How do we build our virtual office? Pt.2

Virtual office and call center solution are build on our cloud-based telecom platform Since virtual office services become more and more popular, there are several things you need to know to stop wasting your money and time losing your business in the process of daily routine and take care of growing it. Keeping large-scale full-time employees, that are lost in everyday routing such as incoming calls, payrolls, mail scanning and database administration looks like an archaism in our information age. As well as managers who worry about sick leaves, holidays, days off or night shifts – that is almost the […]

Call Script and its Part in Your Business (part 2)

What are the essential elements of a call script? Greeting, introduction Establishing a personal contact Finding client needs Make your conversation in a way, that helps you keep initiative in your hands – build a systemized list of questions that will allow you to make a ‘portrait’ of your prospect and gather his needs. Make it natural, too many questions will tire your client and he’ll just hand the phone.

Call Script and its Part in Your Business

Telemarketing or telephone conversations as a way of sales In modern marketing, one of the ways of selling your product or service is telemarketing or phone negotiations, and it works well in many business spheres. However, phone sell, especially if you are working with ‘cold’ clients is one of the most complicated methods. Often, call center specialists get lost even with really easy questions, and on the ‘work with objections’ stage they completely lose contact with a prospect.

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