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We provide services of professional telecommunication engineers and proprietary cloud-based telecommunication platform.

Our flexibility help companies of any-size to set up and use our services and tools on a daily basis. Make your first step with us.

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We set up the equipment, customize the telecom platform and schedule a training on it

Create your call center workplace for just $15/month per each workspace connected

* this price include telecom experenses

except the phone number costs

Front Desk Helpers will provide a free consultation, in person or over the phone, give all the necessary information on our telecom platform and call center services.

We help businesses all over the USA and Canada to create their own physical workplace for office employees. You will not need to call tech or learn how to set it up - we will do it remotely and will just send you the needed equipment. Our specialists will conduct a training for your staff on the platform and give detailed instructions on how to use your equipment.

Organize your working process easy - in just a few clicks - after receiving the request, our manager will contact you within 2 working hours. We will provide you with detailed information about the prices and the possibilities of our telecommunications system and professional telephone stations.

✔ Stable internet connection ✔ Trusted equipment providers - we work with World leader in voice and video equipment and cybersecurity solutions for global enterprise, mid-size, and small businesses - POLYCOM, FortiNet and Cisco ✔ Regular data backups ✔ Phone and video conferences facilities, virtual fax system ✔ The highest level of personal information protection

There are two options of a phone line settings not included in the price:

Create a local phone number without inbound and outbpund tarificftions


Connect a tool-free phone number (8xx numbers)

$5/month + calls costs


We are ready to accept your request for a free consultation on our services at any time. Do not hesitate to send a request and get a consultation on any complexity IT projects or how we can help with business processes outsourcing using our tools and proprietary HR management. Revolutionize your business with us.

24/7 multilingual technical support 24/7 multilingual technical support
World trusted equipment providers World trusted equipment providers
outsourcing and IT services All types of outsourcing and IT services
Proprietary telecom platform Proprietary telecom platform
hire remote employees Possibility to hire remote employees for any industry starting from $7/hour per operator

We would like to share our latest research "5 reasons to hire remote employees" with an example of how to save up to 65% of your company's expenses. Register here to download our white paper with answers: