Front Desk Helpers offers dedicated dispatching agents services for trucks, technician services, courier delivery services, shipment services and dispatch software delivery. We provide high-quality multilingual 24/7 dispatching services with the best industry standards using our own telecommunication platform.

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Our Dispatch Services For You


our Truck dispatching service

Courier Delivery

our courier Delivery dispatching service

(Moving, Locksmith,
911 & Emergency)

our Technician dispatching service

Domestic Services

our Domestic dispatching service

Dispatch Software
For Business

our dispatching Software service
our dispatching Software service

Dispatch Services, Transport and
Technician Companies from $12/hour per agent

Turnkey Virtual Dispatch Center

  • Increased business profitability.
  • Reduce transportation, operating and administrative costs.
  • Build your own virtual dispatch center, using our Unified Telecommunication platform
    to communicate with drivers, couriers and customers.

Dispatching Services For Truck Movement

Trucking dispatch services for commercial transport companies allow you to focus all resources on accurate and fast management of delivery. Front Desk Helpers provide excellent dispatching services for trucks and delivery services that can reduce operating costs and improve the quality of transportation services. We take care of all operations and calls routine, office tasks, and communication with customers and drivers. Professional dispatching operators, trained to work on different dispatching software. At your request, we can assist with any back-office tasks, bookkeeping, and other business operations.

Our dispatchers will work on administrative tasks, but they can't be involved in searching for loads, or negotiation with brokers.

  • Best rates from $12/hour per dispatcher
  • Highest telecommunications and service standards, using our Unified Telecommunication platform to communicate with drivers
  • Issuing invoices and order confirmations
  • Experienced in Amazon Relay, Samsara, Onfleet and other 3rd party software providers for trucking business
FrontdeskHelpers dispatching service

Dispatching Services For Courier Delivery And Shipping Services

We offer services of dispatchers for a courier delivery and US shipping to provide your customers with the best quality and most accurate delivery service. Our dispatchers and call center support will help you ensure that your deliveries are handled all the way to your client's door.

Courier delivery and shipping services require your employees to focus on the quality of service and communication with customers. The Front Desk Helpers dispatching service operators will allow you to reduce operational and administrative costs and improve communication with your customers.

  • Multilingual 24/7 customer support services
  • Sales agents for dispatching business
  • Data management and reportings
  • Hire remote dispatcher from $12/hour per agent
  • Our own unified communication and collaboration platform
  • SMS Gateway & Dashboard to communicate over messages and notifications for quick and automated operations
NewFrontdeskHelpers dispatch service

Dispatching For Domestic Service Companies (Locksmiths and Repair Service)

Front Desk Helpers provide the best support for your repair, household, and locksmith services.

Dispatching services for technical and domestic services are an essential component of your customer's loyalty and the popularity of your company. The highly competitive market for technical and household services requires a company to have a deep competence in support and communication with customers in order to provide them with the highest quality technical services and knowledge of nearest locations for local dispatching. Our dispatching and call center services will help you with daily calls routine and management of the back office operations.

Our dispatchers and call center services provide you with the best specialist qualifications and superior customer support on the fly.

  • Experience with Moving, Delivery, Locksmith, Car Repair and Emergency companies dispatching
  • Multilingual support for your customers 24/7
  • Turnkey solutions for domestic and service companies
  • Professional dispatchers to hire at $12/hour
NewFrontdeskHelpers dispatching service

Dispatching and Logistic Software Development and Technical Support

The Front Desk Helpers dispatching team has extensive experience in working with the most popular software for service companies and dispatching needs: Amazon Relay, Samsara, Workiz, Oncue, Onfleet, TookanApp, Guy On Time and others.

Throughout the 8 years, we’ve been in the industry, we have investigated the CRM solutions available in the US and Canadian markets for small and medium-sized businesses and decided to create our own selection of tools for a dispatch business. Get the best combination of useful features, the functionality of which is based on real cases. Get rid of Excel spreadsheets, and use special dispatch software aimed at your working routine automation and optimization.

It doesn’t matter if you use one of those or another similar CRM system in your business, with us you will not be spending time on long-term training. We are friendly with all working processes in the dispatching and delivery businesses and can start dispatching and taking calls in 48 hours for urgent cases.

  • Experienced software development team for dispatching companies
  • Understanding of internal processes in the industry
  • Dispatch and Logistic software and CRM systems implementation
  • Own SMS Gateway & Dashboard for quick and automated messaging
  • Artificial Intelligence in Dispatching
  • GPS, Geofencing, Geotargeting, Geolocation and Beacons technology involved
  • Multiple levels of SLA and highest standards for dispatch software
FrontdeskHelpers dispatching service

Our Dispatching Services For Various Industries

Find yours and hire the dispatching agents with the
experience you need, starting from $12/hour per agent:

  • Dispatching For Amazon Delivery Services    →
  • Dispatch Software Development    →
  • Dispatching Software Customization    →
  • Dispatching Software Integration Of 3rd Party    →
  • Development Of Custom Dispatching Services    →
  • Development Of A Virtual Dispatch Center    →
  • Local Dispatching Services in USA and Canada    →
  • Truck Dispatching    →
  • Emergency Dispatching    →
  • Courier Delivery Dispatching    →
  • Shipment Dispatching    →
  • Moving Dispatching    →
  • Locksmith Service Dispatching    →
  • Repair And Household Service Dispatching    →

How are the dispatching agents hired
and trained by our company?

We have a continuous search for the appropriate candidates. Our staff has an internal resume based on past projects which allows us to select the correct candidates for each team, based on the required skill set. New hires are staffed on various projects with some of our seasoned experts for oversight. Working closely with the experts within a specific area of expertise forms a continuous training cycle on new technologies and concepts in the niche.

When they are hired by your company, they work exclusively for you and do not share time with other projects, like general answering service agents do, so they have enough time to complete all their tasks during working hours.

How We Are Working

24/7 Multilingual Dispatching Services

Dispatching, answering and customer support services working 24/7 for truck movement and other operations. We don’t search for loads or negotiate prices with brokers.

Keeping Logs and Reports

Setup and maintaining carriers’ logs and reports of dispatchers

Own SMS Gateway & Dashboard

Communicate over messages and notifications for quick and automated operations

Full Control Of Orders And Delivery

Order registration and controlling the fulfillment process


Issuing invoices and order confirmations

Communication And Feedback

Maintaining communication with carriers and customers

Call Center Support

Services of a virtual call center and remote dispatchers

Marketing and Sales for your Business

Get more from working with us: we can take care of your business promotion while doing dispatching

For Dispatch Services, Service And
Transport Companies from $12/hour per agent

Turnkey Virtual
Dispatch Center

Increased business profitability · Reduced transportation · Operating and administrative costs · Build your own virtual dispatch center · Using our Unified Telecommunication platform to communicate with drivers · Couriers and customers.

24/7 Dispatch Services For Trucks, Courier Delivery And Shipment

Front Desk Helpers round-the-clock dispatch service provides full support for your commercial fleet, delivery couriers and technical services. 24/7 Dispatcher services for carriers, truckers and delivery services are essential for success. Your drivers and couriers need instant assistance on the way, and constant contact at any stage. We provide instant response to the needs and requests of employees in order to minimize delays, downtime and lost time.

Our dispatchers will complete all the operations and tasks, but they can’t be involved in searching for loads, or negotiating with brokers.

Benefits Of Our Company's Services For Clients

- Dispatching experts to hire:
we are 8 years in the industry
- Team lead/coordinator
at no cost
- Affordable rates starting from
$12/hour with no hidden fees
- Professional telecommunication service serving 100 000+ minutes of phone calls per day in 2023, using own Unified Telecommunication platform to communicate with drivers, couriers and customers
- Personal approach in communication with clients
- SMS Gateway & Dashboard to communicate over messages and notifications for quick and automated operations
- Professional telecommunication equipment used
- No vacations, sick days, leaves, taxes, insurance for remote employees
- Dedicated dispatching agents, that not only answer calls - we perform the tasks that you assign during the working day
- PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance, US-based company, NDA can be signed upon request
- We work directly with drivers/couriers/techs and know their job and processes

Our Organization Of Operational Processes

- We set priorities organizing shifts depending on requests (location, time, distance, level of job complexity)
- We’re managing calls in Ukrainian, Russian and Spanish as an addition. No accent. Upon request, we can provide agents speaking other languages.
- Controlling and monitoring each job process
- Problem-solving skills and abilities based on real experience
- Solving the client's issue, not just taking note
- Data entering processes, organizational management and reports
- Scheduling (assigning tasks, duties, reminders) and operational analysis
- Payments processing and operational management
- We take note and process each complaint to make sure it won't happen in the future.
- When needed, our agents contact and follow up with clients, asking for feedback on the job done, keeping a high level of customers satisfaction

Ask a question about our dispatching services

Additional Outsourcing Support That
We Offer To Our Clients

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & bookkeeping for dispatching companies

Web Development

Turnkey web development services for dispatching

Marketing services

Marketing services for dispatching сompanies

Integration With A CRM

Integration with popular CRM systems for dispatching

Emergency & 911 Dispatcher

Dedicated emergency dispatcher services for 911 Emergency, Police, Ambulance medical services over USA and Canada

Call Center and Customer Support Services

Call center services for the dispatching, logistical, transport, locksmith, home repair and courier delivery industries

Professional Business Telecommunication

Professional telecommunication equipment from industry leaders Cisco, FortiNet, Polycom is used, as well as our own Unified Telecommunication platform to communicate with drivers, couriers and customers

Text Messaging (SMS) Gateway

Workflow for dispatch operators to communicate with the team and customers using text messages. Transform your communication into SMS, automate notifications and get total control over SMS dashboard for faster operations.

Learn more about our value-added business services with a free consultation

What Our Customers Saying

photo Steven G., New York
Steven G., New York

Front Desk Helpers have been working with us as our Accountant for over two years. We have found their expertise and knowledge extremely valuable as they have assisted with the business planning, accounts, and tax areas. They are forward-thinking and very thorough professionals who genuinely care for their clients. We recommend Front Desk Helpers highly and look forward to many more years of doing business with.

photo Anne G., Staten Island, NY
Anne G., Staten Island, NY

I work in an agency that helps new businesses in settling all start-up activities. When my clients ask me about financial advice or income tax preparation I always refer them to this company. They have put countless hours into helping people and are always willing to answer questions. For those who are on low income and doing their tax return the first time, Front Desk Helpers provide their service free of charge. That is just an example of their generosity and willingness to help people.

Should You Hire A Remote Dispatcher?

Your business is growing rapidly and you are considering hiring a dispatcher to help you process orders, documents, calls and shipments, and soon you will need a professional dispatcher to manage your deliveries and transportation. Pay attention to how you can smoothly develop your capabilities for handling cargo, delivering goods and managing a commercial fleet with us in order to save money by hiring a trained dispatcher for this job.

You can reduce expenses and get a dedicated remote dispatcher with a complete set of professional software. It's time to turn to professionals for help to give your business the dynamics of development, stability and confidence in the future, as well as optimize your administrative, transportation and operating costs. Our dispatchers will complete all the operations and tasks, but they can’t be involved in searching for loads, or negotiating with brokers.

Use our services and get a qualified dispatcher from $12/hour

Services Of Dispatchers For Trucks And Courier Delivery Management

We know what it takes to succeed in the specific industry! Our main goal is to take your business to the next level. Completing forms, issuing invoices, working with reports, and other operator responsibilities and documentation.

Looking for a trusted outsourcing company to work with? Front Desk Helpers can improve your business with a team of professional dispatching agents that answer calls 24/7 using your business name and follow custom phone calls scripts we agree with you.

Also, our agents will dispatch the information according to your instructions. As an addition, operator responsibilities include sending text messages and faxes, tracking emails and making direct phone calls, as well as using other communication channels. We will get in contact with your on-call personnel in a convenient manner, while you just close more and more deals.

We’ll make sure that your company optimizes time and saves money. By the way, our goals are similar to your local employees. All the final decisions are going to be agreed upon with you. The professional, dedicated dispatcher from Front Desk Helpers will work hard to ensure that no call will ever be missed no matter what time it came in. To transfer information accurately and promptly as the focus point for the daily working plan for each agent.

We guarantee that every order will be registered and tracked; every emergency call will be forwarded immediately.

The most important tasks performed by the remote dispatcher

With no doubt, an outsourced dispatcher is the person that you need in your business. Therefore, here’s a list of a few main dispatcher duties:

  • keeping detailed records,
  • tracking orders,
  • maintaining daily logs for errors or violations,
  • monitoring carriers’ schedule, and their working hours and availability.

Our professional dispatchers are able to receive urgent calls and give responses anytime. As a result, this will improve the management of your commercial vehicles, couriers, employees, improve the quality of service for your customers, and increase your business's income.

Build the dispatching business you love with your own software created by FDH

Get total control of all the company's processes associated with the provision of services to clients, inside team coordination, and the dispatchers' work. You will receive instant updates on your Dispatch, Deliveries, and Tracking of the complete order fulfillment cycle. Interact with orders, get complete information, reports on canceled & delayed orders, agents reviews and rates, collect customer satisfaction scores, and much more by developing your dispatch application.

  • Google Services and Cloud technology used, supports any device
  • Use API for third-party services integration or develop your own solution
  • Geolocation & Geofencing: use Beacons and GPS modules for security and tracking
  • Simple and completely personalized administrative tools, ability to assign different roles and get performance analytics
  • Payments processing: issuing invoices, bookkeeping, payment gateway, proof of delivery
  • Logistics: route optimization for the shortest and fastest way
  • Custom generated online storefront or menu for your services
  • 24/7 multilingual customer and technical support
  • Proprietary Unified Telecommunication platform to communicate with drivers, couriers and customers

Our Dispatch Service Built For Your Commercial Needs

Stop losing money! While our dispatch service is helping you to complete your tasks on time, you can do the job nicely and smoothly. Moreover, our dispatching operators services are customizable and can be tailored to your needs. Finally, well-trained operators are capable of performing the most complex dispatching procedures. Our operators can create new call scripts on demand, if you do not have your own, according to the specific needs of your business.

The Key Benefits You Get From Cooperating With Our Company

Prompt and reliable communication with experienced staff. Our first shift was done in 2015. Today Front Desk Helpers is a company that serves companies working in a wide range of industries: starting from Locksmith companies and organization of the technician’s job, to massive cooperation with companies who work with Amazon deliveries all over the USA.

Improve business efficiency and customer experience serving 24/7 in any timezone.


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