Relocation of production facilities in the textile, knitting and apparel businesses

Protect your manufacture against the changing conditions of resource provision: inflation, electricity, energy, taxes, and investment crisis. Open new opportunities with business relocation and build a strong foundation for your business development in the short and long-term perspective.

Front Desk Helpers supports European manufacturers and enterprises by providing turnkey business and production facilities relocation services to Uzbekistan – one of the world’s leading fruits, cotton and textile materials suppliers.

The industrial relocation to Uzbekistan suits for:

  • textile manufacturers
  • apparel producers
  • fabre manufacturers
  • threads and yarns preparation and production
  • knitwear and knitted fabric
  • cotton, linen manufacturers
  • cloth’s and home linen producers
  • sewing factories
  • food providers
  • brewery and winery manufacturers
  • fruits and dried fruits producers
  • grocery manufacturers
  • spices producers

Why is Uzbekistan good for business relocation?


Enterprise relocation in Uzbekistan is an excellent opportunity not only for business survival but for its growth.

Learn more about the region’s potential in management and operational processes:


Uzbekistan energy infrastructure aimed at domestic consumption priority and stable pricing policy, that ensures a long-term business strategic planning


Uzbekistan is the world’s famous producer and exporter of cotton, linen, vegetables, fruits and grapes of excellent quality. Besides, for modern enterprises, there are additional business opportunities for development from overstaffing, production capacity, and raw materials at arm’s length


Despite of the Asian employees market, in Uzbekistan there are numerous engineering and highly qualified workforce that are ready to learn, innovate and cooperate according to your business goals


Large amount of equipped and ready-to-work buildings and factories


We provide the legality processes for creating joint ventures ready to gain friendly taxes, fees, document, social, government, and other support


Uzbekistan is located at the crossing of the transport routes and highways from China to Europe


Uzbekistan is a part of intensively developing region with promising plans enshrined in legislation


Close neighborhood with China, Kazakhstan, and India makes it possible to set up new ways of business cooperation and communication


Benefits for the manufacturers relocated to Uzbekistan

European business owners choose to relocate their manufacturing facilities to Uzbekistan to reduce production costs and avoid both current and future inflation, energy crisis, and high wage impacts:

  • Warm climate allows the business costs not to depend on season shocks
  • Reducing expenses on energy, electricity, rent, taxes, materials
  • Reducing the cost of the end product
  • Reducing staff expenses, increasing the productivity
  • Thanks to the China, India neighborhood a wide network of additional accessories, fittings, equipment, packages suppliers
  • Long-term planning strategy due to stable resource policy in the region
  • Numerous government benefits and credits
  • Management processes setting up and optimization aimed on innovative approach to business running and productivity estimation
  • Turnkey support of experienced US specialists for anti-crisis management

Stages of business relocation

Front Desk Helpers experts provide a turnkey support of manufacturing relocation for business:

  1. Gathering preliminary Information of manufacturing and management processes
  2. Initial Plan: choosing a new location and setting up the framework of the relocation, to anticipate unforeseen circumstances
  3. Design Project Plan: terms, expenses, timeline, transport needs, staff needs
  4. Choose the targets and indicators
  5. Confirm FDH manager, estimation costs and plan
  6. Execute, control and adjust
  7. Communication, marketing, recruitment and other operational support
  8. Results analysis
  9. Maintain and improve processes

Relocate your knitting or food business from Europe to Uzbekistan with us – and gain extra benefits for your company in European competitive environment. Contact us to learn more!

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