Ruby the programming language

Ruby is the open-source programming language, created in the 1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto and is characterized by its simplicity and productivity. It is simple for learning and rather practical. Its creator made a mixture of different parts of several programming languages in order to balance functional and imperative programming.

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Development on Ruby

Here every piece of information is an object and the developer is not restricted by any part, as Ruby very flexible and any part of it can be changed or removed if necessary.

Implementations of Ruby

It’s still popular and in demand in the market, as any can make a contribution to it. And now we have a number of Ruby programming language implementations a bit different from the initial variant, but never the less all of them have a number of useful and handy features, they provide developers with extra integration into other programming languages depending upon the situation or tasks. The most popular of them are JRuby, Rubinius, TruffleRuby, IronRuby, Cardinal.

Ruby has everything for developing modern and fantastic applications and what is really great for developers – it’s absolutely free – for using and copying, changing and modifying. This gives space for limitless fantasy!

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