Node (Node JS) as a generated programming language

Node or Node.js is an application platform generated on the V8 engine (transmitted JavaScript into computer code) that remakes JavaScript from a deeply specialized language into a language for a general-purpose.

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Development on Node JS

Node.js attaches the opportunity for JavaScript to cooperate with input/output accessories through its API (written in C++), to attach other surface libraries written in various languages, rendering calls to them from JavaScript code. Node.js is practiced essentially on the server, running as a web server, it is conceivable to develop desktop window applications on Node.js (handling NW.js, AppJS or Electron for Linux, Windows and macOS) and even app microcontrollers (tessel and espruino). Node.js is performed on event-driven and asynchronous (or reactive) programming with a non-blocking algorithm.

The new pattern on Node JS

In 1996, Netscape ventured to build server-side JavaScript (Server-side JavaScript – SSJS), but the methodology was not widely adopted. Node.js was produced by Ryan Dahl in 2009 after two years of testing with creating server-side web segments. He came to the judgment alternatively to the traditional type of parallelism based on flows, one should shift to event-oriented systems. This pattern was adopted because of its purity, low overhead (related to the philosophy of “one thread per connection”) and speed. Node’s purpose is to contribute “an easy way to create scalable network servers.”

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