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iOS (iPhone OS until June 24, 2010) – a mobile OS for smartphones, digital players, tablets and other gadgets. iOS was built and invented by the American corporation Apple. It was issued in 2007 for the iPhone, iPod and a little bit later also for iPad. In 2014 appeared the Apple CarPlay which is a car multimedia system. Unlike Android (Google), iOS is accessible for Apple gadgets only.

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Development on iOS

The iOS core and MacOS

iOS customs the microkernel-based XNU core that consists of Apple applications, the same as code from NeXTSTEP and FreeBSD. The iOS core is essentially alike to the Apple macOS desktop OS (OS X) core. iOS runs on tablets and smartphones with ARM architecture processors only. The UI of iOS is generated on the idea of strict synergy applying gestures with multi-touch.

iOS is built on the basis of OS X and works under the same kit of core elements of Darwin harmonious with the POSIX pattern.

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