Fears and risks of outsourcing that stop business owners from hiring remote specialists

Most common myths of outsourcing In the US dynamic business, economic and labor landscape, outsourcing has become an increasingly popular management strategy for companies seeking to cut costs and streamline processes according to changing market conditions.  While cost reduction for staffing and management is a key factor for choosing outsourcing, it’s important to note that outsourcing can also offer other significant benefits that cause additional competition advantages, such as accessing specialized skills, increasing efficiency, and allowing businesses to focus on core activities.  Despite outsourcing has many potential advantages, some business owners have fears that prevent them from fully embracing it […]

How to Start Own Startup

From Idea to Reality: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Own Startup What are the global labor shifts of 2023 The unstable situation in the financial and IT industries, the automation of operational processes, and the expansion of AI tools have led to severe shifts in the labor market.  In addition, the market is shaken by news of staff reductions at major multinational corporations. From Meta to Twitter, they are shedding much of their highly skilled workforce in favor of cost optimization. The official bodies report that US employment in February and March of 2023 combined is 149,000 lower than previously […]

From costs to profits: how fashion brands are cutting expenses with manufacturing relocation

How Relocating Manufacturing Benefits Fashion Brands The apparel industry is massive, with a very high level of competition. About a thousand new clothing brands compete every year, each aimed to get a fraction of the market share. As more and more players in the fashion industry, customers have more choices. Such diverse business models have made the fashion industry more competitive. Undoubtedly, innovation and international presence is needed to thrive in this rapidly changing industry. Fashion market current trends, challenges and perspectives From 2020 to 2024, total fashion e-commerce sales in the U.S. will grow by over $80 billion, a […]

AI in Marketing. Trends, opportunities and risks.

Marketing is an ever-evolving field, and staying on top of the latest trends and tools is crucial for success. In 2023, marketers need to focus on creating relevant, informative, quality, authoritative, and experience-based content. The search engines reward companies for sharing such content, and brands can significantly improve their online visibility by sharing relevant content. We call it E-E-A-T model in content creation. What is  E-E-A-T? E-E-A-T is an acronym that stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.  These are the quality criteria that Google uses to assess the relevance and credibility of websites and web pages. By considering these […]

Digital Era in Urban Development: Transforming Architecture with Outsourcing

Outsourcing Architecture services change the Market An architect is a critical person in planning modern industrial and urban buildings. The main task of the architect is to project new or optimize existing building solutions for the environment necessary for normal human functioning. Many traditional businesses still need and use talented Architects on their projects: construction companies, large industrial companies, architectural agencies, design studios, and private entrepreneurs with architecture or interior designer needs. Despite the complexity of the project, the scope of requirements, or the project’s geographical location, they all can be supported by professional architect outsourced specialists working remotely. However, […]

CRM for businesses

Role of the CRM in modern businesses development  In today’s digital age, businesses increasingly rely on various online channels to reach customers. CRM has become an essential tool for modern companies. With the rise of e-commerce, social media, and mobile devices, companies must comprehensively understand their customers’ needs and preferences to deliver personalized experiences. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a powerful tool for small, medium and large business owners looking to optimize their client management processes. Imagine quickly accessing all your client information, communication history, and upcoming appointments or tasks with just a few clicks. That’s the power of a […]

Call center for business

Call center support for modern business development Call center role Today, call centers play an essential role in many companies. They are the primary contact point for customers needing help with products or services. Moreover, modern call centers are crucial to customer trust and retention, so many industrial leaders don’t spare any money for their development. Statistics agencies’ reports say that poor customer service costs US companies $41 billion a year in lost customers and sales. 86% of customers are ready to pay more for a better customer experience.73% of customers say that one extraordinary experience raises their expectations of […]

How to do SEO in 2023

How to run search engine optimization in 2023 to achieve goals What is SEO? During the history of businesses that started their performing online, SEO became one of the key tools for the competition for first ranking positions. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the improving of the visibility and ranking of the website on search engine results pages (SERPs). This is achieved by optimizing various website elements, such as content, structure, and backlinks. So that search engines like Google can more easily crawl and understand the website’s relevance to certain keywords and topics. The goal of SEO is to […]

Armenia increases its textile export potential

Armenia reported on increasing its textile export in 2022 Fashion brands energization challenges and transformations Like any other manufacturing industry, fashion manufacturing heavily depends on energy. The production of textiles, garments, and accessories requires significant energy for spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing, and finishing. Since 2022 the fashion industry has been shaken by economic and energy shocks. As a result, the world’s leading textile brands are searching for ways to save money and stay competitive. To address these issues, some fashion brands are exploring ways to reduce their energy dependence and shift towards more renewable energy sources. For example, some companies […]

How can financial institutions and startups reduce their operational costs?

How financial organizations and IT startups reduce their operational costs in challenging economics Optimization of financial and human resources is a critical determinant of business returns. By managing these resources effectively, businesses can minimize waste and maximize productivity, increasing profits. Effective budgeting, cost-cutting measures, strategic investment decisions, and debt and credit management can cause all the mentioned improvements. Not using this can cause a crash even for the most outstanding companies. What happened to Silicon Valley Bank? On March 10, bankruptcy befell Silicon Valley Bank, forcing it to cease operations after the U.S. Federal Reserve raised interest rates, scaring potential […]

The difference between AI and Human personal assistants

Explore the difference between AI tools and Humans in personal assistance How use AI tools in personal assistance ChatGPT has only recently revealed its revolutionary emergence. But after that, some startups promote products based on the work of artificial intelligence and language models mostly every day. As a result, developers are expanding the fields of AI’s possible applications, impressing us again and again. The most optimistic ones predict a full AI expansion in human tasks within the next few years. Recently there have been proposals for AI personal assistants from some of the world’s tech companies. The projects perform a […]

The world’s richest companies that outsource 

The Fortune 500 richest companies that use outsourcing in their management Outsourcing insights Do you think outsourcing is an efficient management solution only for small and medium businesses? You may be surprised, but unicorns are also doing it! The world’s leaders still delegate their operations! So may it be a secret of their growth? Let’s explore their experience in outsourcing to find the key to success! It’s well known that Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Skype, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Ford, General Motors, Volvo, Nike, Adidas, Unilever, Nestle, Hershey’s, British Airways, American Airlines, Hilton Hotels, Airbnb, American Express, […]

Uzbekistan is a Leading Destination for Textile Manufacturing Outsourcing

Uzbekistan Emerges as a Leading Destination for Textile Manufacturing Outsourcing in 2023 Manufacturing outsourcing to Uzbekistan: precondition At the end of 2022, enterprises in the textile and apparel sectors worldwide faced significant economic challenges. The financial, energy, transportation, and consumption shocks made them look for unprecedented ways to save their businesses and cut costs. In that period, many apparel and clothing companies chose business relocation or outsourcing their manufacturing facilities. They called on Uzbekistan.  The central Asian country has a strong tradition of high-quality textile manufacturing. Moreover, Uzbekistan has a competitive advantage in the global textile field due to its […]

TOP 15 outsourcing professions in 2023

TOP 15 most demanded outsourcing professions in 2023 About outsourcing industry: figures and trends Annual data reports indicate that the share of outsourcing services in the business sector grows exponentially every year. In the last 2022 global outsourcing industry, it reached $10 billion. It is expected to hit up to $20 billion by 2025 and $760 billion in 2027. In the global outsourcing market, the USA has become a leader. US figures have shown almost 68% of businesses delegate their operational functions to remote employee providers, and up to 82% plan to start or expand their current list shortly.   List […]

Outsourcing Trends 2023

About Outsourcing Outsourcing services have become more and more popular in recent years.  According to the annual reports, today, almost 70% of companies in the USA and 50% of businesses in the EU delegate their operational tasks to outsourcing services providers. Experts predict that the outsourcing industry will significantly leap in the next 5 years up to 700%. And as any other business oriented field, this industry develops closely with global economic and financial processes.  Outsourcing trends 2023 Let’s look at the outsourcing services trends in 2023 to stay competitive while using them: 1. Excellent service  As outsourcing becomes more […]

AI for business: the prospects of ChatGPT and other AI algorithms to displace human resources

What’s ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language generation model developed by OpenAI. It’s a type of algorithm that uses deep learning techniques to generate text that is similar to human language. The model is trained on a massive amount of data, allowing it to generate text that is informative, and contextually relevant. ChatGPT is used for a variety of natural language processing tasks. For example, answering questions, generating summaries, writing stories, and more. Its ability to generate human-like text has made it a popular tool in applications development, chatbot integration, content creation, and customer service. The versatility and capacity of […]

Why will artificial intelligence and chatbots never replace the call center operator?

Will AI replace the call center operator? Progress never stops, and every year new technologies and methods are introduced to make every day work easier, to make life and work more comfortable and enjoyable. Over the past decades, such a profession as call center operator has become virtually indispensable, as workers are needed in banking, medical, industrial, and many other areas of human activity. This is a person who is the connecting part between the client and the company, and therefore the results of his work directly affects the efficiency and success of the company as a whole. But can […]

Outsourcing in the healthcare industry and telehealth: unlimited opportunities for business growth in the U.S.

Outsourcing in the healthcare industry and telehealth: unlimited opportunities for business growth in the U.S. In 2019, COVID-19 became a healthcare emergency when the need to serve clients without a face-to-face consultation increased. That’s why healthcare BPO services reached a new level. As a result, the importance and usefulness of telemedicine and healthcare software have grown dramatically. Even now, several years after the pandemic, the issue is still the same, and healthcare IT outsourcing options have only grown. Another urgent issue is medical outsourcing (healthcare bpo outsourcing), where different healthcare institutions are looking for new ways to serve their patients […]

Cut the cost of software and application development services in a belt-tightening environment

How businesses can reduce the cost of software and application development services in a belt-tightening environment IT technologies are a significant part of modern business communications: chat-bots, web applications, and software solutions are critical in activities. However, market competition motivates companies to improve the quality of applications and reduce the cost of their development and maintenance. Innovation projects are still high-priced and require a lot of time. As a result, they often eat up a considerable part of a company’s costs. So before deciding on any IT implementation: create software, website, application, or any other work – the business owners […]

The CEO Interview: “Don’t spend time teaching the specialist you recruited – recruit the right experts who will teach and enhance you”

Anjelika Alkhasyan, FDH CEO: “Don’t spend time teaching the specialist you recruited – recruit the right experts who will teach and enhance you” CEO of Front Desk Helpers Co Anjelika Alkhasyan was interviewed about the idea of creating a model of remote staff in 2015, employees market trends and the specifics of a transnational team leading. About the Business: from idea to transnational team – Please describe your business. Who are your customers? – Organized in 2015, Front Desk Helpers Co offers a full range of remote customer support, back office support, call center agents, and IT specialists to small […]

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