Add some Success to Your Business with the Help of IT Support Services

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The vast majority of modern companies actively use various software to organize the work process and increase its effectiveness. For this reason, IT support is a very important component for almost any company. Some companies have own support service and some turn to outsourcing specialists. If you use the specialized software, especially custom-developed, for its proper maintenance is advisable to turn to specialists as they know how to keep the programs up to duty. 

How can IT support services help your business to prosper?

The introduction of new technologies in business is necessary for almost every company to remain or become competitive and achieve success. Of course, you can, always order the development of specialized software, which will consider all its features and specifics and will significantly increase the efficiency of your company. Still, at the same time, it is very important to remember about high-quality IT support services – as they will help to maintain the software in perfect working condition and to monitor the requirement of a possible update with the integration of new features.

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You can have your own tech support, but it will require additional resources to maintain the team

A lot of companies have their own tech support team and that is quite convenient – the right specialists will be always at hand. However, there is one huge minus in this – you need to keep a whole staff of professionals. For owners of a small and, especially, a new and growing business, such an option is not so profitable. Due to this, the services of outsourcing company engaged in technical support, is much more convenient – just contact them any time and get the 24/7 support from a specialist who meets the requirements of your business. The Front Desk Helpers (FDH) provides such services and develops the software for over 5 years, including a narrow specialized one. Each IT support specialist there knows everything about software and can help or consult you on how to deal with this or that problem related to IT in a short time. In FDH company the creativity, knowledge, years of experience together with attention to details are combined.

The IT tech support and enterprise effectiveness improvement

Almost all enterprises, especially large ones, use special software to organize work processes, communicate and coordinate personnel, create schedules, notify employees about new tasks, improve logistics, etc. All this greatly simplifies and makes better the work of the enterprise, and also minimizes the loss of time and funds. Such reliance on software, however, has a downside. Errors in the operation of programs and hardware, and various failures, crashes, and other troubles connected with them can disrupt the work of the company greatly. That’s why it is so important to be able to quickly deal with the problem and eliminate it. Constant IT support 24/7 is the best solution, especially for those companies in which the downtime can lead to a crisis. High-quality and fast technical support is a guarantee that a problem of any origin will be quickly found and eliminated without affecting the work of the enterprise. Specialists can assist in this remotely (in cases where it is possible), or come to deal with the problem in person.

The main responsibilities of IT support technical include:

  • software installation and configuration. This is relevant to any hardware;
  • equipment maintenance and condition monitoring;
  • quick response to any user request;
  • repair and replacement of hardware if necessary. 

The task of IT support staff is not just to establish the causes of the breakdown and eliminate them quickly, but to prevent their occurrence. This requires constant monitoring of the software, as well as excellent knowledge of all its features.

The FDH outsourcing company may become a solution for those companies for whom staff of additional IT specialists is too expensive and for those who faced some unknown error which must be eliminated in a short time.

The main types of IT support service

It is impossible to shortly list everything with what technical support specialists can help since the needs and specifics of enterprises differ a lot. In general, such types of support that are relevant for almost any business can be distinguished:

Network setup and its administration.

Network setup and its maintenance in large enterprises are usually done by a system administrator or a team of specialists. If to talk about small business IT support, then it is better to cooperate with a remote network master. It will be much more profitable, convenient and effective than to hire additional staff. Small is a company that has less than 50 employees.

Network security and updates.

There are two main problems of modern business software. First is reliable protection against daily attacks. The IT support wizard will become a solver for this issue and the network will be constantly tested for possible vulnerabilities. The second problem is connected with the first one and is about regular updates and improvements to the software. With a combination of these two, all private information will be secure against data leakage and other unpleasant surprises.

Software maintenance and user assistance.

Some (or maybe all) your employees will use business software and of course have questions and problems about this. A technical support specialist can monitor the work of the software and help employees both in-person and remotely. Usually, this type of support is the most expensive, but it worth these expenditures. In case of problems caused by a technical or human factor, temporary financial losses will go to zero. Besides, employees will be able to quickly learn how to solve some problems associated with the software, as well as avoid them.

Backup and restoration of data.

Both of these procedures are necessary for any enterprise since the loss of important information is no less dangerous than the leak. The FDH company IT support outsourcing specialist will quickly and safely create the copies you need, as well as restore data if any unforeseen situation has occurred. Also, as practice shows, accurate storing of backups in the cloud is much profitable and convenient than using any other data protection.

Various e-mail services.

The FDH outsourcing company provides such type of IT support because the vast majority of companies have a huge amount of information sent by e-mail. Of course, this data, also, require reliable protection. The selection of one or another type of protection (or their combination), as well as constant updating, and making this without interference to the daily (or even 24/7) use of e-mail, can sometimes become an overwhelming task for the small enterprise. Maintaining such a separate infrastructure requires a lot of time, effort, and finances. The outsource IT tech support will allow not to worry about security and use e-mail as much as need.

The importance of IT support for small business

Outsourcing technical support will be useful to any company, but it is especially beneficial to small businesses. As mentioned above, for small companies it is not profitable to have a team of specialists working a full day. Moreover, according to statistics, about 50% of small business investments are spent on software. Below presented statistics to make it clear how effective IT support is.

  • Almost all (92%) small companies use cloud computing in one or another form. The protection and creation of such data are one of the main conditions for survival among competitors.
  • 27% of small enterprises do not have their own technical support, consisting of even one person. In contrast, 61% of large companies have fully equipped staff for software maintenance.
  • 91% of small businesses are not optimized for mobile devices. Business-specific mobile apps could be a big success.
  • In 8 of 10 enterprises, people still use manual integration with the help of Excel and custom code.

Most often, small businesses need specific software that will guarantee good time-saving, make work more efficient and minimize organizational and human errors. Support for such software can only be done by specialists who are familiar with its features, ideally – by those who created it. If the developers do not provide such service, then the computer technical support specialists from the Front Desk Helpers company are always ready to lend a helping hand to you.

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