Turnkey Business Relocation to New Geographies for Enterprise and Manufacture

Look confidently into the future, despite all the changes in the business environment

Businesses from the Largest to Small and entrepreneurs of many companies are still recovering from the pandemic, and in 2022 they face new challenges.

European economic turbulence in 2022/2023

During past months businesses all over the world, but most affected in EU, report that their energy bills have often increased by several hundred percent, and with them, there are new business barriers in the economy:

  • Prices of energy carriers, i.e., electricity, gas, and coal, increased the fastest during the year 
  • Car fuel prices growth
  • Weak investment
  • Increase of rates of interests
  • Property, transport, business taxes, and local fees increase
  • And as a result, speed rates of inflation and decline in purchasing power and demand

Economic Trends in 2023

The current situation in Europe has already been called the hardest of the last decades. For example, in the UK, inflation hit a 41-year high. And yet it’s not the finish line.

The Allianz Trade authors predict that the number of insolvent companies worldwide will increase by 19 percent in 2023. The sharp rise in bankruptcies in the next two years could particularly hit Europe – Allianz Trade expects significant increases:

CountryIncrease in 2022Increase in 2023
Great Britain+51%+10%
Rise in bankruptcies in the next two years by the Allianz Trade experts

That signals problems for the entire economy and not only a slowdown in individual industries. However, during the pandemic, a percentage of large and medium companies invested in digitization, energy-saving technologies, and efficient management of the company (remote work, new energy-friendly equipment). But there were a lot of manufacturers who have been stable due to the high demand industries. However, the authors emphasize that even the sustained demand does not guarantee success in 2022/2023. 

Most industries: food, brewery, textile, knitting, apparel, wool industry, pharmacy, e-commerce, and etc., are already affected by cost inflation, losing liquidity, suspending, or going out of business. The reasons are:

  • Rental, fuel, regional taxes, and fees growth
  • Steady increase of the transportation costs
  • Energy bills weighting
  • High wages
  • Operational costs increase

Analytics call entrepreneurs do not wait until the last moment – act in advance to protect capital and provide opportunities for long-term and environmentally friendly investment toward the foundations of their business. The enterprise relocation becomes one of the critical steps in that way.

Anti-crisis Solution

Many world corporations have already completed their business relocation to the countries of the Middle East (Financial, Telecommunication, and IT sectors). It became real due to the digitalization and globalization to reduce costs, multiply revenue and protect the business interests against the European shocks.

Other European entrepreneurs seek routes to business relocation of their high-energy consumption production to countries with affordable energy and resource costs. One of the most efficient solutions is to move the business to the Middle East, as there are many ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities that European producers can use for production purposes keeping the highest level of product quality. This solution is proven to provide a stable production cycle and additional competitive advantages for the business!

Today Front Desk Helpers opens new opportunities for a turnkey industrial and business relocation. One of the most friendly areas for running and developing business in the Textile and Food Industries is the Middle East region: Armenia and Uzbekistan.

Business Relocation for Textile and Food Companies
Business Relocation for Textile and Food Companies
Business Relocation for Textile and Food Companies

Manufacturing and Business Relocation Benefits

Business relocation helps reduce cost of the end products and ensure the long-term development for the corporations thanks to :

  • Low cost of energy, electricity, wages
  • Wide raw materials base and local suppliers
  • Qualified and high motivated personnel
  • Ready-to-operate manufacturing facilities
  • Local government and authorities support
  • Friendly legal environment
  • The region is stable in terms of energy supply
  • Experience and support of US-company

No matter your manufacturer’s current location – the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany or any other European country – we can support your turnkey business relocation to give your company a strong foundation for further growth and development.

Stages of business relocation that we offer:

  1. Choice of a new manufacturing location according to your business needs
  2. Preparations: legal, transportation, management development
  3. Acquisition with the coordinators, who take on and control all the business relocation stages
  4. Settlement of the business relocation plan
  5. Approval of the estimate life cycle costs of the production facilities
  6. External and internal communications establishment
  7. Accompanying business information changes in web resources and authorities

Business support we provide during business relocation:

Legal support

Legal support and consultations


Representation in the authorities


Transport support at any level and size


Business processes organization and optimization


Management support


Financial consultancy


HR, Back-office, Marketing support, etc.


Training processes organization


Software and Telecommunication services

Why you can trust Front Desk Helpers Co in business relocation?

  • Since 2015 we help businesses to meet the economic and financial industries’ changes and challenges
  • Deep knowledge and expertise of businesses needs
  • Experience in progressive offshore management establishment
  • The vast network of partners in the Middle East region among enterprises and government authorities. We help navigate regulatory requirements for your business relocations
  • Dedicated Project Managers and Coordinators
  • Transparent financial flows are our principles
  • Multilingual team
  • More than 170 professionals of the most demanded specialties

The other services that may be useful for your business:

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