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The CPA Accounting For Enterprises And Organizations

Our CPA specialists will professionally handle all your accounting needs and worries.
We provide comprehensive accounting, tax, and financial planning services for any size businesses in the United States.

Financial Growth

Our CPA consultants can provide your company with a wide range of expert accounting and financial services. We know how to implement all the necessary procedures and set up an ideal accounting and analysis system to support the growth of your company.


Monthly financial reports and analysis of the company's financial condition from CPA experts who have extensive experience and knowledge in financial business management. Visualized data and recommendations for you to make important management decisions.

Federal Tax

We don`t propose saving money, but creating an effective system for managing financial flows so that you can use all your potential for the company's growth. Our CPA expert with extensive experience and knowledge of the specifics of the tax system is ready to provide you with useful advice in federal taxation and the specifics of tax accounting in the United States.

Business Consulting

Our business consulting services provide you with the necessary financial and tax planning expertise to build financial reserves and successfully grow your company by leveraging your investment capital, incentives, and assets.

Tax Audit

An expert assessment of the tax burden on a business and a tax audit will provide you with the necessary indicators so that you can recognize unused tax opportunities to optimize tax deductions and increase the investment attractiveness of your company.

The Urgent Support For The Annual Tax Return!


  • Urgent Support
  • Accurate Tax Filings
  • Maximum Deductions
  • Fast Refunds

The CPA & Accounting Service Outsourcing For A Business

We serve a wide range of companies from start-ups introducing innovative products to medium-sized enterprises that develop new services and produce new products. Our financial and CPA experts advise and provide financial management services and accounting expertise.

Accounting And Finance

  • Business Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Support
  • Assessments of internal accounting processes and controls
  • Tax Preparation And Filing Services
  • Tax Strategy And Advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Issues, Notices Or Disputes
  • Monthly and Quarterly Close
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Financial Statements Preparation And Compilation
  • Financial Administration
  • Audit Preparation
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Improving A Business

  • Management of Business Assets
  • Incorporation Set Up
  • Financial planning
  • US Immigration Status For Investor
  • Foreign National And Expatriate Tax Services
  • IRS Inspection Representative
  • Insights Into Making Critic Business Decisions
  • Minimized Business Costs
  • GAAP Standard Implementation
  • Accounting Software Implementation
  • Financial Communications
  • State Registration
  • Corporate Workouts
  • Revenue Recognition
  • The full complement of other individualized services


Find Out Your Weaknesses And Unused Opportunities!

  • Urgent Support
  • Revised Tax Return
  • Fast Refunds
  • Eliminate Errors

Benefits Of The Hiring A Certified Public
Accountant For A Business

A CPA or Certified Public Accountant is a qualified financial advisor and accountant who assists enterprises and organizations in planning and implementing their financial strategies to achieve their business goals. CPAs provide various accounting services from financial planning, financial analysis, accounting, tax preparation, financial reporting, due diligence, and many others. CPAs use their high qualifications, rich knowledge, and experience to develop financial solutions.

CPAs contribute greatly to the financial success of a company through their skills and vast experience. Their rich experience makes their ability to understand the complex tasks of financial management and accounting makes their solutions valuable for any organization. Commercial enterprises, foundations and non-profit organizations can use CPA services, which will provide them with valuable solutions to improve their performance.

The various decisions that CPAs make when doing their job are very important in reducing costs. CPA's performance of critical tasks such as financial and tax planning, cost structure analysis, budgeting, etc. minimizes direct and indirect costs of additional staff and ineffective operating costs.

  • Comprehensive Accounting And Bookkeeping
  • Assistance in Filing Taxes
  • Management of Business Assets
  • Insights Into Making Critic Business Decisions
  • Minimized Business Costs
  • Analysis Of The Processes Of The Internal Accounting And Control
  • Representation In IRS Disputes
  • Development Of Critical Business Solutions
  • GAAP Standard Implementation
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How to verify the name of a new company?
How to register a business company in the USA?
How to choose the most favorable state for doing business?

  • State Business Registration
  • Company Name Verification
  • Choosing A State For Business
  • Business Registration With IRS

Why Choose Front Desk Helpers
For The СPA Accounting?

Qualified and Licensed

Qualified and Licensed

Personal Customer Support

Personal Customer Support

Competitive Price

Competitive Price

Great Experience

Great Experience

Wide Range of Services

Wide Range of Services





Personal Approach

Personal Approach
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  • Accurate Tax Filings
  • Maximum Deductions
  • Fast Refunds
  • Open year round to assist you

What Our Customers Saying

Steven G., New York
Steven G., New York

Front Desk Helpers have been working with us as our Accountant for over two years. We have found their expertise and knowledge extremely valuable as they have assisted with the business planning, accounts, and tax areas. They are forward-thinking and very thorough professionals who genuinely care for their clients. We recommend Front Desk Helpers highly and look forward to many more years of doing business with.

Anne G., Staten Island, NY
Anne G., Staten Island, NY

I work in an agency that helps new businesses in settling all start-up activities. When my clients ask me about financial advice or income tax preparation I always refer them to this company. They have put countless hours into helping people and are always willing to answer questions. For those who are on low income and doing their tax return the first time, Front Desk Helpers provide their service free of charge. That is just an example of their generosity and willingness to help people.

Should You Hire An Accountant Or Bookkeeper?

Your business is growing rapidly and you plan to hire a remote bookkeeper to help you process invoices and payments, and you will soon need a professional accountant to do your accounting and pay taxes. Don't even think about saving money by hiring a dubious accountant for this job. You can save money by using the services of a qualified accountant!

It's time to turn to a professional for help to give your business stability and confidence in the future, as well as optimize your expenses and taxes. Often, more than half of entrepreneurs don't even know how much you can get from a professional accountant. Get a free consultation from our accountant!

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