C# technology

C# relates to a branch of C-like syntax languages. Its syntax is most adjacent to C ++ and Java. The language has static typing, maintains polymorphism, operator overloading (including the explicit and implicit type of conversion).

C# has carried out a lot from its ancestors – ​​C++, Pascal, Module, Smalltalk and Java. Based on the experience of their use, it excludes some patterns that have shown to be doubtful when producing software systems. C# compared to C++ and some distinct languages do not maintain multiplied class of inheritance (meanwhile, multiple inheritances of interfaces is allowed).

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Development on C#

Appearance of C#

C# was formed as a software-level programming language for the CLR and depends essentially on the capacities of the CLR itself. This affects originally to the C# type system, which flashes BCL. The presence or absence of specific expressive highlights of the language is recorded by whether a distinct language background can be transmitted into the similar CLR constructs. So, due to the evolution of the CLR from 1.1 to 2.0, C# was significantly enhanced; related interaction should be assumed in the future (despite, this model was outraged with the release of C# 3.0. Because it was not based on .NET platform extensions). The CLR implements C#, just like all .NET-oriented languages, various features that “classic” programming languages ​​do not have. For example, trash collection is not performed in C#, but the CLR implemented it for apps written in C#, actually the same way as it’s done for VB.NET, J#, etc.

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