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Bitrix24 offers cloud-based enterprise solutions
  • More than 10 million companies worldwide already use Bitrix24.
  • It is extremely reliable, achieving 99.9% service availability.
  • Bitrix24 support offers a customer satisfaction rate of 93%.
  • Bitrix24 answers your questions in just 2 minutes on average.

Business Management and Automation Software with Over 35 Tools in One Place

Ideal for the Digital Transformation of your project!

Run your business entirely online. Automated sales, accounting, customer service, and other business workflows. Bitrix24 is ideal for remote work!

Replace multiple tools with a single solution!

Bitrix24 includes CRM, task and project management, video calling, email marketing, SEO-ready website builder, etc. All seamlessly integrated into a single ecosystem!

Discover new opportunities to grow your business!

Generate leads like never before, save a lot of a lot of administrative costs, increase your sales and optimally offer your services.

Bitrix24 is much more cost-effective than using separate tools (6 users)
Bitrix24 is 30 times more cost-effective than using separate tools (50 users)

Front Desk Helpers Company is an OFFICIAL Bitrix24 PARTNER with a personalized support service offer from start to finish for ALL PHASES of your project.

What does Bitrix24 offer?

  • Virtual Office
  • Task and Project Management
  • CRM for Customer Management
  • Contact Center
  • Websites & eCommerce

What do we offer at Front Desk Helpers?

  • Bitrix24 Consulting and Training
  • Project Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Custom Bitrix24 Development
Bitrix24 Silver Official Partner (Silver level)
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Bitrix24 has customers in 225 countries and territories.
More than 10 million companies worldwide already use Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 offers its fully functional CRM free of charge for use in the cloud or installed on a server.

A REST API is available for the cloud version, while self-hosted versions of Bitrix24 include access to the API and source code.

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Bitrix24 Development Extends and Enhances Integrations with Other Tools

Bitrix24 and Google Drive integration

The functionality to upload documents to Bitrix24 from an external drive, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive is available. To do this, select the "Download from external drive" option, and then log in to the account of your interest.

And with this, you will be able to use the files stored externally in your Bitrix24 account.

Bitrix24 and Gmail integration

Email remains one of the most important forms of communication with customers. Email in Bitrix24 is closely related to other blocks: CRM, tasks, and calendar.

Now you can work with mailings, create leads in one click, and set up tasks directly in your Bitrix24.

For example, you can perform the following functions

  • Integrate a Gmail account (also Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, iCloud, etc).
  • Save an email and convert it into a Lead (Prospect)
  • Create a new Task based on a mailing

Below, we explain the features of this fabulous tool!

Bitrix24 for the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes

We include tools to manage your projects, make your team productive and integrate e-commerce. The changes have come! New skills in marketing, analytics, cooperation and project management. Now it's easy to track deliveries; It's comfortable to manage stock; It's convenient to supervise inventory; It's time to get your sales up! Administer the whole project with Scrum tools. Make meetings more productive. Simplify invoices with an innovative automotive interface. Use up-to-date apps like WhatsApp to attract new clients. Get CRM data to generate PowerBI or Data Studio reporting. Order Bitrix24 to enjoy fresh built-in features!

Bitrix24 Developers Empower Native Features

Bitrix24 Features

You will have full control of your document workflows.

Bitrix's advanced technology offers all the functionality you're looking for.

Virtual Office

A single platform for your company to work, communicate and collaborate, even remotely.

Always stay in touch: at home, in the office, or on the go.

Today, business is conducted both outside our physical walls and inside the office.
With the advent of cloud services, it is now possible to create virtual work platforms with almost any functionality and price point.

When the company is fully integrated into such online services, employees become accustomed to working in a corporate online environment.
This minimizes the need for paper, making information retrieval easier and allowing direct access without distracting employees.

  • Employee time management
  • Calendar & Chat
  • Work reports
  • HD video calls and video conferencing
  • Publications and comments
  • Online documents
  • Workgroups and extranet
  • Cloud storage
  • Workflow automation
Time management of employees
Ideal for remote working
  • Online time clock
  • Absence of table
  • Shift schedules
  • Time tracking of tasks
Plan your day your way
  • Personal, group and company calendars
  • Public and private events. Event scheduler + invitations
  • Flexible access rights
  • Bidirectional synchronization with Outlook and Google Calendars
Work reports
What executives like most
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Customizable as you like
  • Acceptance/rejection + rate reports from your employees
  • Reminders and automatic notifications
HD video calls and video conferencing
Always in contact
  • Up to 24 participants
  • No time limit
  • Invite external users to your call
  • Call recording, customized backgrounds and screen sharing
Virtual office and Bitrix24 tools

Task and Project Management

Everything you need to work

We have the tools to manage your project from Kanban to Agile, and everything in between.

Project management has become one of the most fundamental organizational processes in modern companies.
Any serious entrepreneur knows that a company with a dozen employees needs managers to take care of a certain group and make sure they cooperate and work together smoothly.

  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Working groups
  • Weather Tracking
  • Customer management (CRM)
  • Permissions and roles (responsible, assistant, observer)
  • Templates
  • Recurring tasks
  • Sub-tasks and dependencies
  • Resource management (workload)
  • Billable hours (app)
  • Mind map (app)
All popular methodologies
  • List view
  • Gantt/timeline view
  • Kanban View
  • Calendar view
  • Deadline view

Bitrix24 CRM

Modern CRM and marketing automation platform

Powerful lead generator and powerful sales trigger

With Bitrix24 CRM, you can segment your target audience or groups, manage invoices and quotes, send individual or group emails, and call customers.

It can also be integrated with external applications such as Mailchimp, Xero, and cloud storage services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), etcetera.

The secret is to gradually deliver valuable information to your target audience to reinforce your relevance in your industry to generate leads.

Remember that that easy sales depend on the level of your lead's interest in what your company offers.

Bitrix24 offers CRM Tools
Lead Generation
  • Email, Telephony, SMS, Chatbots, Live Chat on the Web
  • Callback Widget
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Messengers (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Skype, FB Messenger, Viber, Slack)
  • Web site forms (contact and lead generation)
  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • Form builder + form processor
Organize and Manage Leads
  • Potential customers, agreements, contacts, companies
  • Sales funnel automation
  • Workflow management
  • 360-degree customer view
  • Quotations and invoices
  • Lead assignment rules
  • Access rights to CRM sections
  • More than 30 CRM vertical solutions
Converting Leads into Customers
  • Customer base segmentation
  • Email marketing (up to 1 million emails per month)
  • Voice broadcasting and audio calls
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Advertising campaigns
  • More than 40 digital advertising rules and triggers
  • Automated management of up-selling, cross-selling and subscriptions
  • Support for advertising agencies
  • Similar audiences on Facebook
Analyze customer data and get sales reports
  • Real-time sales data
  • Comparison of historical data
  • Sales targets
  • Sales trends
  • Sales plan
  • Share of sales
  • CRM analysis by any characteristic
  • Detailed customized reports
Get customer feedback and sales ideas
  • Tracking of ALL your advertising (online and offline)
  • Ad group analysis
  • Calculate marketing ROI
  • View complete customer journey
  • Automatic and manual charge of expenses
  • Visualization of the sales process
  • Know exactly which traffic sources and campaigns generate the most sales.
CRM Store

1. Remote order taking and processing

All orders you receive from your website, phone, email, FB or Instagram are added to your CRM automatically.

2. Drive your customers to purchase

Move your prospects through the sales funnel all the way from awareness to purchase.

3. Accept payments

Create an order, send the payment link to your customer and then accept the payment through a built-in CRM terminal.

Bitrix24 Mobile App

Gathering people and information.

Get the benefits of Bitrix24 on your mobile: tasks, chats, video calls, CRM, documents and much more.

  • Ideal for working from home or on the move
  • Tasks, chats and documents at your fingertips
  • Videoconferencing and video calls adapted to cell phones
  • Task progress tracking, project updates and notifications
  • Schedule meetings and events
  • Post news, write comments and follow your team's updates

Benefits of Project Implementation with Front Desk Helpers and Bitrix24 Developer Service for Your Company

Project implementation with Bitrix24 in the Cloud

At Front Desk Helpers (FDH) we propose a Customer Relationship Software based on the Bitrix24 platform that allows increasing employee productivity and efficiency.

When you work with the Bitrix24 platform, you and your suppliers will receive a highly personalized approach.
You will experience fast, friendly and efficient service.

We offer you important advantages and benefits

  • We customize the system not only for your internal users but also for external stakeholders.
  • We provide an effective, highly efficient and user-friendly online experience that leads to better net results.
  • Thanks to responsive design and technology, we look and function great on all devices, including mobile devices, over 60% of users use mobile devices.
  • You and all users receive the best customer service and support through various means: Messenger Live Chat, online support portal, e-mail, telephone, etc.
Bitrix24 cloud version

We Have Studied Which Processes Can Be Automated!

Therefore, we have created a quick and easy system for paperwork and record keeping.

Bitrix24 Developers as a Service to Customize Your Business

On-Premise Edition, on your own server.
Your own Bitrix24

FDH Bitrix24 developers can design a piece of on-premise software to customize Bitrix24 to your needs.
Plus, we'll take care of the backups for you!

Bitrix24 On-Premise Edition Pricing
  • Access to source code without obfuscation
  • One-time payment
  • API Access
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Linux, Windows, Mac servers
  • Amazon/Azure ready
  • Fast deployment
  • Works with desktop and mobile applications
  • Tasks that can be automated

This software will adapt and evolve to suit your business in whatever form it takes in the future.

For now, the main tasks we are focusing on are:

  • All data will be stored in the cloud
  • All contacts will be managed through a customized workflow
  • All the required documents will be digitally signed, saving time
  • All related processes will be integrated with your accounting system
  • The system will contain everything you need to know about each of your workflows. It will include its history so that you can see it, at a glance, in customized dashboards
  • All the details will be collected from your various sources and imported at an agreed date from "Go Live."

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