and therefore invites all customers to observe the work of employees during the week to make sure of their professionalism. Any employee can be replaced if one not suits you.
  • Multiple digital collaboration platforms. The call center has everything necessary to keep in touch with customers in a way most convenient for them – by phone, messenger, e-mail, etc. Such diversity enhances customer satisfaction and also offloads channels.

It is usually difficult for companies to select staff that would have such a huge experience as outsourced call center employees. These constantly improve their skills and know well how to communicate with people effectively and quickly. This is a big competitive advantage of remote call centers.

Modern call center offer different telecomuunication services and qualified support
The introduction of modern technological innovations in call center will require professionals to work wth your clients to provide qualified support

Call center solutions for growing business

Among the all call center solutions, some are especially relevant for developing small companies. If you are the owner of one of these and planning an expansion, then you will probably be interested in such advanced call center features:

  • processing of calls with the help of a smart scripted robot;
  • automation of dozens of actions;
  • the intelligent route to the operator with the desired specialty;
  • affordable price;
  • separate units for inbound calls and outbound calls.

The use of these advantages will create a good basis for the company to grow and profits increase.

Main bonuses of the remote call center with a virtual assistant

No matter how large the staff of an outsourcing call center is, under a large flow of customers, a lot of them will still wait for the answer. This problem, however, can be easily handled by the call center virtual assistant. 

This tool is a special software that helps to organize time and automate some things based on the data entered. An urgent need for a virtual assistant of remote call center usually appears in such cases:

  • uneven amount of calls throughout the month;
  • need in routine calls (notifications, telesales, reminders, notifications about emergencies, etc.).

The use of such an assistant increases the efficiency of the whole company, as each client can get the necessary information and there is no need for involving the call center employees for this. The virtual assistant is convenient and easy to use the tool.

The advanced remote call center with a virtual assistant is more efficient than common call centers.

Call center reduces the loss of customers by up to 99%

Each good company values ​​its customers – both existing and potential. Satisfied customers mean better profits and the creation of the company’s attractive image. The call center services are one of the tools aimed directly at working with clients and to the achievement of these goals.

People who purchase a product or service may have many questions. If they have the opportunity to contact the company for information and help, receive a quick and clear answer, then their loyalty to this company increases significantly.

The new generation contact center is cheap because it uses a lot of new non-verbal and automates communication methods. Such an approach allows, according to statistics, to reduce the number of unanswered up to 60%.

Multichannel feature, the use of robots and other software allows minimizing the time of response. In need of help or information, people are very impatient, so this moment is very important.

Business process optimization of call center

Optimization of call center business processes is about an accurate setting and organizing up all stages of the unit’s work. The main steps to improve call center business processes are:

  • making customers happy by solving their problems in a short time;
  • creating a clear business strategy;
  • use of modern technology ;
  • a clear definition of processes and procedures;
  • analysis of the work done, report and analytics.

Improving the call center business processes, creating an effective strategy, purchasing new equipment, continuous analytics, improving quality is a complex and time-consuming job. To avoid such hassle and costs, it makes sense to use the service of the business process outsourcing call center. The Front Desk Helpers specialists are constantly working to improve the quality of their work and optimize business processes. The call center business outsourcing is a not only convenient but much cheaper option than the creation of a separate private call center.

Call center equipment and software

There is no complete list of call center equipment and software, since the activities of companies differing from each other a lot, and therefore, the activities of call centers will differ too. Still, there is a small list of equipment and advanced call center technologies necessary for any case.

Personal desktop

Each operator should have it, even if all the data is stored in the cloud. The desktop is a necessary call center equipment for managing operations, communicating with customers and storing important data.

USB headset

Traditional telephone receivers are in the past. A USB headset equipped with a microphone frees up the hands and allows to simultaneously process information during a telephone conversation. This reducing the duration of calls and increase their efficiency significantly.

Data processing system

It replaces bulky equipment for storing information and makes possible to find the required data at the right time. An operator can access this system at any time through the server access interface.

Call recording software

This is a great option for call center for small businesses, which allows constantly work on the quality of customer service, compile statistics of frequent requests, and create an effective strategy for operator conversation.


This is a communication system that allows us to work with customers via the Internet without a telephone, but with voice. Using VoIP is indispensable for an overload of channel prevention in case of a large flow of calls.

Auto dialing number

This device can be programmed to automatically dial the specified numbers. This allows communicating with multiple clients at the same time.

This is the minimum call center equipment list that is necessary for its successful operation. If you do not want to reduce call center equipment costs, then you can contact the FDH outsourcing company. It has all the necessary modern call center equipment to make your business more successful. Thanks to the use of high technologies and professionalism of employees, the services of this company are among the cheapest in the USA – only $10 per hour.

The best customer service call center services

Customer demand is constantly growing, as people always want more comfort and convenience, so companies must constantly work to improve call center customer service. Studies have shown the following customer expectations for call centers soon.

  • Automate and redirect calls to appropriate operators. To implement this feature efficiently the company should use artificial intelligence and interactive voice response (IVR).
  • Advanced databases and analytics. The best virtual call center companies use every call for intelligent marketing research. Based on this data, it is possible to better process requests, determine customer preferences and identify possible weaknesses in services.
  • Messengers and chats. 41% of customers hope that the company will have an online chat. For a lot of people, it’s more convenient to type a message than to talk by phone. Live chat no longer just a pleasant bonus, and now it is one of the main call center advantages necessary for competitiveness. Moreover, according to surveys, in a few years, the number of people who prefer chat will increase by 87%.

The Front Desk Helpers company carefully considers all these trends to make a business of its customers successful.

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