Mobile Application Development Services For iOS And Android

Experienced developers of mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms are needed to create a mobile application that meets the stated requirements and cost. 

Front Desk Helpers is developing mobile applications for various industries where mobile applications are needed: e-commerce, online services, financial and banking services, medical and health services and much more. Our experts have more than 10 years of experience. We provide quality integrated services for the development of mobile applications in the United States and Canada.

  • Save up to 50% in development costs
  • Complete turnkey service
  • You control all processes
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Agile / DevOps Processes
  • Non-disclosure agreement

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Native/Hybrid Mobile Application Development For iOS And Android

Increase your indicators of market coverage, customer interaction, growth and return on investment

You may need a high-performance native / hybrid mobile application with high-quality usability and excellent user experience for intensive sales of services/goods, which supports innovative technologies and allows you to quickly scale your business.

Native Mobile Application

Native applications for mobile devices on iOS and Android show high performance, speed, and stable performance, as they can take advantage of the built-in functions of a specific mobile operating system and hardware device.

High-speed application and data processing

Sustainable operation of the application on a specific OS

High-quality interface and great functionalityd

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Hybrid Mobile Application

Often, companies prefer to use hybrid applications, because in such applications you can use the same code for all platforms so that the application can be compatible with various mobile platforms iPhone, Android and Web.

Using the same code for all platforms

Single data center for the product

Unified interface and application features

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Mobile Application Development Services

Choose the application you need from a wide list

We use the vast experience of our professional application developers in creating applications for commercial use in order to offer our clients the best mobile solution for their needs: high-performance, user-friendly, with a stylish interface and functionality in accordance with customer requirements. 

We provide as part of our mobile application development services

Corporative Mobile Solutions

E-commerce Applications

Company Service Apps

Fintech Solution Apps

AR / VR Apps

Wearable Device Apps

AI Mobile Apps

Blockchain Mobile Apps

Get Competitive Advantages

We create effective mobile applications that enhance your competitive advantage and contribute to the rapid growth of your business.

From a simple mobile application for billing and communication with your customers to a high-performance fintech application with AI, Big Data, BI functions and multi-stage protection against hacking, your company will receive innovative solutions and powerful technologies in a mobile application to provide your business with undeniable advantages and help your business grow.

Best User Experience Design

The user-friendly interface and high-quality design of the application allow you to receive recognition from your customers. These factors are very important for the continued use of your application. We offer the best design and custom properties for the application to provide an excellent experience.

Scalability & Performance

Our mobile applications have good scalability and high performance, given that there is still room for further technological improvement to enhance the performance of your application in the future.

Cross-Platform Reach

Your customers use a variety of mobile devices and mobile platforms, and this makes having a cross-platform application a plus. We provide application development services for all popular mobile platforms and mobile devices in order to provide the greatest coverage for your target audience on any platform and devices.

High Security & Compliance

Today, online communications and interactions require a special approach to ensuring the security and protection of personal data. We provide high and comprehensive protection of personal data and data exchange in order to comply with legislative security requirements and business standards.

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