Front Desk Helpers multilingual virtual office and call-center

Our virtual call center is an organization of representatives that geographically dispersed, rather than being situated at work stations in a building operated by the organization.

Our virtual contact center is a congregated service that can provide you with local numbers in most major cities. You don’t have to purchase or own any equipment. Being hosted in a reliable data center, it provides a high level of redundancy and backup management. This frees you from the equipment maintenance and allows you to concentrate on other business functions to stay competitive in its industry.

Our virtual call center is a technological step forward

You can set up the whole contact center to offer customer care services, without actually setting up a physical call center. As it is a virtual setup, you don’t need to buy or lease the physical space. Moreover, the investment in infrastructure is saved too. For the organization, the virtual call center model saves housing and equipment costs and can lead to lower employee turnover rates, which tends to be high for physical call centers.

In today’s world, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to be able to converse in languages other than English. While it would be impossible for every business to be able to afford hiring multiple interpreters for multilingual translation services, every business can easily afford the multilingual call center services available through FrontDeskHelpers Communications. Do not hamper your business because of your inability to communicate with people speaking other languages.

Multilingual call center services

Even with the language barrier, our multilingual call center services make it possible to be able to offer the same services to everyone, no matter their language. Representatives speaking Russian, Spanish, Uzbek, etc. are available to assist your customers with their questions and needs. Should a customer call and need to speak in a language other than English, representatives are able to quickly connect with their language partners and continue the conversation with the assistance of an interpreter.

With our multilingual virtual call center services you can rest assured that the receptionists will be able to accurately record all of the inbound calls, messages and faxes, despite the language barrier.

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