ARMENIA. Relocation of the wool manufactures.

Business and manufacturing relocation is a progressive approach to long-term business planning. Its fundamental goal is to make production and operation processes independent from the possible risks of regional markets: COVID-19 limitations, supply chain changes, energy price, and taxes growth, blackout, inflation, investment crisis, etc.

The sheep wool market is highly competitive and fiercely contested geographically. Therefore, most producers must save their identity and traditions. But the economic situation forces even them to look for practical strategic measures to cut costs, stay competitive and stabilize the end product price.

Facing recession and blackout risks, most European wool manufacturers look for ways to save their businesses by relocating industrial facilities to countries with low-cost resources. The popular direction is Armenia, one of the most trusted locations for moving the wool production processes. Historically Armenia is a world-leading supplier of wool production and has a well-developed infrastructure for successfully running the wool industry business.

Front Desk Helpers Co experts provide wool businesses with turnkey support in moving their production facilities to Armenia. Besides legal, transport, and production accompanying, we help design and implement a progressive management model for business process optimization, and revenue growth.

The wool manufacture relocation to Armenia is suited for:

  • textile manufacturers
  • woolen fabric manufacturers
  • carpets producers
  • home textiles and bedding manufacturers
  • clothing and outer clothing producers (coats and trenches)
  • wool fabrics, threads, yarn
  • others entrepreneurs operating in woolen recycling

Why is Armenia good for wool business relocation?


Protect your wool business and get access to the vast competitive benefits compared to other European wool manufacturers.

Armenia opens businesses a lot of advantages in operating at its wool manufacturing facilities:


Armenia’s energy infrastructure aimed at domestic consumption priority and stable pricing policy, that ensures a long-term business strategic planning


Armenia is known for its huge and strong sheep population, highly-developed serving infrastructure, and warm climate. All this guarantee the wool businesses the shortest raw material supply and production circle with the highest quality of the end product


Despite of the Asian employees market, in Armenia there are numerous engineering and highly qualified workforce that are ready to learn, innovate and cooperate according to your business goals


Armenia’s traditions in wool production are known and valued all over the world. There are a large amount of well-equipped and ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities and factories


We provide the legality processes by creating joint ventures. That stage opens for the relocated business wide opportunities to gain friendly taxes, fees, social benefits and other governmental support


Armenia is located at the crossroad of the main transport routes from Asia, China, India to Europe: its sea, air, and track lines. That location ensures new business will get access to the most intense trading network in the world


Armenia is part of a high-speed developing Middle-East community with solid wool production traditions and infrastructure


Armenia’s neighborhood to Uzbekistan, India and Turkey opens new possibilities for wool, textile, clothing businesses cooperation and development


For example, food, drink and wine manufacturing

Benefits for the wool manufacturers relocated to Armenia

European wool manufacturers relocate their industrial facilities from the UK, Austria, Italy and other regions to Armenia to reduce production costs and have a confident look at the future development of their business:

  • Huge local raw material base and industrial facilities allow a fast start for the wool business in the new location
  • Low cost on water, energy, electricity, rent, taxes, raw materials supply
  • Reducing the cost of the end product
  • Reducing staff expenses, increasing the productivity
  • Possibilities for long-term business planning due to favorable resource policy in the region
  • Numerous government benefits and credits
  • Management processes and optimization aimed at the innovative approaches to business running and productivity estimation
  • Turnkey support of experienced US specialists for anti-crisis management

Stages of business relocation to Armenia

Front Desk Helpers experts provide turnkey support for manufacturing relocation for wool businesses:

  1. Gathering preliminary Information on manufacturing and management processes
  2. Initial Plan: choosing a new location and setting up the framework of the relocation to anticipate unforeseen circumstances
  3. Design Project Plan: terms, expenses, timeline, transport needs, staff needs
  4. Choose the targets and indicators
  5. Confirm FDH manager, estimation costs and plan
  6. Execute, control and adjust
  7. Communication, marketing, recruitment and other operational support
  8. Results analysis
  9. Maintain and improve processes

Relocate your wool manufacture from Europe to Armenia with us – and gain extra benefits for your company in a European competitive environment. Contact us to learn more!

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